Today the second attempt to impeach President Trump officially began. The Democrats began narrating and trying to convince the Senate that President Trump was responsible for the storm on Capitol Hill. They didn’t just showcase video, schematics, audio, and pictures – they took it another step further. It is a shameless demonstration of power hungry treasonous democrats conspiring with Twitter to impeach a “former” duly elected President.


An impeachment trial is a judicial process. People take oaths when testifying and evidence is presented. False statement are considered a crime and therefore FABRICATED EVIDENCE is a crime in itself!

According to 25 CFR § 11.440 – Tampering with or fabricating physical evidence:

§ 11.440 Tampering with or fabricating physical evidence.

A person commits a misdemeanor if, believing that an official proceeding or investigation is pending or about to be instituted, he or she:

(a) Alters, destroys, conceals, or removes any record, document or thing with purpose to impair its verity or availability in such proceeding or investigation; or

(b) Makes, presents or uses any record, document or thing knowing it to be false and with the purpose to mislead a public servant who is or may be engaged in such proceeding or investigation.

Time Magazine published an article that had the CONFESSION of many CORPORATIONS, POLITICAL LOBBYISTS, LABOR UNIONS AND POLITICIANS to acts of treason that they claimed were to “FORTIFY” elections.

They admitted to election meddling and conducting a nationwide and globally assisted operation to ensure that their candidate was SELECTED by any means necessary.

Twitter, is one of those companies. They began to implement the shadow plan by deploying a version of the shadownet to execute their end of the operation by banning and silencing all conservative talking points and voices on their platform citing any new rule or guideline that suited them. When the election results were announced by the Associated Press (AP) who is NOT a legal authority in anything they began banning and silencing anyone contesting the claims – EVEN a sitting President.

Now, in an OFFICIAL SENATE TRIAL, Twitter provided FABRICATED EVIDENCE to the treasonous and relentless Democrats that want to ensure President Trump never holds an office again.

The House Impeachment managers presented this fabricated graphic as evidence :


The problem is the graphic is FABRICATED. The tweets they presented authored by Jennifer Lawrence were ALTERED by Twitter themselves. A brave staffer, who wishes to remain anonymous, says that the tweets presented as evidence, as any evidence produced from any social media platform, come from their dedicated liaisons. And yes, these tweets came straight from a Twitter appointed liaison.

Jennifer’s account was never verified by Twitter. And yet here it is presented as if it was. The Graphic, presented as if it was a screenshot,
was fabricated.

Why would Twitter provide tweets of an UNVERIFIED ACCOUNT as a VERIFIED ACCOUNT? Why such a brazen and provable falsity? Are they that untouchable? It is a crime to provide FABRICATED EVIDENCE into any trial.

Jennifer Lawrence made the following statement on the blog page “A Tyrant’s Curse” :

The media is calling for me to testify in the impeachment trial including the Washington Post and IJR. Based on what I’ve seen about the legitimacy of this ridiculous “trial” but I don’t expect that to happen. The Senate doesn’t want the truth to get in the way of their divisive story.

Lawrence advised us that she is waiting for Twitter to provide her tweet archive that is proprietary to her.

Millions of Americans were unable to secure their proprietary and private communications when Twitter committed another crime- COMMUNICATION THEFT– during their massive conservative and “trump supporter” purge. None of them have been able to obtain their Twitter archives. Is Twitter above the law?

Facts are facts. Fabricated evidence is a crime. Twitter just committed a crime against the nation and the House Impeachment Managers knowingly and willingly presented it.

Evidently, Big Tech, Main Stream Media (MSM) Giants and Global Corporations will stop at nothing to ensure their SELECTION is President. I believe that this sham impeachment once again demonstrates how UNFIT the Biden Administration is and an ANNULMENT of the 2020 election is necessary.

The Constitution does not specifically provide for annulment of an unconstitutional presidency. But read as a whole, the Constitution leads to the logical conclusion that annulment is the appropriate remedy for one.

