According to many “WOKE” companies requiring VOTER ID is “racist” because they believe minorities are incapable of getting identification. Their “WOKENESS” only applies to the USA. Apparently, in Canada, the minorities in Canada aren’t as stupid as those in the USA; there, they require ID to dine in at fast-food restaurants. It’s true the “fact checkers” checked it.

May be an image of text that says 'KING Dear Dine- In Guest, Please be informed that under tne current public orders, effective immediately, we require each guest to provide photo ID to verify household address before dining in the same table. Thank you for your continued patronage. Management'

“Fact Checkers” checked it themselves and made the argument that Canadian ID is not as stringent as that in the USA demands for voters. Asking for identification to demonstrate you LIVE somewhere to vote is RACIST but identification to eat somewhere isn’t.

Yes, the restaurants in the province of Manitoba are operating under the Public Health guidelines as outlined on the government website … and specifically under the current legislation relating to restaurant operations.

Sharron Fry, director of marketing for Redberry Restaurants

The “fact checking site” called Lead Stories “reported“:

However, the voter identification laws in the United States are not the same as identification requirements in Canada, where the Burger King in the post is most likely located. After searching for possible COVID-19 policies that match the one described in the sign, Lead Stories discovered that Manitoba’s policy mirrors the one in the post’s photo. The government of Manitoba’s “Current Public Health Orders” were last updated on April 8, 2021 and went into effect on April 9, 2021.

Address verification in Canada is DIFFERENT and therefore NOT racist. Maybe because they speak French? This is just how ridiculous and dumb the corporations think the people are.

door sign manitoba.PNG

The question is, are Coca-Cola, the Toronto Raptors (just played in the NBA gaming division with the Cleveland Cavaliers), Starbucks, Google, and other SUPERWOKE companies boycotting Manitoba like they did the state of Georgia ?

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  1. Seeing a progression? The next step in safety. As the majority gets the jab, I see these corporate criminals will team up to give the vaxxed a safe space to dine, Safe from those disease carrying anti vaxxers. Soon the vilifications will begin. Can you feel it coming in the air now? Nothing can stop what’s coming! Every time I pass a masker on the sidewalk, they avoid maskless me like the plaque, going so far as to walk out in the street to avoid contact. When I walk into stores and restaurants maskless, I get the hairy eye stare, when I go to was my hands on my maskless way to the restroom, at the checkout line. Oh yes those Kens and Karens will flock to those establishments that will guarantee their safety from the disease ridden anti maxxers. Let the ad campaigns begin. The Evil will not stop, to far along now.

    1. Burger King is not even American. Its own by Brazilians. Boycott the Whopper as it sucks. Eat American ChicFilA or Wendy’s

  2. I stopped eating at Burger King when they aimed ads at kids showing The Burger King kissing Ronald McDonald.

  3. Exlusive dining in for the vaxed will prove to be a boon to us unvaxed aka the great unwashed. Why? Because the vaxed are shedding the contents of the jab and they don’t realize it. It’s a great red flag for us the unvaxed to avoid them like the proverbial plalgue, because that’s what they are – the walking dead. So its the unvaxed that will live to replenish the human race because they are the thinkers, the questioners who survive the vax holocaust. This of course is my opinion only. you know plausible deniability and all that jazz.

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