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Spirit of America Is Death To America In Disguise

Tore Says
If someone asked me what is the Spirit of America I would answer PATRIOTISM – PRIDE- THE FLAG or an EAGLE. For the corrupt GENERALS...
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GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel May Be Sabotaging The Trump Campaign And Administration

Tore Says
WHO IS MAX FARAGO ?– AN IC ASSET? TSK TSK. Originally posted on ToreSays on May 9, 2020. The presidential elections are approaching and we...
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Senator Hoeven (R) Does Business Like Biden| 中国洗衣

Tore Says
Firstly, there is no company that I have located called Finger Lakes Company that is related to Joe Biden’s family personal portfolio of companies that...
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BREAKING| Former Microsoft Exec Now ND Governor Rolls Out Chinese Social Credit Score System

Tore Says
During the National Governors Association Convention in February Secretary of State Mike Pompeo addressed the governors and told them that he saw a list China...
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COVER UP| Congress Re-Created A Caucus Created in 2015 Under Schiff’s Direction

Tore Says
The best way to hide your tracks is to legitimize the activities you participated in, supported, and help fund in order to obfuscate the money...
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Former CEO of Clinton Foundation Eric Braverman Wasn’t Missing, He Was In Ukraine

Tore Says
It seems that the emails Wikileaks published weren't what concerned the GLOBAL CABAL, it was the other data and programs/source code that WE have exclusively...