While the title sounds like a dystopia or a “conspiracy theory” it is reality for the ONLY nation on the planet who’s Constitution still exists (on paper). NONE of the voices in the United States matter. Left, Right, Center – they don’t care – they demonstrated to you how much YOU DO NOT MATTER.

Peter Navarro released a report on the 2020 Presidential Elections that were called by the CORPORATIONS and their selection for President was amplified by the Media Industry. Apparently, the Associate Press is the authority in calling elections not the people.

The Elections in the United States were influenced by Media, Consumer and Tech companies obfuscating evidence, demands for recounts and blatant voter fraud by labeling them as conspiracy theories and “stories”. Video evidence of people with suitcases feeding ballot machines were just “not enough”. Why?

It didn’t matter if you had members of the House or even President Select Biden filling out ballots and counting them on video or watching them in person. Biden was going to be the President and the louder you got the louder they got attacking you, jailing you, firing you and any other way they could force you into submission. Foreign entities FUNDED the “Biden Campaign”. One such entity pumped over $70 Million which came from the one and only George Soros. Foreign funding for your campaign is illegal … BUT not when you have been selected to be President.

Americans have no voice at the ballot box because foreign interests and corporations have taken over. Imagine how difficult it would be for them to sell you shoes and clothes that a five year old that is a slave at a textile camp would be if you knew that? That’s what the media is for. They tell you how to behave, how to think, how to walk and talk but they can do as they please because they have a global network of friends that will keep you distracted and congested with what they want you to know while throttling your ability to access information via cyberspace. “If everyone is saying it … then it must be true”.

Groupthink - Conversion Uplift

Here is what is factual and actual – the report on how your voice was silenced at the ballot box. Many were so insanely obsessed with “hating” President Trump they said “It’s ok as long as Trump is out, but next time we will be careful”.

I didn’t like President Trump and the way he spoke. He kept tweeting and I felt offended. I know they fudged the votes for Biden and that is wrong but that suits me so I am ok with that.


Excusing blatant federal crimes committed because your hate is more important than the law? Isn’t the person watching a crime being committed saying nothing just as guilty? The full report below shows just how FAR from a free and just republic we are.


The 2020 Presidential elections woke citizens of the United States of America up to what is really going on “behind the scenes” . 2021 being dubbed the year of Disappointment couldn’t be farther from the truth.


“Disappoint” finally showed up in the early 16th century. Although the prefix “dis” in “disappoint,” as usual in English, means “not,” the story of “disappoint” is more than just a simple negation of “appoint” in its various senses. The source of “disappoint” was the French “desappointer,” which meant specifically “to undo an appointment; to deprive of an appointment, office or position; to remove from an office” that had been previously granted by official power (“A Monarch … hath power … to appoint or to disappoint the greatest officers,” 1586).


Many expected logic, facts and law to take control of the insane narrative during the election season. Expectations vs. Reality. The people failed to understand it’s the PEOPLE that had to ensure logic, facts and laws were upheld, not some knight in shining armor. Citizens of America forget – they are in power, they have power over you because you allow them to. They serve YOU not the other way around .. while the Constitution still exists.

How long will this regime be allowed to rule? My fellow Americans, that’s up to you.

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  1. Hi Tore

    Hope you are well and safe
    We have a group of friends that would like to be more active in the fight against the Deep State and the Citizens rights.

    Have any way we can contact you for some brainstorming?

    We would like to mobilize somehow and act by our constitution rights while we still have any

    Please let us know your thoughts

    Kelly Dantas

  2. Tore,
    Just a little about myself ,I was raised in Akron and moved to Canada and the rest of my family is in Ohio. So what you say means a lot. They aren’t very active in politics. They think I am strange or full of BS but hopefully they will see now with the changes. They thought they were going to get peace.
    I am putting what you say into my thinking of this government. Maybe not the same but I need to do something. I am studying government here and how it works. Thank you.
    Thank you…… I really appreciate your hard work and dedication. I just want to bless you and your family with abundance of love and joy. You are special. Thank you again.

    Sonya Hass

  3. Our Almighty Creator has won
    Satan is defeated
    The Devil’s Council fallen
    The ‘Illuminati’ fled
    The Deep State uncovered
    Hollywood exposed
    The Plague exhausted
    Media naked
    All secrets revealed
    And yet ‘We The People’ sleep!

  4. Just wanting to say thank you tore for the truth about things that have been and are continuing to take place. You are very much appreciated for what you are teaching myself and everyone who listens. At the moment I am in Texas and I agree with you on crenshaw. My intuition picked him up immediately. Attempting to look at who he is when I can. I am attempting to learn law. Everything from strawman to the BS that has become false law. My cat is hungry so I send you Love and Light. And a big thank you again for the knowledge. Do you have an email list to sign up for?

  5. Tore
    I ran into your podcasts after my attention was drawn to Shadowgate. I told my wife about it and said,”If this is for real then Utube will take it down.” Son of a gun! Down the next day!
    I watched your next show and havent missed one yet. Now ive gone back and listened to your past shows. All day long while working, until your live show casts. That still, small voice inside was ringing the bell of TRUTH. Now it’s an alarm bell. I discern and tell. “To those with ears to hear, let them hear.”, “To those with eyes to see, let them see.”
    I was brought up in the Greek tradition. Baptized as Pablos in the Greek orthodox church in Oakland, Calif. My sister, who you so remind me of, was baptized as Kaliope. I would love to give your short little ass a great big hug.
    Se agapo

    Your Greek brother of the Bournias family from Chios, Ty Douglas (aka onomonolonton) Knoxville, Tn.

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