On September 11, 2001, a horrific act occurred on U.S. soil in the capital of the “world”. The day began as normal. People at work, getting to work or already at work. We saw our rights to privacy go up in a plume of smoke, collapsing our rights as U.S. citizens, that were forfeited without a second thought in the name of freedom, into the hands of Robert Mueller who was then the FBI Director.

While many people love to hate Rudy Giuliani, they can’t deny that his knowledge, judgement, and skills were put to the ultimate test with such a tragic, horrific event. One that he handled like a champion. Many of us remember where we were, who we were talking to, and what we were doing when the unforgettable event occurred. As a native New Yorker myself, this event in my backyard taught me that the feeling of terror, or in essence, the act of terrorizing another is the strongest weapon against any man or woman.

Almost 20 years after the event, Giuliani’s critics still complain that he didn’t deal with caustic chemicals in NYC after the Twin Towers collapsed, which to date, have been found to be the cause of at least 10,000 people being diagnosed with cancer directly linked to the 9/11 attacks.

His critics seem to forget that there is no handbook on how to handle the aftermath of such a catastrophic event in such a densely populated city. What is the clean up like? How does he comfort the citizens of New York City? How does he ensure power, water, and access to food and shelter is available to millions upon millions of U.S. citizens while millions of tourists, foreign nationals and dignitaries also reside there? When I saw Giuliani on television they were criticizing him less than a week after the event for reopening Wall Street “so soon”. I immediately thought that he would never be given the credit he deserves for the outstanding job he did.

Let’s get something straight, the oversight and duty to preserve the largest crime scene in U.S. history was the responsibility of Robert Mueller not mayor Giuliani due to jurisdiction. Giuliani’s authority was ZERO. His access to information was on a “need to know” basis and the “who, what, when and where” information was provided to Giuliani by the feds in a sanitized form. The mayor oversees New York City, where the attacks happened, but when national security is involved WHO takes hold of the jurisdiction? I am sure many people have seen enough crime shows on TV to know the FBI, CIA, and National Security Division of the DOJ took control of the scene and dictated all clean up, investigations, and presided over every single thing the FDNY, NYPD, and the mayor’s office did. In fact, what Giuliani KNOWS and doesn’t repeat about 9/11 was offered up to him by the honorable federal agents and workers that “still had a conscience”.

Imagine trying to fix a situation you have only a specified amount of information about, limited abilities to interact with, and decisions made without your input.

Mueller lead the investigation, crime scene canvassing, and preservation of evidence, as well as charging all those involved in 9/11, NOT Giuliani. The NYC mayor’s jurisdiction was fo’show only.

Considering the scale of the catastrophic aftermath, Giuliani’s job was to make sure his constituents (the constituents that worked), lived and resided in his city were taken care of, comforted, and most of all provided some sense of normalcy after such an event.


It was only a few days before the historic attack in New York City that Robert Mueller was appointed FBI Director. He took over the FBI on September 4, 2001. I remember thinking, why did he get the job? He has a horrific, slimy, under the table, dodgy, and nefarious history in law enforcement. Former President Bush Jr. (Bush 43), wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed and NAIVE. The attack of 9/11 should’ve been his wake up call, but instead it was Ashcroft getting sick, and Comey and Mueller teaming up to get him to understand that he was simply a prop – a couple of years later.

The appointment of Mueller was an indicator that the corruption witnessed during the Bush 41 and Crooked Clinton years was going to perpetuate and more likely amplify. This notion was rubber stamped when Mueller NEVER actually had an OATH of OFFICE ceremony. He never did. His oath of office swearing in was the equivalent of eloping. His wife, along with maybe 5 other people. No cameras, no press, no ceremony. Eloping into the slot of FBI Director. My thoughts on September 4, 2001…Why such a hurry? It’s not like he knew that exactly ONE week from his appointment 9/11 would happen. Right?

Did you know that between Tuesday, September 4, 2001, and Friday, September 7, 2001, Mueller shuffled, hired, fired and appointed the whole Counter Terrorism squad ONLY? Just pointing out some really important facts no one else is. One of those re-shuffles happened to be a college buddy of mine who knew that O’Neill’s resignation had something to do with it. His resignation letter and concerns were never presented to Congress. Why would the expert on all things Osama bin Laden RESIGN because Mueller was going to be appointed?

Mueller, who issued tens of thousands of subpoenas and interviewed thousands of people, spent over $30 Million in federal taxpayer dollars (to determine after two years that there was no Russia collusion in 2019), was able to close the investigation into 9/11 in three weeks, and at a fraction of the cost?

