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Special Thanks to Grok for generating my title based on my report.

In the past few weeks, I have observed “Catfishing for Activist Engagement”. This is a known tactic in the Intelligence Community to discredit and distract effective activism against the subject matter at hand. This is a deceptive practice where individuals or groups create misleading or entirely fictitious online advertisements, profiles, or scenarios. These are strategically designed to appear as if they are related to child exploitation activities. The primary objective of these false ads is not to engage in such illicit activities but rather to attract, identify, or engage individuals who are vehemently opposed to child exploitation. I will not only demonstrate the reality of PIZZAGATE but I will also give you IRREFUTABLE PROOF that they are catfishing but the catfishing is also a mode to possibly hide illicit activity.

The “Comet Pizza” case, also known as “Pizzagate,” is a conspiracy theory that emerged during the 2016 United States presidential election cycle. The theory claimed that high-ranking Democratic Party officials were running a child sex trafficking ring out of a Washington, D.C. pizza restaurant called Comet Ping Pong. The theory was based on the belief that the emails of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, contained coded messages that referred to human trafficking and pedophilia. The theory gained traction on social media and was widely circulated.

David Seaman, a former writer for TheStreet and Huffington Post gained notoriety for his role in debunking the “Comet Pizza” conspiracy theory, which claimed that a Washington, D.C. pizza restaurant was involved in a child sex trafficking ring. He wrote several articles and made numerous appearances on television and radio to refute the claims back in 2016 and 2017.

On Joe Rogan’s podcast, Seaman forcefully highlighted ALEX JONES’s retraction of his support for PIZZAGATE, a theory Jones himself dismissed as fictitious. However, this perspective starkly contrasts with the clear indications of PIZZAGATE’s validity. Furthermore, Alex Jones, often seen as a bold influencer, is in reality a concealed operative, working on behalf of affluent organizations and agencies.

Seaman was arrested on March 20, 2023, in connection with a child pornography investigation. He was charged with possession and distribution of child pornography. The arrest came after a months-long investigation by the FBI, which found evidence that Seaman had been sharing and receiving explicit images of children on the internet. It’s most likely that he was INVESTIGATING and CATFISHING pedophiles but without sharing that information (as many journalists do) the FBI can claim that he was trading for himself as opposed to an investigation. It is important when we investigate topics of human exploitation, illicit drug or arms distribution that you do so OPENLY and with constant reporting (anonymously or not) with authorities because you can be wrapped up in all of it. Seaman is innocent until proven guilty and has NOT been convicted.

I highlight this for a reason.

James Gordan Meek, a former ABC News investigative journalist, was arrested in July on federal charges of child pornography possession and transportation. Meek had been with ABC News for nearly a decade, working on high-profile stories and receiving an Emmy nomination. The FBI raided Meek’s home in April, seizing multiple devices containing explicit images of children. The investigation uncovered that Meek had been using various online platforms to share and receive child sex abuse material.

An affidavit from the FBI disclosed that their search uncovered numerous images of child pornography, which had been amassed since 2014. At that time, Meek was employed as an investigative producer with ABC News, a position he had held since joining the network’s Washington bureau in 2013. Prior to this, he had worked for the New York Daily News.

The concept of interplay between the intelligence community (IC) and journalists needs to be better understood and noticed. Recognizing that the Intelligence Community sometimes assigns or recruits journalists to disseminate stories into the mainstream media is crucial. This can involve reporting on specific operations or activities and may even include recognition in the form of journalism awards. These tactics are used to enhance the credibility of these stories in the public eye, even though the narratives being promoted might significantly deviate from the actual truth. For a deeper insight into this, watching the documentary “Enjoy The Show” is highly recommended, and you can do so at this LINK. In addition to his journalism career, Meek also held a significant role as a senior counterterrorism adviser and investigator for the U.S. House Committee on Homeland Security. His work in this capacity, particularly his reporting on the 2017 Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting, earned him an Emmy award. 

It is important to note that the shooter identified was Omar Mateen, and he was killed by law enforcement during the incident, a convenient outcome considering Marteen is connected to the IC. The FBI concluded that he was radicalized through the internet and had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State conveniently at the time that Islamophobia was dominant in the paid placement news cycles and something the media tried to tie to President Trump due to his stance on the alarming rates of visa entries to unverified persons who happen to come from Islam dominated nations. Amplifying radical religious views is charged with emotions and is useful; Hitler knew that, and so do all leaders of the world. 

The 2018 BBC Investigation | FACEBOOK

It is a known fact that the buying and selling of illicit materials and human trafficking have been ongoing since the beginning of time. Remember, humans used to be sold as commodities worldwide for eons, services like tarot readings, medicine, food, etc. Someone is always selling something someone wants.

The notion of Child Exploitation using retail markets is not novel. It has been ongoing for eons, but as humans obtained broader access to communications at their fingertips, the digital realm has been a hotbed of discerning such activities as selling children into sex slavery or organ trading has skyrocketed. The FBI in the United States has a specialized investigative division documenting their “symbolism” to attract customers who wish to buy such products. It’s not new or unknown, but the sellers, multimillion-dollar global companies, and highly wealthy individuals have vehemently tried to obfuscate it because world-renowned journalist Liz Crokin has exposed it effectively over the years. However, amplifying such activities artificially in this Information War is a cause of great concern and pause.

In 2018, a striking BBC investigation highlighted alarming activities within Facebook Marketplace. The report revealed a clandestine trade of illegal items, including drugs and various weapons, facilitated by the platform. Sellers cunningly used coded language and images to evade Facebook’s monitoring systems, listing these illicit items undetected. This revelation sparked grave concerns about user safety and called into question the efficacy of Facebook’s policies and mechanisms designed to thwart the sale of illegal goods.
Coded language symbols like the coded language and symbols that the FBI claims are used by people buying and selling children online like those below:

In response, Facebook acknowledged violating its community standards and pledged to enhance its monitoring and enforcement strategies. This situation mirrors a more significant issue plaguing digital marketplaces and social media platforms, where their expansive reach and user autonomy are exploited for unlawful activities. Consequently, these platforms now face mounting regulatory pressure to implement robust measures for detecting and preventing such misuse.

To combat this trend, Facebook has invested in advanced AI and human moderation teams to intensify surveillance of listings and user activities. Furthermore, there’s a growing call for these platforms to forge stronger collaborations with law enforcement agencies. Equally important is the drive to heighten public awareness about these platforms’ potential misuse, a critical step in the battle against online illegal trade. This scenario is a stark reminder of the challenges and responsibilities inherent in managing digital marketplaces in an increasingly interconnected world.

PIZZAGATE is REAL but artificially amplified by perpetrators to give the illusion its fake

Investigating this notion was difficult, and here is what we found. One ad had an insane sale for pizza delivery boxes for $30,000. Who would pay $30,000 for a pizza delivery box? According to the ad, ten are still available for sale, but 300 (a particular number) were available, indicating that 300 have already been sold.

I focus on this particular retail company and their advertisement, among numerous others, not to illustrate the methods of their catfishing but rather to emphasize how their catfishing efforts might indeed be a cover-up, obscuring potential illicit activities under the guise of catfishing. In the context of child exploitation, this equates to the disturbing idea of presenting a facade of delivering a young girl, a deeply troubling concept.


Here are some screenshots of the above PDF.

