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The presidential elections are approaching, and we slowly realize that the Democrats have taken advantage of the tragic “pandemic” to push their last-ditch effort to allow NON-Qualifying persons who reside in the United States of America to VOTE. It seems those efforts are a distraction while the REAL hack by those that OWN shares in electronic voting get to work. This hack could have implications on voting and even our national security.

From our investigation and travels into the uncharted waters of the onion ether, we discovered that the real threat might be coming from within GOP ranks. Sabotage. Why would Ronna McDaniel entrust the GOP cybersecurity in the hands of a company that has failed before, that has a head of tech connected to Warren Flood, Joe Biden’s former White House IT Director, and maybe giving backdoor access to Crowdstrike? In other words, WHY would Ronna hire the firm with Brennan’s clandestine asset sitting at the top of data protection. It’s almost as if they want to get hacked or even worse….Secret Service, I will tag you here because an LHO incident isn’t something I would put past the Democrats.

In just a few months, the president and many Americans will all be heading to Charlotte, NC, for the Republican National Convention. Hence this is why the timing of discovering this backdoor to a treasure trove of data that should be highly secure is so important. Above all, we must protect our president; thus, I wonder just how much of the shadow government still resides in the 1% ranks of our Intelligence Community that hasn’t bled over to the rest of the 99%.

A curious discovery was made in the vast cyberspace ether. A solid “covert” information highway was discovered between a database containing over 75 million American voter’s information, Congressional, Senate, and presidential campaign information, and ONE company. The Modus Operandi is that which Andrew Breitbart discovered in 2011 with a list of names responsible that has never been published, and it included ONE key player: Mitt Romney. As always, the shadow government demonstrates that they lack ingenuity and stick to an eons-old playbook. Yes, it changes to adapt to technology and societal influence but remains the same. Breitbart’s last investigative piece was how Obama tasked McCain and Brennan to destroy McCotter by destroying him as punishment for speaking against Mitt Romney.

“Your American Dream is endangered,” former presidential candidate Thaddeus McCotter.

While the upcoming elections are a growing concern for all, when it comes to ensuring their sanctity and integrity, the most significant concern and most alarming is ensuring the security of the President of the United States. Our nation’s vulnerabilities in 2020 are cybersecurity when it comes to defense, infrastructure, and security. You would think with the whole RUSSIA HOAX that the priority of the Intelligence Community would be to reevaluate all their “vendors” and “contracting companies” to ensure that no SPECIAL INTERESTS or FOREIGN INTERESTS are present. Special interests would include politics too.

Election Fraud Comes In Many Shapes and Forms

Election fraud can happen in many ways.

  • Non-qualified persons voting| Green card holders or illegal aliens may cast votes and have them counted.
  • Absentee / Mail in Ballot Fraud| Tallying is false or “extra” ballots added
  • Electronic Voting Machines| Fixing the tallies through Crypto-Trapdoor Shuffling (RELATED ARTICLE).

These in 2020 would be “foolproof” IF they had data of potential voters to mine. They would need access to their consumer profiles to determine how many votes can be altered to raise little to no alarm.

We previously reported:

Mitt Romney’s campaign finance manager and his son Tagg Romney invested via Solamere Capital (they own) into Hart InterCivic.

Hart InterCivic is a full-service election solutions innovator, partnering with state and local governments to deliver secure, accurate, and reliable elections. Our mission is to help advance democracy one election at a time. This mission fuels our passionate customer focus and the continuous drive for technological innovation that makes voting more straightforward, equitable, and accessible and makes managing elections more transparent, efficient, and easier. Hart InterCivic


The fairytale that the DNC and RNC were hacked is pushed like gospel. The narrative has changed and shifted with Crowdstrike, a compromised FOREIGN INTEREST driven Clinton-backed company reinforcing it. Crowdstrike (Google seeded that as Hillary Clinton’s Eric Braverman) facilitated the Google investment in Ukraine for the Ukrainian-founded company. For further Romney, Google, Crowdstrike, Clinton information, go to this previous report: Former CEO of Clinton Foundation Eric Braverman Wasn’t Missing, He Was In Ukraine.

The most recent hack was of the RNCC in 2018. Since then, the RNCC website has NOT been updated. On their website, you cannot even see that Tom Emmer of Minnesota is the RNCC.

The NRCC can confirm that it was the victim of a cyber intrusion by an unknown entity. The cybersecurity of the Committee’s data is paramount, and upon learning of the intrusion, the NRCC immediately launched an internal investigation and notified the FBI, which is now investigating the matter.

Ian Prior

Ian Prior is the vice president at Mercury and a former Justice Department Deputy of Public Relations. According to Politico, prior is also an NRCC operative working with the committee to deal with the hack.

Who investigated this MATTER? The same company that “investigated” the infamous DNC “hack”-Crowdstrike. The NRCC paid CrowdStrike at least $120,000 in 2017, according to campaign finance records. Both the DNC and RNC hack were DIRECT TO SOURCE imaging, but they keep insisting it was a hack. In addition, Guccifer 2.0 (which is a John Owen Brennan OPERATION, not a Russian entity) is being blamed.

You would think with all these HACKS and all these VULNERABILITIES, and the RNC would be SUPER CAREFUL – maybe extra careful, especially during the 2020 presidential elections since the Democrats are willing to make you a prisoner in your home to have a small chance of possibly winning through mail-in ballot fraud.

Something was floating in the onion ether of the immense, vast cyberspace that raised a flag. The RNCC and RNC have a communications link that leads back to what could be seen as OPEN LOGIN ACCESS. I am not an expert – that would be Jacob Appelbaum’s domain – but since the server backdoor was identifiable, I did some digging.

