I have been working on one of the BIGGEST stories in INFLUENCE OPERATIONS by the DNC that is financially backed by BIG TECH. I have been following the trail that Eric Schmidt left in the UKRAINE back in 2015 when he funded CROWDSTRIKE with $100 MIL dollars a familiar face emerged.

In 2014, I was in a pickle. I was pressed to deliver intelligence I knew was wrong. Well, intelligence that was right to the wrong people. Which is a story I should tell CONGRESS one day if they want to hold the Obama administration responsible. What I can say is that a woman, whose name remained elusive unknown to me, was constantly behind the collation of data and information to remove General Flynn. I know her name now, let me share with you what you need to know.

She was literally running a non-official off the books operation on removing General Flynn in 2013. Why? Because Barack Hussein Obama’s payments to Iran and ISIS funding was leaking into the public sphere and they knew General Flynn knew about it and was NOT on board. Let that sink in. An operation on an INCREDIBLE ACTIVE DUTY GENERAL fighting the very people his nation was funding. Pure Insanity.

Incredibly, she was also the one that was running point for the COIN operation on General Flynn in and the incoming and EXISTING Trump Administration too. She was in KEY positions and allegedly communicating via Etsy, Ebay (Facebook, Pintrest etc) among other sites with messaging capabilities with other OBAMA – Fourth Unelected Branch officials. Curiously, she had a meeting with General Hayden and General Jones in January 2020 where she was advised that she had to resign or would be fired by Richard Grenell the incoming ACTING ODNI.

Her education is impressive and her lineage typical DC thoroughbred reminiscent of the usual “Game of Thrones” attributes. Her “professional” picture resonates a “special” person with benign qualities. She is anything BUT benign- remember she orchestrated General Flynn’s FORCED retirement.

People Operations: Chief of PSYOPS

Allegedly, her text conversations with PETER STRZOK and other Mueller team members between 2015 -2018 are extensive. Incredibly she worked during the Trump Administration in KEY intelligence positions giving herself cover and access to non-attribution communications making her as stealthy as they come. This isn’t surprising considering the IG of the NSA is Obama plant Robert Storch.

She was responsible for HIRING and MANAGING the talent pool of the ODNI under the Trump Administration and strategically moved into that “CAREER” position as part of the UNPUBLISHED – ACTUAL Presidential “transition team” agenda of Barack Hussein Obama. In the intelligence community there is an ACTUAL and PERCIEVED version of all actions.

Prior to her position as “TALENT MANAGEMENT” at the ODNI which evolved into TALENT DEVELOPMENT MANAGER in November 2018 when promoted by Dan Coats, she was Obama’s WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) briefer.

She assisted Brennan and Clapper to force General Flynn out and point out the assets that were “inefficient to the Administration’s goal”. Her ousting honest and good IC elements was why she was promoted to Chief of Staff of WMD at the ODNI. Again, she was one of many responsible for gathering, collating and presenting the information to force General Flynn out. She loathed General Flynn and still does as if she is allergic to patriotism. #FarmProduct

Where is ERIN now?


She is working at CIVIS. An ERIC SCHMIDT backed, BIG TECH influence operations powerhouse. The BIDEN campaign and EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRAT that suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome and refuses to relinquish power to the people have hired CIVIS.

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It seems that Richard Grenell’s presence had many “Erins” leave the ODNI and the Intelligence Community in general but that is NOT enough. The harm these “careers” have caused to our nation is IMMENSE and considered TREASON. She should NOT be working for BIG TECH PSY-OP company – she should be in Leavenworth paying her dues to the American people she has caused harm to.

I hope her CLEARANCES were all REVOKED and STRIPPED to the CORE on her EXIT.

Bigger fish to fry? In my humble opinion, NO. We need to get the phalanx disabled to take out the Bigger FISH.

How many more “Erin Turnmeyers” are still out there? MANY. We need to get rid of all of these “CAREERS” that know best and completely overhaul our contract management. That definitely includes the Department of Justice.

