We are congested with “exceptional” self-proclaimed investigative journalists with resources, massive followings that have created a BRAND they will guard at any cost. That includes TRUTH and FREEDOM. Investigative journalists will complain, report complaints, and write or report reactively to issues but haven’t really exposed the CORRUPTION of January 6, 2021. The information is out there. They just CHOSE not to use or report on it. It’s almost like the bystander who watches a granny get beaten and is recording it but not doing anything.

Through a series of FACTS reports that we will be publishing, most of the BAD ACTORS that participated in the INSURRECTION are NOT “TRUMP SUPPORTERS.” In fact, they are TIED back to the DNC, AFL-CIO, prominent Anti-Trump Officials, federal employees that hated President Trump Agency, and FOREIGN intelligence assets.

For over 24 months, we infiltrated ANTIFA and RADICAL LEFT groups. We infiltrated every group, including one with FEDERAL EMPLOYEES planning the election theft and the insurrection. While we shared all the information to both left and right-wing media and those claiming to be “independent” and “Investigative journalists,” – NO ONE COVERED IT. We also ensured the FBI and DHS had all the information. In fact, we PERSONALLY provided the information to Chris Miller.

No one in the media covered the Insurrection plans we caught on video. No one covered the ACTUAL AFL-CIO playbook we had – NO ONE COVERED Shadowgate. All the tools they used to put President Select in office – we had in the Spring of 2020. Apparently, unless you are a whistleblower, the MSM embraces and makes movies about or changes sex while in jail – you are scrutinized and dismissed. No matter how valid and important your information is, it’s silenced. Why? Ask your fellow independent journalists who will lie to your face and say they didn’t know. Feel free to email us, and we will show you texts and emails proving otherwise.

Here is where whistleblowers, smart people, and patriots who want change do. They do the work. Using resources PUBLICALLY available and that the FBI has had unfettered access to months, we determined two things.


You should ask your trusted sources (NON-MSM) why they didn’t report that the LEFT had an ACTUAL PLAYBOOK outlining all the actions we would take for election fraud. They even predicted the states in the Spring and what we would be doing! Your media didn’t report it. Your great heroes dismissed it and realized we had it all from the beginning with the article by Time : The Secret Bipartisan Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election | Time. Oops. I guess they trusted the “independent media” way too much. Some of which were making smoothies and are now experts at “decoding” news and making memes.

Wray lied.

Wray lied because, like ALL MSM and “investigative journalists,” he had all this information before it was made public. This information was made PUBLIC before the elections, and no one looked. They looked – they chose to do nothing. 

FBI Director Wray: ‘We Have Not To Date Seen Any Evidence’ Of Antifa Connection To Capitol Riot – YouTube

REALLY? Since 2019 the FBI has received VIDEO and other materials of ANTIFA / BLM/ UN/ SUNRISE MOVEMENT organizations organizing to steal the ELECTION. They were distracting everyone with burning things down in their Air-Jordans and latest iPhones that reek oppression they were stealthily ORGANIZING.

If the SENATE or CONGRESS cared about learning the TRUTH, they would ask US for all the evidence we have been collecting for OVER 24 months.

“Maybe Wray was telling the truth, and he didn’t know?” LOL

If that is the case… what’s this? Hello Nathan Park (he/they/loser)
Didn’t the FBI arrest him, Mr. Wray?

One of the ZOOM CALLS of SUNRISE MOVEMENT/ BLM/ ANTIFA who was arrested.

A series of WRAY LIED will be posted showcasing another ANTIFA/BLM/Sunrise Movement/Agency-FBI Asset destroying the fake narrative other than the LOW HANGING fruit called John Sullivan.

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  1. I recently said, we need to get rid of the media and Hollysmut or nothing will change. Right now they are blocking the light and regardless of who is in office truth will not come out. Many are now aware how evil MSM is and what trash entertainers and sports champions spew. Only after we destroy the current media do we have a chance to bring back the values we once shared and cherished. The most grievous evil must be exposed now or all is just a futile exercise. Yes God will help but He also expects more to carry the load as you, Bergy and Millie along with others have done. God bless and stay safe.

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