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Saturday, June 12, 2021
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Twitter Committed A Crime By Fabricating Evidence For Impeachment Trial

Today the second attempt to impeach President Trump officially began. The Democrats began narrating and trying to convince the Senate that President Trump was...

Spirit of America Is Death To America In Disguise

If someone asked me what is the Spirit of America I would answer PATRIOTISM - PRIDE- THE FLAG or an EAGLE. For the...

COVER UP| Congress Re-Created A Caucus Created in 2015 Under Schiff’s Direction

The best way to hide your tracks is to legitimize the activities you participated in, supported, and help fund in order to obfuscate the money you have made while doing so. This was the strategy that Hillary Clinton used with Uranium One. She used her dealings and activities in an official and quasi-official manner with Westinghouse to obfuscate her Uranium One sale and profit.

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