The Main Stream Media covers up stories. They bury them. We find them. What happens when you find out FOREIGN NATIONS, Regional Security Officers, Special Agents, Homeland Security, and Secret Service bend over backward to ensure cartel connections between our politicians are never implicated comes to light?

The MSM and the other talking heads on the left and the right won’t report on this. Here is a little bit of INSIGHT into the CARTELS. HSBC recently announced it is closing up shop to mere average people for some strange reason because they need to focus on the rich ones. The timing is interesting, considering what Mayor Rudy Giuliani is working on. A recent report by CNN dated May 27, 2021, explained their decision in a kinder to poor folk terms, obviously citing GREEN DEAL VERBIAGE:

The British bank announced Wednesday that it was closing most of its retail banking locations in the country, reducing its current footprint from 148 branches to about 25. Those that will remain will be turned into international wealth management centers.

HSBC is selling most of its US retail banking business – CNN

While “Higher Loyalty” James Comey was on the Board of Directors at HSBC they got CAUGHT money laundering for the cartels.

Cruz said that in the two years he worked for HSBC, he eventually discovered that money laundering was being carried out not only by branch managers but also by senior officers of the bank, both within the U.S. and internationally. “From what I saw, I came to suspect HSBC had become the Mexican drug cartels’ bank of choice,” he said.

Banking giant accused of laundering billions (

In fact, TARMAC Loretta Lynch was a U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York at the time of the investigation and was CAUGHT by the Senate Judiciary Committee during the probe as partaking and orchestrating a COVER-UP. Barack Hussein Obama “promoted” her to Attorney General and then hired Comey as FBI Director. How did this NOT come up during their confirmation hearings, and if it was mentioned, why was it not NEWS?

Cartel money has tainted political pockets for a long time. You would think that Secret Service would put forward an incident report and say something if the Vice President’s son was having dinner and conducting business with the Juarez Cartel. On the contrary, they mobilized to make sure to keep his involvement quiet and to alert him to possible “surprises.” I guess covering up meetings with CARTELS is something SAIC does. You would think that would disqualify him from joining the military as a PAO – but not if you are Hunter Biden. Let’s unpack that for a moment. This would infer that Hunter Biden conducted this travel to wine and dine and conduct business with DRUG CARTELS with TAXPAYER FUNDED security and possibly even travel!

It’s important to read the whole email. There are many more. The Biden Crime Family’s activities are coming to the surface no matter how hard the left and right media tried to keep it under wraps. The email explains it all. Take note that a FOREIGN NATION’S Regional Service Officer (RSO) notified their contact, the Special Agent in Charge (SAIC) in Houston, to ensure that Secret Service knows that Hunter was wining and dining with the Juarez Cartel members.



Soon, we will be releasing emails and information such as BANK STATEMENTS about Kamala Harris too. that will shed light on WHY Joe Biden chose her as the BORDER TZAR that is AVOIDING THE BORDER is necessary. You can’t bite the hand that fed you as AG because you end up like Mr. Eloy and many others.

Just ask Mandan, ND, who tried to nail one man for a horrific murder massacre scene who they claim is superhuman. Apparently, they are telling the world the cleanup guy is the perpetrator and that entered a building, shot a gun nine times, shot two people, tied up a man (not scrawny) in another location of the building where he shot the two people, gave him a Columbian necktie, and then tied up a woman (definitely not scrawny) on the other side of the building and gutted her throat to crotch and collected all the bullets and changed his clothes under twelve minutes. #TrueStory. The part of the story that they didn’t tell us that the Sinaloa Cartel houses trafficking victims and runs point for drugs and guns at the property, which was owned and run by the people killed, NEVER made the news.#Weird

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