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Biden Administration

Exclusive | Obama Spied on Download – Seth Rich was Downloading

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); For over 5 years, Patrick Bergy has been trying to draw attention to the Shadownet....

EXCLUSIVE| Obama Admin Talks About How They Beat Romney Before The Elections

If Mitt Romney came clean, we would forgive him, split the money into the accounts to all US Citizens wiping out all our nations and individual debt and even thank him. Will Mittens grow a conscience and come clean? I am sure we, the people, would cut him a deal. T-5

EXCLUSIVE| Hunter Wined and Dined Conducting Business with Cartels in Chihuahua

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); The Main Stream Media covers up stories. They bury them. We find them. What happens...

Biden Abuse of Office| Navy, Nepotism, and Narcotics

Not very HONORABLE for a REAR ADMIRAL of the US NAVY - What does the UCMJ say about it? There are NO STATUTES OF LIMITATION on such behavior.

Exclusive| Dear Tucker Don’t Be Ashamed – OWN IT

For the rest of the MEDIA from the NY Times to losers in FOXHOLES - I can drop a #journogate, but I won't. Redemption is beautiful, and I still have FAITH in HUMANITY.

EXCLUSIVE| Bidens Own 50% of CCP ENERGY Company

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Hunter Biden broke up Hudson West III (there are more versions of Hudson West still...

Redefining Perjury And Tax Evasion For Hunter Biden

The Bidens committing CRIMES unapologetically and MISUSE their OFFICE - demonstrating how UNFIT Joe's wannabe admin is. Joe can't tie his shoe; you think he can handle law enforcement; he has the CCP for that. #StoryComingSoonOnThatToo

Twitter Committed A Crime By Fabricating Evidence For Impeachment Trial

Today the second attempt to impeach President Trump officially began. The Democrats began narrating and trying to convince the Senate that President Trump was...

PART I | Perks of Being Selected As President As Opposed to Elected

This will be a series of articles demonstrating to many citizens of the United States of America how being SELECTED as President by corporations,...

President Select Biden

While the title sounds like a dystopia or a "conspiracy theory" it is reality for the ONLY nation on the planet who's Constitution still...

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