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EXCLUSIVE: Obama Shadow Plant Ousted From ODNI- Who Is She And Why Isn’t She At Leavenworth For Treason?

The harm these "careers" have caused to our nation is IMMENSE and considered TREASON. She should NOT be working for BIG TECH PSY-OP company - she should be in Leavenworth paying her dues to the American people she has caused harm to.

Fired IG Linick Had Secret OIG Network With Hillary’s EMAILS

Originally posted on pre-purge Tore Says on May 26, 2020. Former Inspector General (IG) of the State Department Steven Linick was fired by President Trump last...

Michael Hastings | Another Skeleton In The Brennan-Strzok Closet

Original Post Date was May 17, 2020 The death of Michael Hastings has been a mystery to many. There are a multitude of reports that...

DOCUMENTS | Unmasking Had NOTHING To Do With Russian Call, It Was A Set Up

This article was originally posted on ToreSays on May 13, 2020 his will probably be the shortest piece I will ever write. UNMASKING OF GENERAL FLYNN...

GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel May Be Sabotaging The Trump Campaign And Administration

WHO IS MAX FARAGO ?-- AN IC ASSET? TSK TSK. Originally posted on ToreSays on May 9, 2020. The presidential elections are approaching and we...

Obama Plant In The NSA Allowing Ukraine And Democrats To Spy On U.S. Citizens

All Inspector Generals are working together there is a lot of inter-intra agency talk and sources say NSA is a bit out of the loop. It’s important to remember that Horowitz report is simply an audit/fact finding.

Whistleblower Is A Wiretap

We reported to you on September 28, 2019 that Daniel J. Jones is the author of the whistleblower complaint. The only way to...

PHONY DOSSIER SERIES| Why is no one talking about Adam Waldman?

In reality, it hurt Deripaska even more identifying him as a Russian Agent for President Putin, making his position even more difficult to fix.

EXCLUSIVE: John Durham was NOT Appointed by AG Barr

I said it was Whitaker, (and that is true) BUT ultimately it was under former AG Jeff Sessions that this happened, even though Sessions could not be directly involved due to his recusal.

RussiaGate: Part 3 Unmasking Methods & POC

In order for a plan to be successfully mobilized MONEY was key. The "plane full o' cash" was one way, but a very little...

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