Governor Cuomo who’s auditioning for the Democratic Party as Joe Biden’s understudy -has made some “Bidenesque” comments that are alarming. Unlike Biden, Cuomo is not guilty of memory loss, slurring words, or simply seeming aphasic, he is simply issuing contradicting statements. He issued an executive order that is a death sentence for residents of private or public run nursing homes and he knows it! He knows that nursing homes are NOT ideal for quarantine and that is why he is sending new patients discharged from NY hospitals with COVID-19 to nursing homes WITH body bags.

Nursing homes are a “feeding frenzy” for COVID-19,” says Governor Cuomo from one side of his mouth and then says, “Nursing homes must take all COVID-19 patients” from the other.

Those two statements contradict themselves and Cuomo claims nursing homes have “NO RIGHT” to refuse COVID-19 patients because it’s a “regulation” (not a law).

No right to OBJECT

A reporter asked Cuomo if any nursing home, that is a private company, has OBJECTED to his executive order.

They don’t have the right to object…That is the rule, and that is the regulation, and they have to comply with it.

Cuomo answered before the reporter asked the question in full.

California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York have all adapted similar policies ORDERING (private companies can be ordered?) long-term facilities to admit COVID-19 patients that are discharged from the hospital. Apparently this move is to “FREE” up hospitals which have an occupancy rate averaging 35%.

Under Cuomo’s executive order (that is also a type of EMINENT DOMAIN), a Queens nursing home that was FREE of COVID-19 was forced to take on two COVID-19 patients. The day the infected patients arrived, they came with packages that had clinical protective gear and BODY BAGS.

Within a few days of the COVID-19 patients arriving, the nursing home had used 3 of the BODY BAGS. The Chinese Flu spread rapidly through the facility that is home to many vulnerable and health-compromised elderly patients.

My colleague noticed that one of the boxes was extremely heavy. Curious as to what could possibly be making that particular box so much heavier than the rest, he opened it. The first two coronavirus patients were accompanied by five body bags.

Executive Spokesperson For Nursing Home

It’s as if Governor Cuomo wants to kill off all the old people. Why isn’t anyone saying anything? Why send such a deadly virus to a place where everyone has compromised health? It’s like you want all the old people to die.

Nursing Facility Resident Family Member

Even the President of the Borough of Staten Island J. Oddo wrote Governor Cuomo a letter asking him to reconsider this directive. Since then, Cuomo has “adjusted” it, but he is still sending COVID-19 patients to nursing homes accompanied by body bags.

Cuomo’s executive order, coupled with Mayor de Blasio’s excessive use of force by the NYPD and the release of thousands of criminals from jail create the perfect storm for a disaster. One can see Governor Cuomo’s actions as eldercide with a few degrees of separation. This has to stop.

Hopefully U.S. Attorney Schneider for the Eastern District of Michigan – that was appointed by AG William Barr – is paying attention to the Constitutional and civil rights being impeded. If you are from NY or any other state and you feel that your civil rights have been violated give U.S. Attorney Schneider a call.

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  1. I wonder, will John Q. Public ever realize that the Criminals in charge have been offing the old and weak with these flu’s for over a hundred years? What is it that they referred to them as? Useless eaters? They couldn’t be more in your face with the evidence shown here.

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