When news broke on Monday that Attorney General Barr tapped John Durham I was shocked that it was being reported as fact. I tweeted and mentioned on air that this was not the case and that he’s been in place for a very long time investigating the origin of the Russia investigation by “reverse engineering” the claims and following the leaks. I said it was Whitaker, (and that is true) BUT ultimately it was under former AG Jeff Sessions that this happened, even though Sessions could not be directly involved due to his recusal.

US Attorney John Durham Sr.

Who is John Durham?

Aside from looking like a character from a 1800’s crime novel, John Durham is a no frills guy. The intelligence community fears him as he isn’t into partisan politics and is very black and white when it comes to the law. He’s the most famous prosecutor without basking in the limelight. John H. Durham: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know is a great read to fill you in on some of his history.

The Hartford Courant said of Durham, “beginning in the late 1990s, who is a Republican accepted controversial assignments for successive presidential administrations of both political parties.”

In 2009, The Washington Post described Durham as a prosecutor who has “parachuted into crisis situations for both political parties over three decades.” That year, The Post reported that Durham was a registered Republican but “generally is regarded as apolitical.”

President Trump nominated Durham for CT US Attorney in 2017, and he received bipartisan support even from both of Connecticut’s Democrat Senators including Richard “Da Nang Dick” Blumenthal – who is leading civil suits against President Trump.

We are confident that Durham will continue this record of success in providing strong leadership to the office….John Durham has earned immense respect as a no-nonsense, fierce, and fair prosecutor.

Joint Press Release by Blumenthal and Murphy

If Attorney General Barr didn’t appoint him – who did?

Unfortunately for many great local prosecutors around our nation that are qualified and then some due to their drive to serve their country are seen as not “good enough” to serve in Washington. Whitaker was the prime example of how this notion is NOT so. When Matt Whitaker was appointed as then-AG Sessions Chief of Staff, DC was fuming because he wasn’t DC seasoned, but considered it benign as they didn’t fear or consider his dedication and knowledge enough to withstand the Chinese walls and malicious politics surrounding the Mueller investigation that his boss Sessions was recused from.

They tried to take him down by suggesting that a company he was on the board of from 2014 -2017 pay him a total of $10,000 over 3 years that was deemed to be fraudulent makes him fraudulent. Specifically, James Evans, and FTC lawyer sent his colleagues an email on October 24, 2017 “

“You’re not going to believe this… Matt Whitaker is now chief of staff to the Attorney General. Of the United States.”

This is business as usual for the Democrats, establishment RINOs and Old Guard – give the FAKE NEWS media talking points and in unison they amplify.

What does the Chief of Staff for the Attorney General do?

  • Select and supervise key Department of Justice staff
  • Control access to the Attorney General’s Office and the Attorney General
  • Manage communications and information flow
  • Negotiate with Congress, executive branch agencies, and external intelligence community and federal prosecutors to initiate, implement and terminate investigations that are public and under seal.
  • Recommends and or appoints federal prosecutors to certain cases of interest and or under seal.
  • Is usually the immediate replacement as Acting Attorney General for the Attorney General should he resign, get fired and or unable to complete his duties for any other reason.

When it was announced that Whitaker was Acting Attorney General, the NY Times wasted no time in trying to smear and minimize Matt Whitaker, but the Washington Post takes the cake pushing it from day one of Session’s resignation and illustrating Matt Whitaker as an adviser to con artists. Why so much animosity? The Democrats even asked SCOTUS to remove Whitaker from his position as Acting Attorney General.

They asked SCOTUS to decide if Whitaker can be AAG claiming that DAG Rosenstein should have been appointed due to experience and succession. Why did the Democrats demand Rod Rosenstein be Attorney General? Did they not consider him experienced enough?

Whitaker was very thorough and didn’t appreciate fluff or anything going around him. As Chief of Staff he saw everything and ensured nothing compromised the Mueller investigation. Sessions was not to see, hear or accidentally come across anything. Everything went through Whitaker he was the ultimate gatekeeper and ultimately made a lot of decisions independently. In my opinion, Rosenstein was scared of Whitaker because he was a demanding for cause and justification. He’d always mandate justification or cause to all actions or signatures being put forward by Rosenstein even if that meant going back 14 years in some cases to justify.

DOJ employee

They disliked him for being good at his job according to sources and by good they mean no leaks. He had everything under lock and key. Need to know was imperative for everything even for Rosenstein. His efficiency and effectiveness as Chief of Staff for Sessions and then as Acting Attorney General is apparent. He successfully kept every investigation under seal hidden from roaming eyes in the DOJ and outside agencies and or political figures but also maintaining a stellar wall between Sessions and the Mueller investigation simultaneously. It’s an extraordinary feat that requires a lot of attention to detail and meticulous fail safes in place.

