Over the past week many journalists have gone to many lengths to expose a rank and file limp-wristed intelligence boy as the whistleblower. First off, there IS NO WHISTLEBLOWER and they are doing what Adam Schiff devised – painting a target on the fall guy.

The President has made it clear many times. He has said it more than once. The alleged “whistleblower” and the correlation of dots showing just how in bed this young boy is with everything swamp, is no different to 20 other intelligence analysts or State Department workers.


The whistleblower is Adam Schiff. The boy that many journalists have “exposed” as the whistleblower is simply a shift of blame on a guy that is just one cog in the well oiled machine of the swamp. As many claim the “whistleblower” will offer testimony and Schiff is pushing for it to be done on paper only, you have to ask yourself why such secrecy? Could it be that during his testimony they will realize he could not have been the whistleblower due to physical location and discussions he would be referencing?

While many laugh at the thought of #Arkanacide being a real thing, in the intelligence community it is important to understand disposable assets. As a disposable asset you take the blame for anything that goes wrong and hung out to dry. That is what this boy is.


It wouldn’t surprise me if some “deranged” citizen harms this boy or it is purported that some deranged citizen harms this boy – Schiff is probably praying for that.

Who Dunnit?

This young guy who worked under Barack Hussein Obama but so did many other IC workers, Foreign Service Officers that are now STILL working in key positions of the Trump administration.

Mark Stroh (@USPAKPress) | Twitter
Obama NSC, Special Assistant HRC & Podesta

One prime hold over is Mark Stroh who is still at the State Department. He was Ben Rhodes sidekick and actually helped build the TRUMP RUSSIA COLLUSION theory! He was part of Obama’s National Security Council, and a onetime Special Assistant to Hillary Clinton being the lead on discussing “cyber attacks” by Russia and Podesta’s protege. This guy has the same access if not more to the people that allegedly the whistleblower heard talking but he’s never mentioned? He is still working at the State Department.

The primary concern for anyone that actually knows how the Intelligence Community works is the IG of the NSA, Robert Storch. He is the first ever presidentially appointed IG of the NSA and was an Obama pick that President Trump was “advised” by the swamp to nominate. Did they conceal the fact that he was offered a job by former President of the Ukraine Poroshenko a couple of months before Trump RE-nominated him? (He was first nominated by Obama but McCain senate dragged their feet to get him in under Trump).

The “Charlie” Theory

It’s important as journalists to always ensure you have facts. Seeing reports that “Charlie” is his nickname is absurd. Everyone knows that Charlie is Charles K. who worked at the DOJ Counterintelligence with Evanina. Tall, blond, square looking guy that is now a limp writsted rank and file?

Yes the little boy is intelligence but does everyone think that an “interpreter” or cultural acclimation expert (like many others out there) was an integral part of such an elaborate scheme? Do you really think that the deep seated clique of the deep state would drop all their chips on a little boy? No way.

Do you think he wrote the complaint even though the complaint is more likely to be written by veteran complaint and report filer Daniel J. Jones? The one thing this young boy is, is disposable and he is taking the brunt of the rights’ anger and demand for revenge rather than let Schiff pull his own pants down.

The IC (intelligence community) has a specific tried and tested method of mission operations. The task force have the handlers, operators, executors and the exit plan. That boy was the exit plan. The most intricate part of a mission is to ensure that the “fall guy” or exit plan is only known by the superiors and the make sure the “fall guy” thinks he is in the know. Someone like this boy is desperate for approval and attention. It’s incredible clout in the IC to be rolling with people of their caliber. It makes you the equivalent of a varsity player. There are many exit plan guys and gals out there right now who don’t even know they are the exit plan yet. J. Owen Brennan was great at recruiting and “labeling” such people when he lead the CIA.


Why do they want written questions? That is because the boy could blow their the elaborate plan to smithereens with one wrong lunch spot or dentist appointment. The left is the one that shows up to people’s houses, exposes names and information that is private identifying information all the time and that is what makes them horrible. They are so blinded with wanting to “impeach” President Trump that they don’t care how they look. This past week the conservative media is mimicking them, GIVING Schiff the scapegoat to charges of illegal spying and all those involved in it.

Do you think they know what we planned?

It’s been almost three years. Three years of people complaining that nothing is being done. Three years of people thinking nothing is being done yet Sleepy Sessions set the foundations for everything. Remember he recused himself from the Russia investigation not the Ukrainian investigation. Why can’t people just trust that the President is doing just fine and report facts.

Bottomline: There is nothing to WHISTLEBLOW. Read the transcript.

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