Robert Reich

Weaponizing Congress, increasing healthcare costs and critical pharmaceutical costs, increasing citizen debt, and putting our national security at risk by allowing China access to our power grids and opening up the flood gates to illegal migrants without testing them for COVID during a pandemic are collectively a SOLID indicator that the BIDEN-HARRIS ADMINISTRATION is DANGEROUS for our nation and therefore a solid case for annulment is present. That might be the largest class-action lawsuit in history when it is filed.

Normally I would appeal to the REPUBLICAN Senate should move to cease this clown show on OUR dime for presenting altered videos, fabricated evidence and false narratives – but I won’t. The clown show is about to get good starring several RINOs. Popcorn anyone?

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  1. Hi Tore, good article and very thorough albeit short, it gets to the point of the matter, of which our representatives—perhaps some may realize this—have an awful case of selective amnesia regarding our rights and the President’s due process. Tech tyranny was settled long ago in Marsh v. Alabama, we thought it established free speech no matter how private the venue proved or how removed it seemed from the public domain. Then again, as stated, they suffer from the Proverbial Hoffman triple As: Amnesia, Apoplexy, and Apathy.
    This Perestroika deception plays in the hands of both capitalists and lefties because the concerted effort has been evident with betrayals from so called republicans and others who claimed or paraded free speech as their platform for office and/or for the public consumption. Let’s not get swayed by them, each must be revealed, as you said, with their pants down even if the public sentiment is aghast or hurt by the revelations. The attack is a slithering one, a snake in sheep’s clothing because the snake is more cunning and able to adapt in all circumstances it is confronted with. This deception is subtle yet very conspicuous, they read out their lies and half-truths counting on the Public’s amnesia. Now more than ever, we need to shut tv off, no more Hollywood ever, as it perpetuates the seething deception in subliminal messages and repetitive twilight language. TV casts spells and only when one is hooked to the spells, one is forever trapped in the materialism of this deception. No more game of thrones, no more American Gods, nothing! People don’t need to be patronized but taught how to read, to critically think, maybe instead of showing people quantum mechanics (which is fine not an issue) play videos on critical thinking, illogical fallacy, and analysis because quite frankly they are not all there—surfing ToreSays telegram proves that. Having said that, when people think for themselves, we can get to the bottom of the Perestroika Deception, only then will the emperor have no clothes. I’ll leave this here with a quote from Louis Marschalko, in “The World Conquers,”
    “…are split up or separated while Europe is divided by the Iron Curtain. Populations are split up and divided into white and coloured persons, capitalists and Bolsheviks, employers and employees, moneyed classes and working classes, Catholics and Protestants, suppressors and suppressed, victors and vanquished. But, as we will see later, all this cbaos, disorder and division is directed by the same iron will, by the same secret force acting according to the interest of the leaders of a single race of 15 million people. They are to be found behind the well-padded doors of world capitalism as well as behind the thick. walls of the Kremlin. It is they who instigate enraged crowds to strike and demonstrate while at the same time giving wage rises and promoting inflation. They attack Christianity while acting simultaneously as trustees of the gold and other assets reprcsenting tbe earthly power of the churches “whose kingdom is not of this world.” They are the atom scientists and the anti-atom humanists; they are the masters and the murderers of the Communist secret police, yet at the same time they condemn the murders of the nalions in UNO. They are the arch-enemy of patriotic ideals; they preach against the sovereignty of states and against racial discrimination, while all the time representing a racial nationalism of a vehemence so far unknown to have ever reigned over the nations of the Earth.” (Marschalko 10).
    God bless and thanks for your hard work.

  2. It had to be this way? Why? A multi generational psychological operation that began long before any of the current population was born. Likely going back as far as the before time. The implications of your statement is that we are serving karmic consequences of past incarnations. Inner standing that from the time of ones incarnation, the mind control and indoctrination began. I can only wonder how many lifetimes I’ve fought this battle, how many lifetimes the ignorance, the inability to discern how the program was so wrong. For me, this incarnation has been excruciatingly emotionally painful, as the programming failed to install. The souls of all who have suffered in this reign of evil haunt me. Why can’t they see? What makes you believe they will see now? How long Tore, has your eye been open? Do they haunt you as well? Can you imagine our Creator watching, seeing this play out? