We reported to you on September 28, 2019 that Daniel J. Jones is the author of the whistleblower complaint. The only way to defeat any enemy is to “KNOW THY ENEMY”.

In the case of President Donald J. Trump, the most grave existential threat to the globalist cabal, the deep state, and the mobster communists, he is unpredictable and lives up to the name Teflon Don.

President Trump is loyal to his confidants and keeps his enemies closer to him than a pacemaker is to a heart. Desperate after the failed Mueller fiasco they discovered that the administration has been investigating corruption outside of the United States, specifically that in Ukraine. They formulated a plan to protect the “legacy” of Barack Hussein Obama (who will and can be impeached), and to save their communist party disguised as “liberals”.

Allegedly, Feinstein set up the meeting between Daniel Jones and Adam Schiff back in April when news of an investigation by Durham and Giuliani was ongoing in Ukraine. Jones is an expert at everything CIA and covert, having spent over 6 years investigating and reporting on CIA torture as an Obama senior official.

While everyone in the mainstream media (MSM) is telling you CIA officials are lawyered up in regards to Ukraine and Russia Hoax, it’s actually more than that… it is because of the “whistleblower“.

Here is how it may have went down:

Adam Schiff and Daniel Jones discuss what latest tech is available to avoid detection that can be planted on someone close to the president. Then they determine the target. The conversation is almost identical to that which discussed wiretapping Rod Rosenstein in the summer of 2017.

The information of the wiretap is something we reported to the FBI upon being advised of it’s possible existence, we weren’t able to determine WHO it may be until today.

Adam Schiff is the “whistleblower” mouthpiece and Daniel Jones is the author, but who is the tapped President Trump cabinet member? Today in a discussion with Scott Adams, who made a speculation as to who it might be, I reached out to my sources to determine the connection that made sense.

Process of elimination. The White House already knew this morning.

He knew after the leak

The Mulvaney leak. Only certain people were present during that conversation. Certain people speak with dozens of officials and discuss matters. There were no water cooler chats, no interpreters were compromised.

We have incredible technology. It’s not really proprietary now is it?

Spying. That’s right. The thing is, the Democrats couldn’t find anyone that would be plausible for being the fall guy, so it’s all secret until they do.


Turns out they didn’t account for the NSA Section 702 upstream, where ALL communications FISA or no FISA are captured and held for 72 hrs. Nothing is off grid.

We cannot confirm or deny there is a warrant for any upstream collection but some over collections happen.

Exclusive NSA source

For over a decade over collection happens and no one is ever held accountable, because you have to prove it was done on purpose.

We observe over collections around the time agencies like the DOJ and NSA would be corroborating on applying for a Sec. 702 certification. Remember, Carlin was fired for “OVER COLLECTION” – aka spying before the FISA. Which is something that will be discussed in the IG report and many indictments to come. Spying to collect information to allow you to get a warrant to spy.

Could Schiff be in a box right now because “over collection” accidentally captured his recordings?

The whistleblower is a wiretap that Adam Schiff possibly commissioned some guy (great call Scott Adams) to place on a Trump Cabinet member and Daniel Jones authored the complaint is very plausible scenario.

Whatever he (Adam Schiff) is doing, she (Nancy Pelosi) knows about. I think Rep. Nadler found out and now they are not speaking because he really thought there was a whistleblower. She (Pelosi) won’t speak to any of us except her legal counsel 

Democrat Staffer House of Representatives

No matter if you are a Democrat, Republican, or Libertarian this is something that is unacceptable. No wonder they are hiding behind closed doors in a basement. They are trying to piece timelines together to find the right person who fits the bill to be the “whistleblower”. If you fit the description of contacts, places, and times, I would hide. But having said that, the administration already knows.

Back in the day when you wanted to find a leak you would change ONE comma, one word, or one font and distribute, then determine the leak by the document. Process of elimination.

ALL IN - Ultimate Purpose of Life - Rehoboth Reformed Church
They are ALL IN because they have EVERYTHING TO LOSE.

Traditionally there are tapes and transcripts when real impeachment inquiries happen. Schiff & Co. are disallowing access to them according to Devin Nunes who fears they will be destroyed or don’t exist.

Seven congressional members ( Six since Elijah Cummings passed), two former senior Obama officials, and four outside contractors came together for a work product for a showdown in a basement like rats.

Is the whistleblower Schiff’s SCIF? Let’s be honest this is a VERY pedestrian coup because they aren’t that smart.

Where is Gina Haspel?

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