These “smaller fish” have pushed out ALL PRESIDENT TRUMP appointees in the State Department. I believe that NIXING all use of Clearforce products (goes by many other names too-owned by General Jones and General Hayden) would be a BIG first step. The Pentagon’s announcement two days ago is a step in the right direction but underwhelming. We need to ensure that there are fail safes in place so this NEVER happens again.

She Hates Our Nation


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  1. Wow…we are on the same trail. I mean, I was going over the timeline for Spygate and something was nagging at me about it. Painting Trump as a Russian asset never made sense…he’s a capitalist. Then pinning down the question: When did all of this start? I kept going back to the timeline and it keep going back to late 2015, then mid 2015, then back to Flynn. Flynn had pissed off many in the bureaucracy….lots of jobs and power would be affected if he ever got that audit done. Know what else? He would have uncovered that fact that FBI contractors were pinging the NSA db for info as Adm Rogers found out in March 2016. We know now that goes back to 2012 per Judge Collyers FISC report. So much here….congrats!

  2. Nice job! You certainly help put puzzle pieces together for alot of people.I hope those who are “listening” on the daily take you up on your offers to “Clean house” via “SCIF” information. Keep up the GREAT work & stay safe.

  3. Amazing article, Tore. Love your info. Hopefully, Trump/Flynn are reading your articles, seeing your videos. I have a feeling they are. Thank you for the amazing work you do to expose the dark forces so we can move into a kinder, safer world. So many need to be held accountable for their nefarious deeds. It is LONG overdue. This world will not heal from this darkness without mass arrests/executions. The time is NOW.

  4. 64yrs old, three-time Cancer survivor, writing you with much appreciation
    FOR ALL your work. You represent, ALL HUMANITY.
    Dark to light. I have been blocked from seeing any new content on YTUBE.
    Limited, physically and visually.
    Be safe, peace and Love from an ole bird. I watch YTUBE on Large screen
    To see you well. Again ty, Millie, Gavin.
    Salute. WWG1WGA

  5. logic pony says there was a plane over bengaziand had permission to drop for a breif time before said permission was recinded by the xo of a boat in the north arabian sea …..commander was releived at sea the next day or so…..seals dont turn on the laser and paint a target unless piliot has drop orders….. obama unavailibel for coment at that time i bet

  6. Should we really vote early?
    Here are the facts of what happened in 2016:
    -They swore, promised, and joked that Trump would never be President. How could they be so sure? I’ve never heard such talk before, have you? Makes you wonder..
    Here are the facts:
    -Elections can be rigged. But if one takes a real political dog with 30% of the vote and gives them 51%, it will show.
    -Then we had a professional psychologist, a Democrat who watches for subtle mind and opinion manipulation methods tell us Facebook and Google could have swayed 16m+ votes (1/4 to 1/2 of the total for any candidate). And his young wife is killed in a car accident.. some claim due to a google robot car? If that’s even true I can’t say. But timing isn’t nothing.
    -Then there is time. It takes time to gauge how many votes one would need to steal an election. It takes time to plan, organize, and implement the logistics of ten million or more votes stolen.
    -Also, it’s the economy stupid. People vote for results.

    What if such people could know exactly how many votes they needed to discard and/or manufacture beforehand? What if there were some way to fix all of the above at once? To make them vote early.. so there would be time to avoid another surprise? Now what could allow us to swallow that?

    All terrible if it robs you of your vote.. but a “conspiracy”.. if it helps your vote, your political identity, (your political ego).. win.


    I do wonder.

    But how exactly?

    Elections, outside of a small percentage of mail ins, happen in one day. What could possibly take care of both things at once.. with an added test of control, to gauge exactly how well decades of subtle serfdom training has taken.

    It’s how I would do it.. if I were to use what G-d gave me for evil/slavery and not love/liberty.

