The Hunter Biden laptop and phones have been in the FBI’s possession for over a year before the elections. They have had in their possession a better image of all the devices that most journalists and amateur cryptographers (like myself) have. There are indisputable crimes brazenly organized and even funded by taxpayer dollars that all media refuse to report. Of all, ESPIONAGE, if anything, should be of OUTMOST concern for our nation’s intelligence community and military. 

Many instances of “inferred” dead drops to cut deals are found in Hunter’s devices, but this email we discovered spells it out.

This discovery means that the FBI and Intelligence Community KNEW that Hunter Biden couriered documents and conducted dead drops tasked by foreign governments WHILE his father was Vice President and did NOTHING.

FIRST ASSIGNMENT (VERY EASY) – Muldoon ( who’s wife was VP Joe Biden’s assistant (handler)) will carry some documents to the State Department and then to the Saudi Embassy.

Who is Mike Muldoon? Long Story Here is the Short Form

Michael Muldoon was with Rosemont from at least December 2009 to October 2011, emails show, before he left for a job with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) — an agency Rosemont’s clients frequently interacted with, the emails reveal. Hunter Biden and fellow firm executive Eric Schwerin were references for Muldoon’s USAID background check, emails show.

Prize for dead drops : A monthly draw (monthly money coming in) and a partnership stake.


Hookers, drugs, selling our natural resources for profit, child porn, smuggling foreign nationals through the southern border, medical experimentation and contact tracing in AFRICA (Black Lives Don’t Matter in Africa, right?), possible murders and actual ESPIONAGE and the FBI did nothing?

In fact, in the following report to be published soon, we will show you how Defense Contractors and the US Army helped Hunter Biden conduct business abroad, all the while using his father’s position as Vice President.
Here is an indisputable fact. The information we are about to release to the public demonstrates that the supposed President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, has a Criminal Enterprise, which puts OUR NATIONAL SECURITY at RISK because he is COMPROMISED.

We will demonstrate that the current administration is LYING about their involvement in what seems to be the BIGGEST prosecutable RICO case in history-making. The MOB family RICO case looks like child’s play on what’s to come.

Full email threads updated today on the Looking Glass .

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  1. Obviously, the FBI didn’t need Hunters phones or laptops, they already knew what he was doing, and were likely involved in making sure Hunter completed his missions unhindered. I wonder how many times the intelligence agencies had to rescue Hunter from his Crack addiction activities? When the tools of spying and surveillance fall into the wrong hands, they can be used for many purposes of self interest, greed, cover, etc. These intelligence agencies not only watch us, its clear that they might even watch their own members and every politician more intently. Likely why there are few whistlblowers. Anyone knowing the extent of the capabilities these intelligence agencies have, dare not utter an out of line word because they know someone is listening at all times.

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