To get a better understanding of this chilling and sinister reality that extends far beyond the heinous acts of child sexual exploitation, Nearly a year ago, I compiled a series of news reports to shed light on the horrific depths of the child sex trade, revealing its gruesome facets. For those who have the fortitude to confront these harrowing truths, I’ve shared videos on my LOCALS platform, but here’s a brief overview:

This video series uncovers the presence of medical professionals who are not there to protect or heal the children after assault but rather for a more malevolent purpose. These doctors stand by, not to offer aid or comfort to the victims, but to harvest their organs once they have been abandoned by those who are used to the satisfaction of their depraved clients. It’s a reality so dark and evil that it forces us to question the moral compass of those in positions of power and influence. The clientele involved in such atrocities often include journalists, politicians, doctors, and the extremely wealthy, indicating the alarmingly high cost and exclusivity of these activities. This aspect of my story aims to unveil the depths of evil that can lurk behind the facades of respectability and success, challenging readers to contemplate the true nature of those who wield power and influence in our society.

Liz Crokin’s recent posts highlight peculiar discoveries that seem part of a deceptive scheme by the perpetrators aimed at discrediting the entire #pizzagate movement. This catfishing tactic has reignited debates around Child Exploitation. The situation intensified when AI-generated images of children, matching the descriptions that the FBI identifies as coded signals for such illicit activities, were uncovered.

Media Matters, a notorious website known for its 501(c)(3) status – though this raises eyebrows – has frequently targeted me and others who spotlight the dark dealings of the elite. In a brazen display of allegiance, they leaped to defend ETSY, a site now mired in accusations of enabling suspect transactions deeply intertwined with child exploitation. In this turbulent scenario, Media Matters steps up, not to question, but to align with ETSY, effectively siding with the appalling realities brought to light. Their actions make it clear that they are part of this intricate web. But here’s the twist that turns the tables:

Their plot to catfish backfired because, in 2023, people have come to realize that thanks to movies like “The Fall of The Cabal” and “Sound of Freedom,” have been well received by the public. Sound of Freedom outperformed any Hollywood film and alleged blockbuster, demonstrating the reality of this dark commerce of selling children for sexual exploitation and victims as young as weeks old, drawing attention to the Southern Border crisis of child and human trafficking making what many in power mocked and shrugged off as a conspiracy theory now to be solidified AS A REALITY.

The public is able to observe the complex web of public personas who, astonishingly, have been known to express support for such heinous activities and engaged in them. This is a horrific journey through the murky corridors of power and influence, where corporate allegiances and moral compasses are put to the test. The list of prominent media, politicians and celebrities engaged in such evil Crimes Against Children and Crimes Against Humanity is extensive.

In the face of such unspeakable horror inflicted upon children, the veil of dismissive terms like ‘conspiracy’ can no longer mask the grim reality. The truth, though it may arrive late to the public discourse, arrives with undeniable force. Once it enters the arena, it becomes inescapable, irrefutable, etching itself into the collective consciousness.

Obama White House – Public Sex?

Again, as President Trump rightly said on many occasions, “These people are sick” – a statement that resonates with unsettling clarity as the full extent of these atrocities comes to light and many more that will be coming in on that donkey in the near future.

“Some of the most vicious people in the world are working for the Fake News Media. In many cases, their minds are diseased and they are truly sick people. The Fake News Media is a danger to our Country and to the world!”

This tweet was posted by President Donlad J. Trump on July 15, 2018 at 6:31 AM PST.

Envision a scenario where allegations emerge about Oprah (and many more prominent media and political figures) supposedly “aiding” African children, but in a harrowing twist, it’s claimed she used them as sex laborers and test subjects for experimental drugs and genetic experiments. This becomes one of numerous stories that the Obama Administration is purportedly striving to keep hidden from public scrutiny.

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  1. I honestly don’t believe Sick is the correct definition. Nor should it be classified as a sickness. That would preclude an affliction that is curable. There is only one cure for beings who commit such atrocities. Rope!

  2. Thank you for writing another informative, thought-provoking deep dive article on this topic. I have shared it, with the hope that the blind will see.

  3. This is as low as human beings can go, now imagine if you will these same persona types committing these unforgivable crimes and worse in a trade with other species not from our local neighbourhood. This is why Antarctica is important, CNB labs, this is just the tippity tip of the iceberg.

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