    So what some seem to be saying is my liberty is killing others via an invisible mechanism. That those who took care of their health, didn’t use chemical cleaners, hair sprays, aluminum based deodorants, weeded, instead of pesticides, stopped drinking, smoking, consuming refined sugars, sodas.. we who kept our bodies a temple and didn’t get lifestyle dependent versions of obesity, or heaven forbid, diabetes, it is we are killing you?

    Patient.. educate, and heal, thyself.

    Oh, and the drugs. From the socially acceptable ones which compress the adenosine dependent brain in its own skull.. to the one that came by the pound to our schools, a derivative of meth.. to the one that came free with a switch from welfare to disability under Bill Clinton.. when? Why just after all those manufacturing factory jobs went to the worst regime in the world, of course.. dummy. Where else would they go but to the place that sells the organs of it’s political prisoners? Duh! Hello! Now what’s with this huge opioid epidemic? I just can’t figure it out. Maybe everyone was feeling nostalgic about the opium dens of the Eastern historical record? Such fun.

    It’s exactly how an evil genius, or the devil, or Lucifer would do it.

    We saw such anger, fear, gnashing of teeth in 2016. Horrifying predictions of gays being imprisoned by Pence. I saw the safety pins. An Underground Railroad.. sans passengers. More and larger wars by Trump. I called it and even my most liberal friends had to give me props on the diagnosis of political Münchausen’s syndrome.

    All fear, all the time, because fear facilitates subtle mind control. Look it up. Two months in total is all that’s required.

    Zika, Ebola, Killer bees, a Trump dictatorship, loss of your liberties, and then the actual loss of that and more with a virus they admit was made here.. until the NIH said it might not be such a good idea. So we give $3 million to that same evil regime in the east to continue the weaponization very old bars and we all have seen before. And how are you that’s such a regime would close the roads and trains from Wuhan to the rest of their country.. but allow planes to spread it all over the world? Hmm. It could actually be an accident, but seeing the video of unmasked men being captured with giant butterfly nets.. had me wondering if it was all or partly theatrical “fear porn”. Forged numbers, bribing near bankrupted hospitals with $13/39k for each diagnosis and death deemed corona 19. (13 and 19.. numbers we know well in some circles.. the second one of which represents karmic debt.) Would you put the sick with a disease.. among the people most likely to die from that disease? Would you threaten those institutions with total ruin and it’s administrators with prison sentences. No. No you wouldn’t. Especially as hospital ships and tents out in the healing sunlight sit empty.

    It’s almost as if someone is saying:
    “You are being punished for ‘wrong vote’.”
    Saying, in effect:
    “See how easily we can take away your: freedom of assembly.. commerce, your economic freedom itself, your jobs, how quickly we can lower the value of your real estate, and any equity built up? And most of all.. divide you and make you self regulate, or better yet, shame others. To which this is the best response to what a fit young blonde, over caffeinated and over sure if herself, with a pole up her butt, told me recently as I realized I forgot my thin, leaky, paper, dirty mask in the car.

    “JEEEZE! just put on the damn fucking mask already!!”

    Wouldn’t this be the proper retort?
    “But of course, Ms. Braun. Now..
    will you be holding the oven open, or locking the cattle car doors..
    in the next purge? Of “losers””

    I’m sure even back then, there were many good, decent, upstanding citizens of high intellect who in response to the NAtional Zocialist workers parti, said:

    “Be safe. “
    “We are in this together.”
    “Don’t make trouble..
    just do what’s best for the group(think).”
    “Governments or leaders would never have malice or dream of murdering what.. 150million of their own citizens. That’s some crazy conspiracy.”
    “In fact.. you.. you on the other side..
    you who want small government.. you who dare to always ask for personal responsibility over external mandate..
    “you are the people history warned us about!!!!” As made famous in that viral video of a Miss Piggy look-alike screaming four inches from her now definitely busted camera.

    My teachers told me. My big government loving, government selected, government paid, unelected, and unfirable.. teachers told me so!


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