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Spirit of America Is Death To America In Disguise

If someone asked me what is the Spirit of America I would answer PATRIOTISM – PRIDE- THE FLAG or an EAGLE. For the corrupt GENERALS and ADMIRALS (like Admiral Harris in Korea) Spirit of America means DEATH to AMERICA as we know it.

President Trump Has Awakened The American Spirit Once ...
The REAL Spirit of America

Shadowgate | Introduction released on August 14, 2020 was banned across the planet on all social media platforms. The documentary showcased a FEW of the SHELL companies that make Trillions of dollars annually with your federal tax dollars. Not only that, they USED and are still USING YOUR MONEY to overthrow a duly elected President.

TRAITOR is General James Jones – a name that the RIGHT and LEFT media REFUSE to point out. He is the KINGPIN of this coup. Recently, the media and MIC personas pretending to support the President are all throwing low hanging fruit – General McChrystal to blame for the deployment of shadownet. In essence, they are sacrificing him and posturing him as some insane genius who is using a weapon with the DNC to attack our information highway. It is a LIE.

The Democrats, McChrystal and all these leftist organizations are TOO STUPID to use a weapon like this. Shadowgate actually showcased McChrystal as part of the MIC TOP BRASS “crew” with his remedial decoy DISINFO campaign as the straggler he is. Journalists, pundits and self proclaimed patriots who have influence because of numbers should be ashamed of themselves for smothering information that is so vital to our nation, instead they spin conspiracy theories or suffocate the true weapon against any enemy – KNOWLEDGE.

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In the above related article from 2018 I demonstrated the relationship he had with Hayden, Jones and McChrystal. When General Mattis left the adminstration he went worked for General Jones’ “CALL OF DUTY” contract with China. That project evolved from Tencent, to Centricus , to Triller and now trying to get their hands on TIK TOK. Personally, I watched ALL the traitors chat during the games plotting to take down the President. After all, we used those chats in OCONUS – I am a prolific gamer.

There has been continuous reporting on how ROBERT STORCH the IG of the NSA is an OBAMA ADMINISTRATION PLANT. Obviously, no one in the MSM or “influencers” will examine the factual contents or comment on it which indicates that they are complicit with the situation.

Robert Storch, his wife, Bill Taylor and George Kent CREATED NABU in 2009 and it is very alarming that all four of them were involved with the IMPEACHMENT scam in different capacities- spying on Americans from Ukraine, providing access to our NSA stream of collections and even testifying. The aforementioned, helped with COIN and putting together THE LIST which includes private citizens, former and current Trump appointees, journalists and FORMER and CURRENT private contractors- all targets to be destroyed if they refuse to be employed by them.

The perceived bad actors of the FAKE WHISTLEBLOWER UKRAINE STORY that was a WIRE TAP are not the ACTUAL proponents.

The “ring leaders” of the IMPEACHMENT scam are TOP FORMER BRASS of our military and they used an NGO to launder the money, info and assets to orchestrate it.

Top FORMER and CURRENT top BRASS of our military used a Non-Profit ironically coined “Spirit of America” via the Ukraine to orchestrate the failed impeachment of President Donald J. Trump. I dare ANYONE to challenge that. #FACTS

Spirit of America offers another kind of power too: America’s power of inspiration. To strengthen our security, we must bring more people to our side. To do that, we must speak to their aspirations. With Spirit of America’s assistance, our troops can demonstrate that friendship with the United States is the best path to a free and better life.

General James Jones
It’s not PATRIOTISM – It’s just POLITICS
Board of Directors

The screenshots speak for themselves but as in every operation we have decoys, plants and boots on the ground. General Mattis took their unamerican “spirit of America” into the White House to execute it from within while they worked the peripheries from Ukraine. Governors, staffers, an Iranian florist in the White House (still there), Kroeger etc.

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This is TREASON and UCMJ 88 should be applied and enforced to the retired and active military personnel that comprise the Fourth Unelected Branch of Government that use our nation and other nations’ backyards as their playground.

They planned the impeachment, they planned the testimony, “whistleblowing” and used shadownet to attack and silence anyone interfering with their operation. They have installed people in all major networks, agencies and outlets and even the White House.

The failed IMPEACHMENT was a FAILED Military Operation because nothing is more dangerous than a patriotic American fighting for their nation.

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AbsolutelyNotOffensive September 12, 2020 at 4:10 am

Spirit of America–who doesn’t want to help in the “war effort” and support our troops? Did you notice the round table that President Trump held onJuly 2nd was called the “Spirit of America” business showcase. Was that a troll?!

Bedingabird September 12, 2020 at 5:39 pm

So? So much to comprehend in one reading, most of which was too small of print). Where do we go from here? Whom do we trust? Traitors to the right of us. Traitors to the left. God only knows!

Helene Shaw September 13, 2020 at 2:05 am

Tore, I’m a Patreon Supporter and I just want to say God bless you!

You will see… I am as loyal as you are… but don’t lie to me.

Once trust is broken…

Kudos on outing Infowars… so glad you’ve moved on!

NEVER trusted him.#CanadiansforTrump

Tmerks September 13, 2020 at 4:42 am

Tore-am I wrong to think that the entire concept of SpiritofAmerica is ridiculous and unnecessary? Just another taxpayer scam. To think that our government needs an outside NGO to support our troops with items such as: blankets, soccer balls, swords, frisbees, etc. is laughable. Surely if the CO thought the ideas were worthwhile he/she should have had the power to make it happen. We’re not talking millions of dollars. Something doesn’t add up.


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