Whitaker Appointed John Durham

James Baker was fired from his position as General Counsel of the FBI in December of 2017 and moved to some other division of the FBI. Whitaker was Chief of Staff and was point on the Mueller investigation as relay. It was there that it was realized that James Baker had signed off on the dossier as credible. Baker has defended the use of the dossier for the FISA warrant applications.

Baker was directly involved in the investigation of the Trump campaign. He also reviewed the FBI’s application for a foreign intelligence surveillance warrant against Carter Page, a former Trump campaign adviser. He was in essence Director Comey’s counsel as the General Counsel of the FBI, and his job was to validate and confirm the information in their FISA warrant application.

During the Mueller investigation many leads were followed but Whitaker was tasked with parsing through details to see what Session could view and what demanded delegation outside of Session’s purview due to his recusal. In order to investigate the alleged Russia Collusion it is obvious that examining origins of the allegations was to be done and this is where Whitaker steps in walking back the investigation from the appointment of Mueller to the manifestation of “evidence” and the dossier.

Baker claims he received the information other than the dossier from Perkins Coie (law firm that represented Hillary Clinton, the DNC, BackPage.com and Obama) attorney
Michael Sussmann but David Corn of Mother Jones had told the media that he gave parts of the dossier to James Baker after the election which contradicts his own testimony since Baker says he received it from Corn before the election.

That’s not the juicy part. When “reverse engineering” this plot, Whitaker discovered that it was possibly Baker who leaked the dossier to Corn since Baker had access to the dossier a couple of months earlier in review and preparation for the FISA court application.

Full Transcript

Here is where prosecutor John Durham comes in. It’s not just about the leaks only. You don’t call John Durham for just leaks. It’s not just about the dossier. It’s about “RUSSIA INVESTIGATION” from start to finish. Aforementioned Perkins Coie was the law firm for Hillary Clinton, the DNC, Backpage.com and Obama simultaneously and Michael Sussman and Robert Bauer were the attorneys representing them.

Full Transcript
Full Transcript
Full Transcript

Leaking is not just about PRESS leaking it’s about disseminating information to people that do not have the clearance and or need to know with the intent to elevate the profile of the information being disseminated. This indeed is a criminal offense on many fronts and evidently James Baker was still under criminal investigation as per his counsel Levine who named the prosecutor in Baker’s case: John Durham on October 3, 2018.

Full Transcript
Full Transcript

What is most exciting is that Da Nang Dick Blumenthal was very upset when he learned that Attorney General Barr “appointed” Durham to investigate origins of the Russia “investigation”.

Looks like Da Nang Dick was worked up and said :

“U.S. attorney Durham is possibly putting his reputation on the line.”

This, before he supposedly gets started? No. He’s realizing this has been going on in his state for over a year and he knew nothing about it. Da Nang Dick is infuriated because the US Attorney of his state, Connecticut, has actually been on the case since late January 2018 and he didn’t know. This means his “people” in his own state didn’t tell him! PANIC ensues in DC with sleepless nights because they are now realizing just how many prosecutors OUTSIDE of DC are investigating them. Our President is builder he’s got great plumbers and their panic shows us just how leaks don’t exist! Investigations are bottle necked and sealed from the eyes of all with interest hence the infatuation to get their hands on Grand Jury information and sealed indictments.

The timeline of the Durham appointment and Baker’s demotion at the FBI are concurrent indicating that the criminal investigation under seal post indictment is what Baker’s attorney Levin was referring to. Coincidentally, in May of 2018 Baker was formally indicted under seal and coincidentally Robert Bauer, a partner at Perkins Coie and the lawyer who PAID Crowdstrike and Fusion GPS was also fired/ resigned. These events happened days apart. Who is Bauer? The former managing partner of Perkins Coie and lead on DNC, Hillary Clinton and Obama accounts at Perkins Coie. Bauer was also Obama’s White House Counsel.

Robert Bauer “Resigns”

It’s about to get VERY interesting and the two camps – Intelligence Community (Clapper/Brennan) and FBI/DOJ (Comey/Lynch/McCabe) – are going to start throwing each other (they already started) under the bus but one specific interest group is still not being discussed. The Executive Branch – Obama and Co. It will be interesting to see what “side” the MSM is going to take? FBI/DOJ, Executive or Intel Community? I guess it’s down to who still has the most “friends” in office that will remain in office until 2020. “A lot of people are going to jail and it’s not who you expect,” diGenova.

You never chop a tree down until you’ve trimmed the branches. You don’t want the branches to nail you when it falls.

Enjoy the show.

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