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Redefining Perjury And Tax Evasion For Hunter Biden

The Bidens committing CRIMES unapologetically and MISUSE their OFFICE - demonstrating how UNFIT Joe's wannabe admin is. Joe can't tie his shoe; you think he can handle law enforcement; he has the CCP for that. #StoryComingSoonOnThatToo

New York | Elderly Voters With COVID-19 Are Sent To Nursing Homes With Body Bags Just In Case

Governor Cuomo who’s auditioning for the Democratic Party as Joe Biden’s understudy -has made some “Bidenesque” comments that are alarming. Unlike Biden, Cuomo is...

Senator Hoeven (R) Does Business Like Biden| 中国洗衣

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Firstly, there is no company that I have located called Finger Lakes Company that is...

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