This will be a series of articles demonstrating to many citizens of the United States of America how being SELECTED as President by corporations, foreign governments, and the consumer industry such as the Main Stream Media has its perks. You are protected and feel that you are immune to accountability for crimes you commit. You get away with 18 U.S. Code § 2243.

Many Americans believe that child sexual abuse is the most disgusting and evil act that a person can engage in. The consensus is that if a crime of child sexual abuse is committed that no matter who you are – you are prosecuted.

What if the victim was the daughter of the former Vice President’s deceased son? What if the victim is now the daughter of the President’s deceased son? What if the perpetrator was the First Son? You would think that there would be a pursuit of justice. Justice to hold ALL those that knew and concealed such abuse accountable. Justice SHOULD be BLIND but it’s not.

There is EVIDENCE that MANY people knew within the First Family and that the perpetrator was the First Son.

This isn’t hearsay. This is very well documented in texts, calls, pictures, amongst other documentation indicating that the MOTHER of the victim knew that the First Son was having sex with her 12-year-old daughter. The President also knew that his son was doing this. All documented.

The messages below show the discussions between Hallie Biden (the late Beau Biden’s wife and mother to then 12/13-year-old Natalie Biden) and Hunter Biden, their psychiatrist, family, friends, and expressing the involvement of law enforcement- that have done NOTHING. In fact, from the messages below it seems like the mother, Hallie is blackmailing the First Son for money? After all, the First Son was involved with his deceased brother’s wife.


The First Son also had a collection of very explicit pictures of the young girl in his phone, the most moderate found on the Looking Glass site HERE. (There are is a trove of explicit child photos that exist that are not published, as it would be considered child porn distribution.)

Where is the law ?

In the United States of America, our judicial system is the most important branch of government. The laws we create as a nation applies to all. The Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of government are not occupied with Gods or Monarchs – they are occupied by people we are supposed to be electing that are also governed by the same laws of the land.

The Biden administration is shamelessly showing the people of the United States that there is a class struggle in the USA. It is demonstrating that they are ABOVE the law and there is NOTHING anyone can do about it. That would be FINE and dandy if the United States was a monarchy or a dictatorship and the Biden administration were the sovereign entities ruling Americans.

Most victims of child sexual abuse are victims of that abuse from their own family members which makes them less likely to tell, report, or even survive the scars it leaves them.

Many in the Main Stream Media (MSM) and other prominent persons were PROMOTING the election of this Criminality Heinous Family. Knowingly and willingly promoting the Biden Crime family. They KNEW about these crimes while campaigning for them – the MSM had Hunter’s laptop, the FBI had the laptop yet NONE of them reported it. Let’s pretend this information was about President Trump or Candidate Sanders or Candidate Pompeo – the laptop in its entirety would have been published, exploited, and painted across every single channel demanding justice for all the minor victims, the money laundering, and crimes against the people of the USA but they didn’t.

President SELECT not ELECT. As George Orwell’s book “Animal Farm” clearly demonstrated: “Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others”. This is something that you would expect in a Kingdom, Dictatorship, or Communist China.

I believe everyone in the USA, no matter where they sit on the political spectrum, can agree that sex with a child under the age of 15 is a crime and those concealing the crime should also be held accountable.

Where is the EXAMPLE? Does his granddaughter being RAPED by his own son not matter?

18 U.S. Code § 2243 Applies to everyone BUT selected officials?

How long will this regime be allowed to rule? My fellow Americans, that’s up to you.

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  1. The Corporation? Yes all government entities are incorporated. Most business and schools. That’s how most contracting works. Yes the federal government is as well a corporation. The Founding Fathers knew the dangers and corporation would be a problem. It’s a real mess and most people haven’t a clue.
    A clue, You’ve been pretty tough on the audience.lately, might be of benefit , discussing the depths of the mind control people have been under.. How they have been betrayed by the education system. Most of these good folks were only doing what they were taught, to be smart enough to do your job, but not smart enough to ask questions. It’s a hard pill to swallow for them. And sometimes hard for us to remember.
    Think deeper on that placebo tests and powers of suggestion, very mind over matter one could possibly say.
    Have a great night.

  2. I could not put the pieces together until this past year. The diabolical way they master manipulate the mind is to me evil genius. I’m a psychiatric nurse. For 10 years I’ve watched the Healthcare system spiral into something very dark.
    I couldn’t figure out why the hospital administratiors would go out of their way. To protect a toxic verbally & physically abusive employee. They will bend over backwards to keep the toxic but will quickly get rid of a nurse that tries to do the right thing. That advocates for her patients. They do that so they can keep the work environment toxic. As long as they keep it toxic they keep coworkers complaining and gossiping about eachother. They keep you divided. It keeps people asleep. You don’t pay attention to who your true enemy is. Which is the corporations. The top tier. The CEO. They are playing such sick psychological games on employees it’s disgusting. Psychopaths are running the major organizations. They deliberately cut nurses staffing. They cut us down to the bare minimum and they do it on purpose. It saves them money but also guarantees that at some point every nurse will feel so overwhelmed by how unsafe they have made the hospital that it forces nurses to find ways to cut corners. Such as we have less time to focus on each individual patient. Or we might forget to put a name bracelet on a patient and the next thing you know your being written up and told how your using unsafe behavior. COMPLETLY DISCOUNTING THAT THE HOSPITAL MADE IT THAT WAY SO THEY CAN HOLD IT OVER A NURSE. SO THEY CAN DEMORALIZE YOU. MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE A BAD NURSE.
    Corporate is enslaving us through the almighty paycheck we need.
    They are trampling all over human rights. The Healthcare system is telling employees they will not even begin to discuss possible ending of masks. They have said all employees will be wearing masks until at least 2024.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences! I have been on the receiving end of it her in the UK with the NHS and its mental health practices or lack thereof. I am writing a film script and including some of my experiences as it was diabolical…

  3. Thank you so much, Tore, for getting the truth out there and educating so many. I know that if the Satanic pedophilia/adrenochrome information comes out the world will unite against ALL these demons. MSM HAS to be taken down. And those working for MSM MUST be held accountable for crimes against humanity. Otherwise, the willfully blind will stay asleep and keep this country and the world hostage to insane evil. It is the willfully blind that I blame for so much of this. They help evil to flourish by never doing any research and only watching Satanic NWO-controlled MSM. They are evil in their laziness. We would have never come to this state if it wasn’t for those people too. We truly are living in Idiocracy.

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