Truth Social promises a safe environment with “free speech” that encourages perspectives from all sides. It is supposed to be the alternative to the mainstream and long-standing social media platforms that are echo chambers of globalist and leftist ideologies- but as of today- it’s not. The app is available only to iOS users for now and launched as it was rolling out its final build-out. Though the slow rollout, iOS only platform, and waitlists are not an issue, Twitter had the same type of rollout it was just not publicized. The problem emulates the problem the 45th administration had:


I am having a difficult time right now understanding what Devin Nunes was thinking. The “verified” accounts are old “troll farm” operators. Some users have created over 20 accounts to thump their own. In one sense it could be that he allowed them to exist and operate in order to observe how sock puppets operate and then purge them when the time is right but on the other hand it could be that he is simply human. He is just a man and maybe he was influenced into thinking that troll farm operators and Lincoln Project assets were actually trying to help. I am leaning towards the “He got bad advice” version as Devin Nunes himself has promoted people who are Lincoln Project assets.

Tore Maras – We Chat Interview with TS (Tore Says) Tawain Liberation Project (TLP) Group February 2022

Truth Social emulates a Lincoln Project operation deployed on Twitter. #OperationGridlock

The statements I am about to tell you are not to demonstrate popularity or show off how awesome I am. I am making these statements to demonstrate that the “CONSERVATIVE” pro-freedom, pro-free speech channels use the same antics as the left. It feels like High School.

The NY Times, in many hit pieces, was correct in their assessment that my following is far greater than people can fathom as I have distributed my following across multiple platforms to disguise the massive base I have. That is called digital camouflage and their assessment was correct. I myself have over 5 million listeners globally distributed across various media platforms like Telegram, WeChat, YouTube, Rumble, Locals, Gab, Kakao, and more. When communicating with the masses the numbers are not what is important it is your ability to reach millions of people around the world effectively.

My listeners are hungry. They are hungry for truth. That is what I give them and I serve it up like a Michelin Star Chef.

Lom Ngo – Korean Influencers Abroad 2019.

My podcast is in the global charts TOP 100 in News Commentary for over four years. While many think the documentary ShadowGate was a factor in my base boost, they are wrong. I have been around way longer than many would attest to and my immense global reach is evidence of that. A massive campaign by the socialist party and MSM was launched begging Twitch to ban me, which they did (lawsuit pending) even though out of BILLIONS of users globally my channel was 1% TOP CHANNELS in the world. Being 600 or 900 in the ranks for BILLIONS is no random feat.

Rumble is allegedly a place of free speech but even Rumble “censors” my channel. I have 4K to 8K live viewers yet my channel never notifies my listeners, never on their “popular list”, never on their “live list”. On the List of Live channels ranked by viewership channels with 20 viewers are showcased but my show is never featured.

Many ask why I do not use Getter or Parler or other “conservative” apps and the answer is simple – THEY ARE ECHO CHAMBERS and DATA MINING PLATFORMS.

They don’t say my name because once people hear Truth they can’t go back to non-sense, propaganda and cultish behavior.

Tore Says

In an age of deception speaking TRUTH is revolutionary. I speak TRUTH regardless and do not refrain from it ever. My career was lies and disguise. It hurts seeing TRUTH is taboo even on TRUTH SOCIAL.


Truth Social is fairly new. It’s being built out with the intention to be an actual platform for free thought and truth. There are three things that are deterring average Americans from using Truth Social as intended.



Operation Gridlock, an operation the United States conducted on foreign cybernetworks under another official codename. Deployed to “combat” ISIS. A version of very old software called HAMMER was emulated. I actually assisted in creating the psycho-social profiles for the programmers of the targeted demographics as well as the objectives. The operation was very successful. It tapped into the innate human need for “approval” of the masses and the superficial need for validation.

This operation, which I was the original architect of, which is a WEAPON was successfully deployed on Twitter in 2017. As humans, it is important to quell that need for validation as it can be weaponized.

Influencers like Mike Cernovich even bragged about how people would pay to simply be retweeted by him or mentioned. He was right. Mike Cernovich is a social media “influencer” that I happen to enjoy and admire for his tenacity and statements. I myself backed his “HOAXED” film and other endeavors he’s launched. Even though I agree with only about 15% of what he says I do, why? That 15% is hard, raw, and necessary truth. Cernovich is predictable therefore not a threat to my nation, the narratives pushed, or society as a whole. In fact, I think he makes cyberspace a better in some aspects as his motivational and business acumen approach is great.

Operation Gridlock was successful at tapping into that innate need for validation that human beings suffer from. Sock Puppets shared “Trump Train” posts tagging handles instructing those following their account to follow and that they would be followed back. People would be following as many Twitter accounts that were following them. They were defeating the purpose of why and how Twitter was created. Realistically how are you able to read 20,000 tweets in one day? You can’t.

Therefore suffocating actual news was one of the goals this operation succeeded. In fact, this is why I created it years ago. The whole “trump train” tactic was created to ensure our propaganda was the only thing users saw. Below is an episode where I broke it down.

The success of this cyber weapon relies on how the increase in following made people feel important. It served two purposes. Firstly this was to quell actual factual news contrary to what was being purported by the assets of the operation. This falsely inferred that the number of followers you had, was synonymous with the strength & validity of your comments. For such an operation to succeed, assets (influencers) had to “share” or showcase non-asset comments or statements. This would increase non-simulated interaction with the hopes that they are showcased to reinforce their actions’ validity. It’s genius, I know, I created it.

It is important to expand on another aspect of this operation. Recruitment of unknowing assets that had ego issues. In other words, people were unknowingly assets thinking they were now “important” to the movement because the original assets propped them up on social media. People who were simply gardeners, smoothie kings and single moms living on government assistance were suddenly experts in health, clandestine operations, history, and foreign and domestic policy.

Someone who isn’t a “bonafide” expert doesn’t mean they aren’t an expert my references are to the majority of unknowing assets. That was an aspect of the deployment I had to convince the Obama Administration would work when I created it. They were reluctant, but my strategy of using unknowns was effective. Evidently, in 2022 you can see how this applies to “Influencers” of “truth movements”.

Remember a social media influencer is a consumer prostitute. They must sell something to the public. Selling doesn’t mean just coins, VPNs, and such but it means selling PERSPECTIVE or IDEAS. Those that are well funded by organizations, packs, or corporations simply sell IDEAS. Hence why I REFUSE any organizations’ money, promote products for money because the BRAND is me sponsored by PEOPLE.

That is why President Trump won the election in 2016 and this is why he will be in office until the day God calls him home. He needs no one’s coattails. He doesn’t need a party. He needs no endorsement. This is why I voted for him and will always vote for him and support him until my last breath.

Discouraging is the fact that the STATE SUPREME COURT turns a blind eye to documented violations of laws. To further that, it uses those violations of law to justify the violations of law. In addition, it refers to FACTS as a version of FACTS, you know your nation is in SERIOUS TROUBLE. This is where root of our nation’s problem is : JUDICIAL BRANCH.



While many still think their numbers on social media translate to legitimacy or “truth” these factual phrases I constantly reinforce:

Just because you are saying it, doesn’t mean it is TRUE. #Lies

Just because you wrote a book about it, doesn’t mean it is TRUE. #Fiction

Just because there is a report on it doesn’t mean it is TRUE. #Propaganda

Just because I’m telling you this, doesn’t mean you should trust me. #Deception

Tore Maras October 2016

In a very biased and nasty way, many MSM outlets have tried to credit the “failure” or perceived failure of Truth Social on President Trump. That is what our media has been reduced to today? High School insults. It’s a tragedy and it’s embarrassing. Though it is important to point out that Mashable who did a very thorough analysis of the app reported: “Whether you’re a Trump “hater” or are willing to storm the Capitol for him, there’s one thing we can likely all agree on: Trump is not boring. But his social media platform certainly is.”

In contrast, Politico tried to spin the infancy of Truth Social as a failure. They failed to compare it to the fact that Twitter had the same if worse deployment at start-up and did it outside the public eye because DARPA projects never get attention until they are ready for deployment, like all other weapons in their cache. Politico reported:

The site promises a safe space for “free expression,” encouraging of “all viewpoints,” according to the welcome email, “as we do not discriminate against political ideology.” But inside the app, digital tumbleweeds blew through my feed. The site is a bit slow, and a bit empty. Its stalled roll-out, led by Devin Nunes, the Trump supporter and former Republican congressman from California, has become a source of frustration and confusion in MAGA-world, according to my colleague Meridith McGraw.

Republican lawmakers like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz and Kevin McCarthy already have accounts and appear to be posting similar or identical content to both Truth Social and Twitter, along with right-leaning platforms like Getter and Parler. (Apparently, no one is quite ready to turn their backs on an actual audience yet.) But when they do finally get their welcome emails, the thousands of regular Trump fans still waiting in line, eager for their chance to search for truth, will find a Twitter knock-off with no immediately discernible improvement on the original — a vanity project that has yet to prove its utility.Politico

Politico’s report was unfair, biased but also had an undertone of actual truth. The rollout was done with people someone at Truth Social determined were “influencers”. Influencers are marketing tools like billboards, only they are a person or persona.

Truth Social is described by many people 100% devoted to TRUMP as an ECHO CHAMBER. Why? The slow rollout has been launched with the tactics of 2018. You can’t do things effectively in 2022 if you are using the tactics of 2018. Watching memes and funny videos and stupid Trump / Truth trains is like watching someone try to bring back 80s hair. It’s not happening people are more refined now. Stop trying to resurrect something that was a casualty of war (that is ongoing) – it’s a dead end.


The public is no longer in need of INFLUENCE or OPERATORS or funny memes. They want TANGIBLE action, even if the actions bring failures every failure is one step closer to success.

On November 5, 2020, people, yes average people began organizing around the world. They utilized Telegram as a platform to exchange information, ideas, and strategies to create tangible results. People are tired of memes, complaining, and roadshow events where you pay to listen to someone tell you how horrible everything is, or how secretly everyone is being hung and arrested. The people need to win. Win on their own merit because politicians, activists, social media content creators were doing nothing but talking with no results.

TS is short for Tore Says.

The public needs TRUTH. The public needs ACTION. The public needs to be given the tools to communicate without influence or Lincoln Project Operations. Truth Social and Telegram are two different types of products. Telegram is for full-blown intercommunication with users and Truth Social should be a news aggregation/ sharing platform as Twitter was intended.



When thinking of how to write my analysis of Truth Social as many other reporters, assets and bloggers have I had to try it, test it and give it a fair shot. One thing shocked me. Truth Social has posted TOS but has is NOT enforcing them, in fact, they are endorsing those that break them.

Firstly, as a concept I love it. Truth Social posts are 500 characters long.Its necessary to expand the attention span of the public as it has been trained to be 140 characters or less and or 7sec. The attention span of people has been reduced on purpose. This allows politicians, corporations, CDC, and many others to get away with anything that requires more attention to understand.

The color scheme is OK. I would have preferred black and white. This way light filters were easier to apply for those with concerns of screentime-induced sight issues.

Interface. Love it. It’s similar to Twitter which was fantastic. Remember Federal Tax Payer dollars were used to develop Twitter. I would expect nothing but the best from America’s finest right? I am confident Truth Social as an application will exceed Twitter. It’s code is aiming to be “light” and trackers and data mining are kept to a minimum from the back-end direct interface. As for the indirect back-end interface, well, we wouldn’t know that’s hasn’t been publically addressed.

Twitter took over 32 months to be ready for public access, Truth Social did that in weeks and is still building it out. It’s pretty incredible.

