In 2007 Michael Wolff had claimed that he flew on Jefferey Epstein’s jet in the 1990’s claiming that young girls were on the plane. He lied. He was on Espstein’s jet(s) well into the 2000’s with younger girls. Specifically on February 20, 2002. We have details on that.

Scott Adams Brought this FALSE Statement by Michael Wolff to my Attention

Specifically, Wolff was on the Lolita Express on the 20 FEB 2002 flying out of JFK for Monterrey, California along with names shown below some of which were purposely OMITTED and or MISSPELLED on the FLIGHT LOGS.

According to the REDACTED EPSTEIN FILES here is the FLIGHT LOG for that day.

Flight Manifests

On FEB 20, 2002 Epstein Flew from JFK to MRY (Monterey, CA) with the following people: (Many names misspelled and or omitted corrected and noted by italic emphasis)

  • Jeffrey Epstein
  • SK – Sean Koo (appears elsewhere on flight logs)
  • Steven Pinker- the Department of Psychology at Harvard University
  • Nina & Tim Zagat – Zagat Restaurant & Business Reviews
  • Gerry & Kit Laybourne – Founders of Nickelodeon & Oxygen Media
  • David Rockwell-Founder of Rockwell Group; Imagination Playground pro-bono, a play space designed to encourage children to play together
  • Caroline Miller (NY) – Director of the Child Mind Institute
  • Michael Wolff – Unreliable Author; Loser;
  • Daniel C. Dennett- Center for Cognitive StudiesTufts University
  • Richard Dawkins Author ” The God Delusion” and Prof. Oxford University
  • John Brockman- Publisher & Editor Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Edge
  • Katinka Matson -President of Brockman, Inc. and Co-Founder of Edge
  • Cindy Lopez – Minor(F) Mystery Minor posing w/ Clinton in hat
  • Kelly Bovino – The Story Project (Helping Runaways/ Actress /Model)
  • Richard Cook – At the time was Disney Chairman

Looks like all of them dabble with something that involves children, by way of thought processes, academia and Media.

On February 23, 2002 Epstein’s Jet flew out of Monterey, CA (MRY) for Van Nuys, CA (VNY) just outside Los Angeles. According to our source Silicon Valley entertainment was on the menu after they dropped off the Zagats.

The flight logs show that Jefferey Epstein, SK (Sean Koo?) Kelly Bovino, Nina & Tim Zagat along with 6 unnamed passengers were on board. According to our exclusive source who was 14 at the time the 6 unnamed passengers are listed below. Our source said she was waiting for the “guests to arrive” and told us other’s came with a Sony Pictures jet too for the “party”.

  • Cindy Lopez – Minor Female on flight manifests since 1996 Steven
  • Sarah Kellen – Epstein’s assistant
  • Jeff Bezos-Amazon
  • Sergey Brin- Google
  • Steve Riggio-Barnes and Noble
  • Nathan Myhrvold -Former Microsoft Executive

Many names from these logs are missing, misspelled and or never recorded. This was also stated by Alan Dershowitz who claims to have flown with his wife on Epstein sponsored trips that don’t show up in the logs. He is right the travel logs are incomplete or missing but doesn’t mean he was not partaking in services offered by Epstein.

Dershowitz had argued that Virginia Roberts now known as Virginia Giuffre, mistook him for Nathan Myrhvold. The information we accessed alleges some very concerning habits of Myrhvold when it comes to sex and prefers them prepubescent.

Nathan Myrhold former Ex. for Microsoft was a frequenter of Epstein’s perks.

According to Guiffre, she had multiple encounters with Alan Dershowitz according to her sworn affidavit when she was about 15-16 years old. Below is the picture she provided the courts to demonstrate the age she was in NY “living” with Epstein and Maxwell.

According to Affidavit: ” Epstein took me on a ferry boat on one of the trips to New York City and there he took the picture above. I was approximately 15 or 16 years old at the time ”

The unknown girl in the picture with Bill Clinton is none other than Cindy Lopez. She is identified by John Brockman on his own personal blog where we have retrieved all photos he has.

Impeached President Bill Clinton (about 1 month after previous photo)
Cindy Lopez and Sarah Kellen

Who tried to block the unsealing?

Who doesn’t want this open and in the public eye? Royal Family? Yes but this topic is a “Tuesday” for the Royals. They can get away with anything in their countries because they are royalty. Below are the people who have been enjoying the company of Epstein and the “perks” and the have the MOST to lose.

Silicon Valley

Could it be that MacKenzie Bezos was shocked to see who Jeff was hanging with? Maybe found evidence? Could Google have increased their censorship to avoid dissemination of photos of their executives with sex slaves like Kelly Bovino & Eric Schmidt? Incredibly, we were able to find more photos of these young girls online but on underground porn sites. Haley Robson is found on one site that is not XXX too much so click with caution.

Fusion GPS, the left alt media, Silicon Valley, the MSM all tried to tie in President Trump to the dirty, nefarious, evil life style of Epstein and his orbit that included Global Royalty, Chinese Businessmen, Global politicians, filthy Democrats, RINOs Hollywood and Silicon Valley. Can we forget Democrat Rep McCarthy from Montana? McCain? Nadler? No Way! There is more to come from Epstein, he kept notes or did they get lost in the fire? I am sure the slush fund the senate and house use to silence their victims can give us some direction.

New Mexico

Did President Trump ban Epstein? Yes he did. Apparently, the only source being reported is the lawyer of the victim says he heard so from a source – but I found the source. “Ape-****” tell you who the source is.

They did a great job deleting evidence but the back end of the internet is the best place to go – the fringes of the net house EVERYTHING. Including pages that have been deleted, emails, blogs, pictures, notes and videos.

If we look at each an every one of these “friends of Epstein” we see one commonality – They hate President Trump and they are fighting the citizens of the United States with censorship and hinder our access and dissemination of information.

Did I mention Michael Wolff is a liar? He was a frequenter on the Lolita Express and the night he was on it heading to Monterey he was so excited to have dinner with Rupert Murdoch that he “almost couldn’t cum” and was sweating said our anonymous source who provided us a walk through on the three day even Feb 20-23, 2002. Epstein made sure it was special for him. I hope that jogs Wolff’s memory because with the investigation re-opened and facts coming out he may be in for a surprise.

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  1. I believe SK is Sarah Kellen, Epstein’s other “assistant” who has breezed by all of this…..

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