Biden Abuse of Office| Navy, Nepotism, and Narcotics

Nothing says communism more than using your position as Vice President to get your functioning crackhead son into the United States Navy as a Public Affairs Officer. A PAO (Public Affairs Officer) deals in communication. Most of them are CIA assets. That’s part of the job spec. For more information on that, you should reach out to Jack Posobiec (#journoGate) at OANN. He can tell you more about that. I can attest he never got that challenge coin even though he was a good snitch.

Hunter Biden wanted to become a PAO as a US Navy Reserve Officer. At the time, Rear Admiral Victor M. “Vic” Beck (USN Ret.) was Vice Chief of Information for the Navy, retiring in 2013. The next year he joined top Pentagon contractor Northrop Grumman as Director of Communications for Northrop Grumman Military Aircraft systems. Northrop Grumman received $2.5 billion in Navy contracts in the fiscal year 2014.’


Rear Admiral Beck was IN CHARGE of the US NAVY RESERVE PUBLIC AFFAIRS PROGRAM. Hunter Biden wanted to join the ELITE team of CIA linked (about 75% of them) honorable ones never get tapped by the Agency) “communications” officers. To be clear. The guy in charge of ALL the PAO US NAVY RESERVE OFFICERS was “on standby” to help Hunter Biden get the job he ultimately got FIRED from because he’s a functioning CRACK HEAD.


Interestingly, took down Rear Admiral Beck’s page a long time ago as if they did not want President Trump to see it and wonder why that Naval Commander did what he did in 2018. Don’t worry. We are great at what we do, and we have the communications with that Commander and your page right here!


Nothing says equal opportunity than NEPOTISM and misuse of office like this right?

Not very HONORABLE for a REAR ADMIRAL of the US NAVY – What does the UCMJ say about it? There is NO STATUTE OF LIMITATION on such behavior.

For Hunter to actually get into the US NAVY, he needed to get a letter of recommendation and a security clearance ongoing in June of 2012 before the elections. He wanted to get in by Oct 2012 just in case Hussein and daddy lost. The letter of recommendation came from someone with who he was in business with and for some INSANE reason was UNDERSECRETARY of the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE until 2018.

Who is Greg Keeley?

KENTUCKY| China, Cocaine, Cars and Cloning

Below is their email interaction about Hunter’s “FAIR AND SQUARE” entry into Naval Officership, as Joe Biden said about his son joining the US Navy in 2012. My Chinese is rusty, so maybe Joe Biden said, “He went through the application process like everyone else” or something of the “fair and square” nature.


Our Navy was corrupted by giving politicians and their kids and 5th cousins short cuts.

Nepotism runs rabid. The Obama girls all got into Harvard, so did that Hogg kid even though their grades are not up to scratch. Kind of like how Chris Cuomo bought his Yale degree.

Narcotics – This is something Joe Biden and Kamala DEVI Harris have in common. That HSBC Cartel Money Laundering thing sure has a lot of CARTEL dollars floating into Kamala … no wonder she is the border czar and hasn’t been there once- she and the CARTELS go way back. #AGKAMALALAUNDRYCOMING if they pull the “Joe is sick “card.


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  1. I wonder what was the real reason for his interest in joining the “Naval Reserves”, that choice just doesn’t fit his character? A stepping stone into?

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