Dear Tucker Carlson,

It’s no secret the DEEP STATE isn’t what you think – it’s DEEPER. I worked with, and for the BIG BOYS. The ones that TELL Generals around the world what to do. They create, end, and choreograph many wars and start rumors of wars. I was the best at what I did and I am still the best even without keyholes. There are possibly texts and emails, call records, and pictures of me. I qwn that, so should you. When you decide to be on the side of the PEOPLE – you OWN IT, or else you are CONTROLLED OPPOSITION.

Tucker Carlson, I adore your commentary, but I loathe anyone playing cover for them. I never meant to set the world on fire, and I could have started with the FAKE posers at FOX and Posobiec on OANN, the “decoding” gang, and wannabe journalists … but I CHOSE YOU. You are causing more damage than all of them put together. This is not to target you, Tucker but to SHINE LIGHT and help you OWN IT. Someone has to tell the truth – let it be me who had spent an eternity in disguise and lies, and as Newsweek so eloquently put it: PEOPLE LIKE ME DO NOT EXIST. #DeepBlackBudgets

I OWN my connections and actions. I OWN my ignorance, blind spots, and my mistakes are BADGES. The fact that you portrayed Hunters’ “assistant” as a floozy was a RED FLAG. Therefore, it was time to put feet to the fire and ask for answers to destroy their SET UP to watch you burn. You may have FORGOTTEN the incident or thought the emails were gone, but WE HAVE IT ALL – not just Hunter’s.


Before you say it was just a letter of recommendation and a one-off – we need to discuss the next email—you and the Bidens sound close. Controlled Opposition is NOT Opposition. Tucker, I began with you because you are the only voice on FOX that SEEMS NOT to be compromised; that’s dangerous. If you ARE NOT Controlled Opposition: OWN it. Tucker-Don’t sugar coat it because many people, including me, know more and the backstory from the FBI special agent, other rants Hunter sent to others discussing what happened in the email, OTHER THINGS.


For the rest of the MEDIA from the NY Times to losers in FOXHOLES – I can drop a #journogate, but I won’t. Redemption is beautiful, and I still have FAITH in HUMANITY. Do the right thing own your actions, or someone else will force you to in the public eye.

Truth is like free speech: It’s messy but honest.

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  1. Deep state? It’s generational in depth, started long before we were born. They knew the power of propaganda, and owning all media allowed them to channel the direction of humanity.
    You go girl, were with you all the way.

  2. Tore, your message to Tucker Carlson hits all the cylinders. Outstanding piece of work. You’re the woman with solid platinum ovaries. You go, girl!

  3. Publish the email headers. They don’t sound authentic. Also if TC is Hunter’s friend, God help him against his enemies.

  4. Straight up righteous! I loved Tucker but hated how he would rattle the cage by telling you things that were true but always stopped short of the TRUTH. Its go time…

  5. Also for Tucker-

    You may or may not have know any better at the time, so you’ve been given the benefit of doubt, but that ends here. Recently you had segments on ‘The UFO File’ featuring Luiz Elizondo to whom you’ve only pitched soft-ball questions to, allowing him to Sell his ‘story’ pushing a false ‘Alien Threat’ narrative, deceptively misleading YOUR audience. Mr. Elizondo is NOT a ‘Whistleblower’ going against the grain of Government, he was and currently IS ‘The Government’, a salesman who’s been commissioned to sell this phony ‘Alien Threat’ narrative building-up to the upcoming ‘Pentagon UFO Report’ release and near future PsyOp/Deep Event. By providing Luiz Elizondo your platform to sew seeds of deception, you’ve further damaged your reputation, dangerously mislead your viewer-base, and co-opted ‘The Governments’ false narrative.. the opposite intention you perceive.

    Whether you’ve previously known better or not, you’ve now been alerted and have the journalistic responsibility to due diligence, investigate and shed light on Mr. Elizondo and the ‘Alien Threat’ Narrative. Exposing it now, ahead of the forthcoming PsyOp/Deep Event can hopefully derail their nefarious agenda.


  6. Holly Cow. Pandora’s Box is opening. What limb of the seedy deep state tree did Tucker come from?

  7. Tore, you are a stellar soul on a courageous and dangerous journey of redemption during the most dire time the world’s people have ever faced. I say people like you Do exist, and the future will look back on this time and thank God you were here. Your true public service and desire to secure a free, healthy and purposeful future for all of humanity will forever serve as a measure of how to dismiss one’s self-preservation for the good of humanity. I’ve benfefitted immeasurably from your unsurpassed ability to educate and inform in the kind of manner that prompts one to pursue truths, no matter how inconvenient, painful or messy through a Socratic way of thinking, investigation and discovery and at a pace that enables an understanding of the past, awareness of the present, and a preparedness for the now bright future ahead. Yes, we’re with you all the way, because where we go one, we go all. Nothing can stop what’s coming.

  8. Uhh ooooooh😧 I see smoke from the fire🔥… Truth is someone’s ONLY CHOICE! Respect re-earned?

  9. I know media is controlled on both sides but didn’t realize Tucker was in so deep. Tore, if you don’t bring everything out at once and end it, it will keep on going. One lethal blow to stop it and end it or they will keep on coming until we are destroyed.

  10. I’m so glad you are here Tore! A true journalist. Hopefully one day, we will see you reporting the REAL NEWS for all to see without censorship. You know the truth and you share it with the world. I read your articles start to finish. Thank you for your bravery.

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