During our investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s financials, specifically who manages it, where it was stashed, and where it was moving to, we met a source that worked at Bear Stearns as an intern in the late 70’s and early 80’s who told us who Jeffrey Epstein really was, why he left, and what happened.

Contrary to popular belief it wasn’t Les Wexner that made Jeffrey Epstein rich, it was Edgar Bronfman. Like Jeffrey Epstein, Edgar Bronfman and many other insanely rich people like the Bushes’ adore trading in commodities. In 1980 Bronfman had sold off Texas Pacific Oil company, had oodles of cash, and was interested in buying Railroads like Union Pacific and Coal/Mining companies. This is where Epstein came in and Bear Stearns happened.

The Bronfman’s and the Agnelli family did a lot of business together in regards to gold acquisition so they sent Tome to insert himself into the Canadian Spirits mogul’s ranks to spy on him. According to Bronfman, Tome met with him at a rodeo in Wyoming and pitched his services.


Giuseppe Tome was a financial adviser to the most prominent family in Italy to follow the Royals of Italy, the Agnelli family. They are the “Henry Ford” of Italy (FIAT motor company founders) with the status of the Bush Dynasty in the USA. Liked by many because they don’t know their REAL history.

Bronfman was alerted by Maxwell’s protege from NY that the Agnelli family was spying on them through Tome and that the bank he was using was owned by the House of Savoy.


In 1942, The House of Savoy in Italy was facing exile. The Italian government was taking steps (as all European nations did at the time) to terminate the Monarchs and exile the Royals if they did not refute their crowns. The House of Savoy petitioned refuge to the United States of America in exchange for information they would provide on which American citizens or U.S. companies supported Hitler with provisions and money. Even though the Savoys provided that information in exchange for refuge, they were denied residential status within the U.S. In the winter of 1944, Italy exiled the House of Savoy and they all relocated to Mexico with a few prominent members taking refuge in other nations. The Kingdom of Italy ended in 1946.

The owners of the bank Tome pitched were, the House of Savoy, who were the ones that cost them their fathers’ fortunes when Seamless Steel Equipment Corporation was seized by the USA in 1942 by President Roosevelt. Incredibly, Prescott Bush (George HW Bush’s father), E. Roland Harriman, two Bush associates, and three Nazi executives owned the bank’s shares.

The American Israelite

Incredibly, Bronfman, the World Jewish Congress president – a loud and prominent figure purporting to support Israel and Jews – was working with Nazis who were being funded by the Bush Dynasty. Though it is now 2019 and we have Jews that are applauding the destruction of Israel, self loathing leftist Jews ergo, nothing is surprising anymore. Two Bushes became president and they were literally working with Nazis and funding Adolf Hitler.

It was at that time that Epstein befriended Tome and using his position at Bear Stearns advised Tome how he could help him make quick money through using offshore companies. Epstein did all the work and Tome took the fall. In short, Epstein set him up at the orders of his friends. It was at that time that Epstein made over $1 MIL from a shell Panamanian offshore company and made Tome and his associates take the fall. After that, even the Agnelli and Bronfmans stopped working together.

In one such trade, the Government accused the defendant of buying $500,000 in stock and options of the St. Joe Minerals Corporation just before Seagram offered a substantial premium over the market price for St. Joe stock. The indictment said that Mr. Tome and his clients made $3 million on the transaction.


Curiously, Epstein admitted to purchasing and trading floated options (he bought them without putting money in, since he sold them before money was needed to settle them) in a deposition as to why he eventually resigned from Bear Stearns, but no charges were ever brought up against Epstein or Bear Stearns. In addition, the statements he had made to the FBI during the Bear Stearns investigation were false, which is a punishable offense based on his deposition in the unrelated case but again – no charges to Epstein. Curiously, this debacle of floating cash for short term options – litigation helped the Reagan/Bush Administration to demand Swiss secrecy laws in banking to be lifted.

Epstein was the go-to for entrapment and blackmail. He was the choice of the rich and famous, our intelligence community and foreign governments. The money he made from the Bear Stearns debacle was used to make him millions of dollars with Steven Hoffenberg – a ponzi scheme that only Hoffenberg went to jail for. In fact, the hundreds of millions Epstein made from the scheme funded his “Hedge Funds” that exist until today.

In the late 90’s, Epstein met Angela Merkel who had close ties with Bronfman and Maxwell, who funded her campaigns. It’s interesting how all “would be” politicians in the U.S. and abroad all had close connections with these horrific human traffickers. Most of the questionable political moves in our history were also facilitated by such individuals. Sara Bronfman, daughter of Edgar Bronfman spearheaded the take down of Gaddafi working for the Obama administration and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Sara Bronfman NGO

Interestingly, after the Benghazi attack on our own people that the Obama Administration allowed to happen, Sara Bronfman’s husband, Basit Igtet, expressed interest to be Prime Minister of Libya.

In fact Clintonite former U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman’s law firm filed FARA paperwork to support Basit Igtet according to the 2013, Politico report citing the reasoning for the filing as :

 “Libyan businessman and activist who was considering running for prime minister in Libya”.

Bronfman and Merkel

Bronfman, the father of NXIVM, buddy/mentor to Epstein and “brother” to Maxwell, all played active roles in child and human trafficking that their children continued.

Thus, it is of no surprise that a man like Edgar Bronfman was awarded the Medal of Freedom by Bill Clinton in 1999, after all, we know the Clintons love children!

Bronfman – Clinton

As our investigation was coming to an end, we determined that most of Epstein’s money (article coming soon) were held at Deutsche Bank and the majority of which were managed by one man. Interestingly, the same scam that got Tome indicted was exactly what Epstein and his partner accomplished a few years ago in our Energy sector and the SEC didn’t make a peep. Furthermore, we realized that the duo Bronfman-Maxwell after their death left two things connecting Epstein, Bronfman’s daughter Clare and Ghislaine Maxwell: Lutheran Social Services/Catholic Relief Services and property on the East Coast of Greenland, granted to them by the monarchs of Denmark.

Princess Louise of Denmark and Epstein had really close ties when it came to building orphanages for unaccompanied refugees in St. Thomas and the US. The Jeffrey Epstein Foundation VI donated a lot of money to Lutheran Social Services ( the organization that is bringing in all the African refugees to the USA including Ilhan Omar) and Catholic Relief Services. Primarily, Epstein funded and promoted their unaccompanied minors program, that he also lobbied for which operates in the following U.S. cities established by the State Department and HHS in 2012:

  • Phoenix, AZ;
  • Southern California;
  • San Jose, CA;
  • Denver, CO;
  • Washington, DC;
  • Miami, FL;
  • Boston/Worcester, MA;
  • Lansing, MI;
  • Grand Rapids, MI;
  • Jackson, MS;
  • Fargo, ND;
  • Rochester, NY;
  • Syracuse, NY;
  • Philadelphia, PA;
  • Dallas/Fort Worth, TX;
  • Houston, TX;
  • Salt Lake City, UT;
  • Richmond, VA;
  • Tacoma, WA;
  • Seattle, WA.

Taking a closer look at the Senators of states that ushered these programs into their states, it seems that they also have STRONG ties to Epstein and commodities trading – especially in oil and gas.

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