Three weeks is all it took WITHOUT the technology we have today for Mueller to collect, analyze, and examine the largest crime scene the world has ever seen? Right now, sitting in some sheriff’s office anywhere in America, is a box with evidence from a fire that took lives of people that was never solved. A paper trail of the evidence collected is well documented and in an evidence catalog. There is NO catalog for 9/11 evidence. No catalog that says “843 toilet bowls were recovered (since those don’t really burn), 500 filing cabinets etc.”.

What I didn’t know for years was what was going on behind the scenes was that evidence was being destroyed when it was shipped off. By their own admission, the NIST investigation of Tower 7 had no physical evidence. How do you investigate a crime when you’ve destroyed all the evidence? It doesn’t make sense.

Erik Lawyer, founder of Firefighters for 9/11 Truth

You would think an investigator like Mueller, who was so meticulous in “investigating” the Russia Hoax, would do better. Mueller left no grain of sand unturned, no person in the farthest orbits of the Trump Administration was left un-subpoenaed, all private communications, bank records and even health records of anyone who might have waived “Hello” to the president was left alone — all in the name of justice. The same Mueller who was responsible for the largest crime scene on the planet didn’t put the same effort into the 9/11 investigation as he did in the Russia Hoax Collusion investigation! He didn’t retain, analyze or catalog evidence instead he destroyed it.

The only “evidence” he had was a passport that flew out of one of the hijackers’ pocket or bag during the explosion and floated due to aerodynamics across the sky and landed a few blocks from ground zero, where a man in a suit handed it over to detective. It’s incredible how these terrorist and Saudi passports (like the one Jeffrey Epstein had issued to him), are explosion proof. Around the world at many terror attacks their passports survive fiery and explosive situations all the time.

Found at Ground Zero
ID of HiJacker PA 9/11
European bomber passport
US passport at Al-Qaeda camp

There are no extensive catalogs of evidence, no fire residue examination to show the scientific community what “ideal” circumstances occurred, justifying how burning jet fuel melted steel or airplane black boxes. Burning jet fuel melting steel is an incredible occurrence that defies the laws of physics and chemistry known to man that can’t be recreated in any lab and would have been a great scientific discovery IF Mueller had put in the same effort in the 9/11 investigation as he did for the Russia Hoax.

The recent report issued by the New York Post claiming Mueller helped cover up Saudi involvement is nothing compared to the ACTUAL facts. Three weeks, millions upon millions of tons of rubble, soot, debris and dead people, and he closed the case without cataloging evidence, explosive residue, or items found. In fact, Mueller committed CRIMES such as selling evidence of 9/11 to the Chinese. Tons of reclaimed steel that was hauled away from Ground Zero was sold to Chinese firm Baosteel at discount prices. That is a crime.

In 2003 the medical examiner of New York City, Charles Hirsch testified that crime scene evidence was disposed in large quantities at the Fresh Kills landfill, where the steel that was sold to the Chinese was sorted. In fact, human remains from the Twin Towers were among the debris and steel in the landfill according to the report by the New York Times.

Mueller closed the case on 9/11 within three weeks and the U.S. declared war on Afghanistan (even though we first attacked Afghanistan in 1998 with 60 missiles on August 20, 1998). He destroyed evidence, committed crimes, had absolutely no respect for the remains of the victims, lied, obstructed Congress’ probe into 9/11 and assisted in COVERING up for possible foreign governments being involved in this attack, YET the LEFT trusts him and considers him honorable?

The reason 9/11 is still an open wound for many is because we DON’T have answers even today, 18 years later. Mueller obstructed, destroyed, manufactured and obfuscated evidence in the 9/11 investigation what makes you think he didn’t do the same for the Russia Hoax investigation?


We will NEVER forget that Radical Islamic Terrorism was to blame. It wasn’t just “some people doing some things” like Hijra Rep. Ilhan Omar claims. We will NEVER forget that the biggest crime, the biggest act of WAR against the American people, had little to almost NO care taken to secure, analyze, catalog, and evaluate the crime scene to give the victims and all Americans SOLID answers to WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY this happened in the first place. It’s almost as if Mueller didn’t care to investigate 9/11 and bring the people justice as much as when he was “investigating” the Russia Hoax to appease the swamp!

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  1. No other person has ever been scrutinized like President Trump, if truly they were even looking while they were covering their tail. I wonder what Arvender Sembia however you spell his or her name was doing in that investigation. Scrubbing everything she could? Darn near everyone of us has a blemish to be found in our past, but not Trump. Amazing. Those souls lost on that fateful day haunt me. I had a hard time seeing POTUS commemorate the day. I just can’t live a lie.

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