Show Me Your Papers Get A Donut Is Something The Nazi’s May Have Said

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Psychological Operations are weapons. This is a fact. This is why when Whistleblower Qui Tams...

President Select Biden

While the title sounds like a dystopia or a "conspiracy theory" it is reality for the ONLY nation on the planet who's Constitution still...

DOCUMENTS | Unmasking Had NOTHING To Do With Russian Call, It Was A Set Up

This article was originally posted on ToreSays on May 13, 2020 his will probably be the shortest piece I will ever write. UNMASKING OF GENERAL FLYNN...

EXPOSED| Pentagon Funded Digital Weapons Democrats Deployed On Americans

War is an understatement and it has been declared on you! Treasonous McChrystal is leading an initiative to ATTACK the unwavering DIGITAL ARMY supporting the President of the United States.

EXCLUSIVE: Whistleblower Is Adam Schiff Scapegoat Real Players Identified

hree years of people complaining that nothing is being done. Three years of people thinking nothing is being done yet Sleepy Sessions set the foundations for everything. Remember he recused himself from the Russia investigation not the Ukrainian investigation.

Mueller’s Russia Hoax Investigation Was More Detailed And Desperate For An Outcome Than 9/11

The reason 9/11 is still an open wound for many is because we DON’T have answers even today, 18 years later. Mueller obstructed, destroyed, manufactured and obfuscated evidence in the 9/11 investigation what makes you think he didn’t do the same for the Russia Hoax investigation?

PHONY DOSSIER SERIES| Why is no one talking about Adam Waldman?

In reality, it hurt Deripaska even more identifying him as a Russian Agent for President Putin, making his position even more difficult to fix.

EXCLUSIVE: John Durham was NOT Appointed by AG Barr

I said it was Whitaker, (and that is true) BUT ultimately it was under former AG Jeff Sessions that this happened, even though Sessions could not be directly involved due to his recusal.


Carter Page's FISA warrant is the only warrant we hear a lot about but not much about the FISA application filed against General Flynn...

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