A defamation case against Media Matters for America, Dominion Voting, Congressman Cohen (D-TN), and Ali Abdul Razaq Akbar aka Ali Alexander in Federal Court that was able to obtain the lengthy Halderman Summary never been seen before in the public was publicized on Thursday, March 17, 2022.


On the same day, the lawyer for defendant Ali Abdul Razaq Akbar sent a letter to Honorable Judge Corker who is presiding over the case below.

On March 9, 2022, Mr. Akbar’s attorney reached out to the attorney on the case to make an appearance in a very unethical fashion. He was rude and threatening sanctions because Mr. Akbar, who claims to be speaking the truth and nothing but the truth is pretending he’s never been served or aware of this case. Therfore, the plaintiff’s attorney filed another return of service.


On March 17, 2022, both the lawyers that made had previously made an appearance for both Dr. Halderman and Mr. Akbar respectively, engaged in communication either with the Judge or the Attorney for the plaintiff claiming they never stated they were attorneys representing the respective clients even though their email correspondence stated that.

As per Dr. Halderman’s attorney who is claiming he is not the attorney of record even though he claimed he was the attorney of record as per communications below, the same thing happened in the case of Mr. Akbar on the same day, almost as if they were coordinated.


Once the above documentation was filed to demonstrate the need for the court to compel Dr. Halderman to release the report the Magistrate Judge appeared within hours striking down the request and Dominion Voting sent gloating communications seeking to enjoy subpoenas sent out already may be stayed.

We instantly filed a response.


In the case of Akbar, the lawyer communicated directly with the Federal Judge. This move is highly improper, unprofessional, and may even be construed as ex-parte. The language used and statements made were in contradiction of every single correspondence he’s had with the plaintiff’s attorney. We are not publishing the email to the Judge until it’s made part of the public record in the course of actions in the case.

Mr. Coleman made outrageous allegations about the attorney. Among other things, he claimed the attorney is a conspiracy theorist. That statement has no foundation as you can see from the communications above. He also said that the attorney for the plaintiff was rude and profane in communication with him. The emails above do not demonstrate that and this infers he flat out lied to the judge with publicly available evidence that is contrary to his statements.

A reasonable person would determine that only one explanation of that statement is possible. It seems that Mr. Colemand who co-founded Stop the Steal with Mr. Akbar is inferring that the case is about election fraud and that is a conspiracy theory. In fact, many see the case as that of election fraud because the plaintiff is seeking a remedy from organizations and people that claimed the “Kraken” is a liar and said the plaintiff’s affidavit is false. She is merely asking them to disprove her statements.


The plaintiff is suing for defamation and would like all the defendants to demonstrate how her affidavit is false and “a lie”. This is why Plaintiff has requested the full report by Dr. J. Halderman as it confirms the majority of her claims in her affidavit in more detail. The extended never seen before summary in this article proves portions of the plaintiff’s affidavit pertaining to COTS.

Ali Abdul Razaq Akbar also known as Ali Alexander is a Lincoln Project asset that has infiltrated the highest ranks of the Trump Social Media Ranks. Many have given Truth Social a nickname: “Ali Social”. The Founder of the hijacked “Stop The Steal” movement postures himself on a false throne of “truth”. He is unwilling to stand by his statement and comments in a court of law.

It seems that Ali Abdul Razaq Akbar claims he is genetically superior according to his video. We could not confirm this as we were unable to locate his full family tree but determined that this one may be similar to his claims.

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  1. Thank you Tore. I was racking my brain what he said about himself. “Genetically superior.” I don’t understand why this weasel has so much pull.

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