Evidence| Hunter Biden Laptop Reveals MSM Amnesia & Cuba Circling Back To Haunt Psaki, The Big Guy and Pops

While many today are claiming Psaki and the faux administration are avoiding the word Communism, I am here to tell you what they are AVOIDING and what NO ONE IS TELLING YOU.

PURGED ARTICLE| Where is Timothy Cunningham’s Whistleblower Report on Coronavirus?

Buying time to avoid the inevitable. National Emergency| the perfect cloak for a molecular execution. #DiseaseIsTheNewElectricChair

Sean Penn The F.A.G. of The New Agency | HAITI, El Chapo and Assassinations

Interestingly, MEXICAN CARTEL members have been DETAINED in Haiti and previous Sean Penn employees linked to the MURDER of the President of HAITI. Yes, that happened.

F.A.G.S Always Stick To The Script | STILL ] talking about [ WATER #Haiti

This seems very reminiscent of TEAM AMERICA and the FAGS (Film Actors Guild) where all celebrities were portrayed as political assets.

Evidence| Hunter Biden Companies Executed Espionage Activities For Profit

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); The Hunter Biden laptop and phones have been in the FBI's possession for over a...

WRAYS OF LIGHT | TVA Indictments Were Related to Biden Crime Family & Biden Laptop

This article provides the PUBLIC some situational awareness because the UNIPARTY media, the alleged insiders, have ZERO insight into what happened, is happening, and IS coming. President Trump has made it clear to all what is happening. He has been spelling it out.

Operation #HBD | Happy Hunting Hunters

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Carefully selected MASS FILES are being Provided. The First Lot is Burisma Emails. The...

EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTS | Beijing Biden Crime Family Sold Our Energy Assets To China

WHISTLEBLOWERS DID THAT! One common misconception is that there was ONE Hudson West III company. In fact, there were five. Hudson West I through IV.

EXCLUSIVE EMAIL| Contact Tracing: Obama, Biden, MSFT Test Run In Africa 7 Years Ago

When something is given to you for free the commodity is YOU.

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