February 28, 2022 Tore Maras – KAKAO TV a

From a user interface perspective, I am very excited to see what TRUTH SOCIAL will become and I am not bothered by the glitches, slow loads, delayed posts, and or inability to see all interactions with other users I have but it is expected. It’s being built out as we are using it. Having observed Twitter’s actual rollout, Truth Social is doing way better. What Truth Social ha achieved in 3 weeks took Twitter 14 months to do. Twitter did it in secret with employees and contractors providing them feedback every step of the way. Glad you asked: Yes, I was one of those contractors assisting in the process giving feedback to ensure smooth deployment of operations that were intended to be deployed.


We don’t know if there are MOUs in place to store, share or sell (sell not for profit but for exchange by way of accessing information and or other benefits similar to agreements between AGs of states and FBI facial recognition divisions) with US government agencies, private intelligence companies or consumer profiling institutions both foreign and domestic because the fine print does not address this specific issue.

First impressions matter.TS is being built out live with public users, but top accounts should be reflective of what content the platform is intending to promote. It should have had MEDIA, ARTS, ENTERTAINMENT not satirical accounts or sock puppets.

Truth Social profiles
Inside Truth Social: Hands-on with Trump’s social media platform
Truth Social "Trump Search Query
Inside Truth Social: Hands-on with Trump’s social media platform

Who is really running Truth Social’s “influencer” pack. The accounts that are verified don’t even make sense WHY they are verified. A user on Truth Social posed a question to Lincoln Project asset and serial blackmailer (he blackmailed Karl Rove with sexual tapes he recorded of them together) Ali Abdul Razaq Akbar about his reluctance to file a response to a FEDERAL SUIT which he is enjoined in as a defendant with Media Matters for America and Dominion Voting and Congressman Cohen, for defamation. All parties to the case defamed me on a global stage claiming the affidavit about Election Fraud I filed was false, ridiculed me, and some even committed crimes by using crimes committed against me and my children as ammo to do so.

The case is in holding and no depositions can be had until Ali Abdul Razaq Akbar actually responds.

Anyone who asks him any legitimate question is instantly banned or berated and told to seek “Jesus”. Curiously a profile named is verified and as someone who is VERY in tune with all operations deployed in Cyberspace, I have no idea who he/she is or why they are verified, but Ali Alexander has stated that he is part of Truth Social’s team. If this is true it brings into question WHO is advising Devin Nunes.

What are Truth Social’s policies? My lawyers have contacted Truth Social’s legal team with a complaint and information regarding a trademark issue and concerns of violation of their rules.

As shown below, creating accounts to impersonate another user or person or use of username of another user of the Service is key. In addition it clearly sates that any information obtained from the service in order to harass, abuse or harm another person is also against the Terms of Service.

The next segment is sort of personal but I believe by demonstrating -it will clarify any doubt that Ali Abdul Razaq Akbar may shed using his usual bag of lies. Besides Truth Social back end can discover do a fact find in a minute. I tried – but their back end is tight (which is a good thing).

This brings into question the adherence to their own policies that I will demonstrate.

Account created and monitored by “ALI TEAM” – Ali Abdul Razaq Akbar boasted about it on his paid private video talks he hosts convincing people how giving him crypto helps them get closer to God.

The issue I take with this is that Toresays is actually trademarked. My legal team have already reached out to Truth Social’s legal team to advise them of this. It’s been a few weeks and we still have not heard from them. This means that the “testers” of “influencers” created this account. They obviously have a record of device registration and emails to confirm that we will, unfortunately, have to subpoena through the courts.

Trademark of ToreSays

In fact, someone “squatting” a username is also a violation and actually defined per trademark laws yet for some reason, Truth Social is not enforcing their TOS, and as you will see they are possibly not enforcing their Child Exploitation Policies or their Terms of Service.

Furthermore, aside from Trademark violations, the account in itself is a violation of TOS 11 and 13. This account was created to impersonate me and harass me. The same “social media” team member of Truth Social also created another account that is using my actual photo from boot camp and defines me stolen valor. I served my country both uniformed and un-uniformed and was Honorably Discharged how do I steal valor? Ali Alexander served TIME – IN JAIL, I served my country. Ali Abdul Razaq Akbar also took responsibility for that account in a private message to someone.