I did not access or attempted to access the portal located on the front end that would be HERE or HERE, even though it seemed that a password was required. I found it interesting that the SERVER company and another company related to CONSUMER BEHAVIOR are very “undermined,” Precision Target (AI) looked familiar.

Let’s talk about Deep Root Analytics and hacking in the past tense FIRST. Deep Root Analytics is the beloved firm of Mitt Romney. In fact, Alex Lundry, the company’s co-founder, previously worked on Mitt Romney’s 2012 bid doing all his media ads, specifically TV. In 2016, the RNC contracted Deep Root Analytics. The company had over 60% of the U.S. population’s details stored on an Amazon Cloud server without a password for around two weeks. The data name, date of birth, addresses, and other personal identifying information (PII). The RNC severed its ties with Deep Root swiftly to minimize the damage to its reputation.

Unsurprisingly, Ronna McDaniel seems to have a soft spot for FAMILY connections because the RNC hired the SAME company, Deep Root, for their data needs.

The RNC has and will continue to take the security of voter information extremely seriously. Over the past three years, Deep Root has overhauled their security protocols and maintains a robust security posture. We are confident that their system is safe and secure.

Mike Reed, an RNC spokesman.

According to Politico, the RNC paid $700,000 to Deep Root Analytics last month, according to a senior party official.

Since 2017, Deep Root has satisfied the security requirements of over 100 different organizations and has done work for every major center-right political entity. We have the best product in the business and are excited to be working with the RNC in this cycle.

Alex Lundry (Mitt Romney’s BFF and Co-Founder of Deep Root

I don’t know how Mike Reed has all this confidence. A simple gander at the Engineering VP and a massive red flag popped up.

One person who is NOT an IT engineer by way of formal education OR even certification. The most extended employment was for two years, and it was held in a tech firm on John Owen Brennan’s Intelligence Community list for “sock puppets.”

VP of IT Engineering is a hard-core lawyer.
His career also says so.

Then there is a sudden shift into tech. The Deep Root Website’s bio says nothing about this lawyer except that, “His combined love for language and engineering drew him to Natural Language Processing in data science, where he found an outlet that leverages his appreciation for both worlds.  Before Deep Root, Max worked for Precise Target, a data science company in Maryland.” Precise Target is the ONLY tech company he worked for after an intensive 6-month “boot camp” tech class. Deep Root omitted to say that Max is connected to Warren Flood, Biden’s former WH IT Director. That shows some real skill but also makes it very clear as to who he is. After all, he did have his first “on the books” tech job at the Apprentice Winner’s company – Precise Tech. I’m sure President Trump is the star of the Apprentice had nothing to do with that coincidence. The CEO of Deep Root is a Bush crony too. Seriously Ronna?


CHINA hates to lose. The Bootcamp-style school of “TECH education” is pricey and preferred by Big Tech and the Chinese. What’s more bizarre is when you take a look at the founder of this company. McKinsey & Company alumni, and we all know how McKinsey and Co. love China. Is China clawing back through tech?

Brennan and Kerry helped EXPEDITE the M-1 visa program for METIS. Metis was the first Data Science Training Bootcamp in the United States and the only one to accept International M-1 Visa Students. The majority of M-1 Visa Students are Chinese and Qatari.

Max Farago, a graduate of this METIS Bootcamp, is the VP/ SR Data Engineer at Deep Root. Comparing and contrasting Max Farago, Deep Root’s Bio, and his LINKEDIN bio, there is an oddity.

Two decades of experience in data-driven applications?

A lawyer as HEAD of ENGINEERING is formally educated with one boot-camp class and two years of “experience” under his belt? I don’t feel confident in the data protection aspect because of that, even if I didn’t know he was a “contractor” for John Brennan. Even without that inside knowledge, 441 people, according to this informal random internet poll, don’t either.

Ronna McDaniels needs to go. Like Lindsey Graham, she speaks a good game, but actions are louder than words. This move by McDaniels seems like she is doing everything to facilitate an ACTUAL hack of the server by foreign entities. Cyberinfrastructure seems vulnerable with questionable outsourcing that houses all of the RNCs data on a server that kicks back to Crowdstrike with the head of IT that seems more like a FARM graduate.

The best part? Deep Root’s server company works with CROWDSTRIKE hence how this Ukrainian founded company has access to all communications and PII of over 60% of the U.S. population. Not to mention that it would give them unequivocal access to security procedures, travel, staff, and events surrounding the Republican National Convention, adding to the stacked security measures to ensure the safety of the President of the United States. The plans of travel, contractors for security, emergency management, vendors, construction, A&V needs, etc., have already been transmitted over this vulnerable OPEN information highway. In other words, it will cost us MORE money to have Secret Service and NON- Shadow Government contractors like NOT CGI (which is a foreign company – registered in Canada) or Clear Force to assess and redo all contracting obligations, appendages, and contracting staff if the Convention is to go forward without incident.

Where is the S/SII on Deep Root Ronna?

We can all thank Ronna McDaniel for costing us more money, threatening our national security, privacy, exposing us to Chinese hackers, giving the Democrats a hand, and even the election meddling.

Wait, that didn’t happen yet? Sources tell us – that was PART of the opposition’s plan.

The President can’t see everything – that’s where we come in.

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  1. Where is Warren Flood May 26, 2020? Was he at a DNC meeting the wknd Whitmer’s husband put the boat in the water at Mackinaw Island?

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