EXCLUSIVE| Bidens Own 50% of CCP ENERGY Company

Hunter Biden broke up Hudson West III (there are more versions of Hudson West still in operation) because he felt Mervyn and Kevin (his CEFC counterparts) were scrutinizing him, not because Patrick Ho, who was NOT a spy chief, was sacrificed to cover the USAID money laundering in AFRICA. Story on that and how Dr. Jill fits into the Biden Crime Family syndicate and Barack Hussein Obama’s Administration’s involvement is in the works.

Hunter Biden ADMITS that he is 50% OWNER of CEFC to the BOARD of DIRECTORS in a scathing email when “lower-level” employees questioned his expenditures. CEFC is a CCP owned company that ALSO has lease agreements for gas and oil rights that are serviced by both COLONIAL and DAKOTA ACCESS Pipelines. That story is in the works too.

STAY TUNED, You’ll be very impressed how Hunter Biden is a HIGH FUNCTIONING CRACK HEAD.

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  1. Great article as always! Love your info and show! I’m trying to wake people up here in Massachusetts and finally some are listening! WWG1WGA

  2. Crack head? What a family legacy. So you have all the receipts. Your not the only one, yet these psychopaths don’t seem to care. They know we know. Yet they permit us to expose their crimes, albeit compared to the world’s population we are insignificant in number. We know they could shut our coms down at any time, and they have, to where we are now all nicely corralled on obscure websites and platforms where they can keep a good eye on us.
    Few grasp the breadth and depth of what we are up against or care. When one stans upon the moon and looks down upon this scamdemic, it is a world wide criminal organization from the top down to the rank and file. You of all people should know this, you lived in it.
    It all adds up to this, very soon they will unleash the final phases of their plans, likely has already begun. Tell them Tore, they deserve to know what they are up against.

  3. These people are the worse of the worse. They do whatever they want with no repercussions. This is scary to say the least.


  5. Your journalism is beyond anyone else. I thank you for your honest reporting. Your a brave young lady. I personally thank you. Your love for this country, your bravery, I can never repay. Your definitely an angel from God. Open that Pantora’s Box. The American people deserve the truth and your delivering. God Bless you Tore. The fact you organized all 50 states independently working to save their states, well, how do you even begin to put words on that incredible feat. I appreciate you so much. Thank you

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