The concerns that arise are how the decisions are being made at Truth Social and is the advice that is being provided to Devin Nunes done in a manner that is intended to cause harm to the amazing Trump brand? Why would Nunes even think of “hiring” or promoting someone who uses his platform to violate Marsy’s law and victims of crimes while committing acts of defamation while he is currently being sued for just that? It is as if this is happening to cause more harm to Truth Social. For me every time he makes such defamatory statements I see more dollar signs, so I am not posting this to stop him, or request some victim status, I am posting this to demonstrate concerns with actual evidence.

This post can also be a violation of the Truth Socials Child Sexual Exploitation Policy. I believe harassing minor victims fits the exploitation policy but that is up to the legal team of Truth Social.

His statements are in response to the few of my MILLIONS of followers that have made it to the Truth Social platform during their public roll out asking him why he is delaying my deposition phase in a court of law.

Allow me to take the opportunity to remind you that when people tell you who they are – believe them.

I am calling him to the carpet – with the law why isn’t he coming? – Tore


Truth Social from user-interface perspective checks all the boxes. I am excited to use it and enjoy it to be able to follow news, views, and everything in between. From a rollout perspective, I can say they have achieved more in a couple of weeks than Twitter did in over 30 months of private rollout.

From an operational perspective, it feels very pedestrian as the verification process is not clear considering weird accounts that make no sense are verified. Verification is for brands not anonymous “influencers”. The “team” that Akbar claims is in place are dinosaurs. They are trying to recreate what worked 4 years ago. As an amateur cryptographer, I can tell you, tech and computers evolve from day to day do to supply and demand. As one intimate with game theory and information warfare, people evolve during significant events, they aren’t programs you can roll back to when it worked for you. The people of 2022 are different from the people of 2018. They don’t want memes, funny gifs, and digital red string, they want TRUTH, RESULTS, and ACTION. In addition, they LOATHE titles and tiaras this is why they are all running for office.

I am optimistic that TRUTH SOCIAL will be a platform that evolves with the needs of the people, that adheres to free speech policies like those on GAB, and ensures to fill the void of instantaneous news aggregation that twitter’s downfall left.

In a war, the tactics change, evolve, and advance. This is a very long-standing war, a world war, over control for the minds of humankind. The digital battlefield is where this horrific war is taking place and if you fail to realize it, your message and products will be casualties of that war. Why are people trying to replicate or reinvent the wheel?

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  1. Tore, great article. I am a subscriber and enjoy your shows and have learned an incredible amount one the time I have followed. Chin up..I can’t wait to see the little Wormy Tiny Dancer trying to pull his dance routine before a Federal Judge.

  2. I was surprised when Nunes was named to head Truth Social. Thought he was an odd choice and something with him never rang 100% Trump Supporter. Obviously he knows very little about on-line Social Platforms so why was he hired?

  3. Thank you for writing this article! It will make it to the right people and improve the platform! God bless you! Truth is coming hard for Ali.Revenge is mine saith the Lord, and it’s always better than anything we could imagine.

  4. Constructive criticism: You should try to write not how you speak and think, but more towards grammatical correctness. Punctuation is not necessary when talking, but written articles need punctuation. Also, you should proofread your writing before posting for your audience. There are spelling errors and some poor grammar in this one. You (and we) don’t have time to pause all the time just to try to figure out what your saying, or trying to say. Thanks.

  5. Tore, I learned of you abt 3 mos. ago, so you may’ve covered this in the past. If so apologies. Above you mention HAMMER. I hadn’t seen anything abt it in a while. Montgomery gave AUSA Deborah Curtis (also on prosecution team vs. Gen. Flynn), & SAs Barnett & Giardino 47 HDs in xchg for limited immunity. Whatever happened to those, & did they contain what he claimed?
    BTW, Phoebe was hilarious on your way to dinner last weekend.

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