Show Me Your Papers Get A Donut Is Something The Nazi’s May Have Said

Psychological Operations are weapons. This is a fact. This is why when Whistleblower Qui Tams were filed in 2012 in Illinois, it was clear.

This case vindicates and protects the interests of consumers throughout the nation by ensuring that they remain free from undue influence by large retail chains when making decisions about which pharmacies to entrust their own individual health care.

André Birotte Jr, U.S. Attorney for Central District of California. 

A few years back, Pharmacies and Retailers had joined together to offer pre-paid credit cards or gift cards if people moved their prescriptions to a certain pharmacy or received a flu shot. In 2012, Walgreens paid a settlement for a case brought against them by whistleblowers that were pharmacists.

Has the Department of Justice Commercial Litigation Branch and Civil Division decided to IGNORE the influence BIG RETAIL CORPORATIONS have on consumers in influencing their health?


Will anyone hold them accountable? We have sent the complaints to the Department of Justice, reminding them of this case and others that slipped under the radar, but it’s been 6 (six) weeks and no response.

How are CORPORATE RETAIL giants influencing people’s health? By rewarding them for getting a VACCINE that is EXPERIMENTAL. Basically, Krispy Kreme is offering guinea pigs a donut for their participation in this global experiment.

At the time of publishing this article, no vaccine is FDA approved and but has been allowed to be TESTED on Humans under the EAU (Emergency Authorization Act); therefore, NO BUSINESS can mandate it – nor can it be mandated by ANY ENTITY on any US CITIZEN.

Department of Justice: DO YOUR JOB

Totally not about ideology. (insert eye roll emoji here)

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  1. In Ohio, keeping a database on one’s person, is violation of ORC 3705,2901.10 [Effective 4/12/2021] Restraint or confinment of a woman who is a charged or convicted criminal offender.F.(1)(2)(3).2921.45 [Effective 4/12/2021] Interfering with civil rights. Ohio Constitution, Article 1, BILL OR RIGHTS, ARTICLE, Section:1,2,3,4,6,7,8,20,21.

  2. Good day Tore
    No donut needed. A 20 year friend willingly took the Jab yesterday. I suppose his Doctor recommended it. Links, conversations, all the evidence, all he had to do was look.
    I can’t help to feel I’ve failed. A wise man told me that if a student fails, “it is as much or more the teachers fault than the students”. I suppose in his mind I had no standing, in comparison to his doctor, the MSM, or his 20 something daughter. Ever knowing how they’ve painted the Truth tellers black, still I feel like I failed him. Sigh, failure now as a teacher is deadly for the students, a very hard pill to swallow. Maybe you could elaborate more on the how waking up people is now a life or death situation. It really is!

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