Redefining Perjury And Tax Evasion For Hunter Biden

In 2019 the media, in a frenzy, began reporting about Hunter Biden’s love child and how he wouldn’t provide child support. Here are the facts:

  • Hunter knew she was pregnant with his baby but told her he didn’t think it was his.
  • She filed a child support claim after being FIRED from her employment to get child support. The federal government had a problem getting a DNA sample of Hunter Biden, so a warrant had to be issued.
  • It was determined he was the father. The results were delayed so that Hunter Biden could clean up his finances for the courts and bury them in babushkas. Circa 2018.

Here is the evidence of him actively shutting accounts down before the court date, which he delayed.


Hunter signed a sworn statement saying he has been unemployed since May 2019 and has incurred significant debt from a divorce with his ex-wife, Kathleen Biden. Accountants are currently calculating just how much debt he has. Once it’s determined, that information will be turned over to the court, according to Townhall.

Here is a list that his assistant put together about his DEBT.


That is bizarre considering Hunter Biden “closed” all his visible asset accounts in 2018 but has unfettered access to BROKERAGE accounts for SKANEATELES, LLC BUSINESS BROKERAGE CASH XXXXXX3579, one of the SHELL companies that the Chinese Communist Party owned company house.


It’s not just that one NEW account – he has access to many, many more like OWASCO PC BUSINESS BROKERAGE CASH XXXXXX5142, which is another company the Chinese own under their PARENT company. We have a statement for that too.


Indeed he spends much money on PORN. $99 per time add up pretty quickly, but it also confirms his location and where he was in Connecticut and doing what like paying hookers with Venmo, Cash App, and Apple Pay. #SAD

Allow Hunter and his friends to tell you how they knowingly and willingly hid that money from the courts and the IRS with the help of a foreign government called CHINA. The email thread below explains it all, and the HEAD of all the companies is some guy named Jeff. #StoryComing


Hunter Biden has committed perjury both under oath and on paper. He had no job and tons of debt, BUT for some reason, he still bought a house in June of 2019. The New York Post reported that Hunter owns a $2.5 million three-bedroom, three-bathroom home that sits at the end of a private gated drive. And it even has a pool. He purchased the house on June 19th, although how much he paid for it is currently unknown. It’s not Kathleen’s. He bought her a place in Skaneateles in 2010. 


A couple of months before Hunter was to go before the judge in his child support hearing, he settled. He settled with the mother of his child. Biden’s lawyer, Brett Langdon, said in a statement to The Post: “The parties have reached a compromised settlement to resolve all remaining issues and will be submitting a final order to the Court for approval.”
DISTRIBUTING assets and money but giving access to each other is a thing in the BIDEN family, right SARA?

The Bidens committing CRIMES unapologetically and MISUSE their OFFICE – demonstrating how UNFIT Joe’s wannabe admin is. Joe can’t tie his shoe; you think he can handle law enforcement; he has the CCP for that. Joe, does favors for the local “city” of Skaneateles too. Joe uses his office to influence Planning Commissions and local affairs too.


The common theme: HUNTER seems to be the MAESTRO of many things, like his late Grandpa Robert Neil Hunter, who passed away on August 19, 1991. #StoryComingSoonOnThatToo

To ALL claiming rank and file to Wray at the top:


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  1. Well, well, well now what’s a Dad to do? Surely Daddy’s handlers are mighty unhappy with this recent revelations. Perhaps it’s Mueller time? This cover-up should be child’s play for him, after destroying all the evidence on 911, the Russia collusion etc. Is that the oath you were referring to?
    The absurdity that we are witnessing of those selected to govern this country has made this country the laughing stock of the whole known world. Possibly even off worlders are laughing as well.
    To think that one young, very talented lady with a computer, would outdo 17 intelligence agencies, our entire criminal justice system, the lame stream media, the IRS, Congress!
    Way to go Tore!

  2. What a shame. I just feel sorry for his wasted life… and I/we are not paying the price. Thank you for posting this.

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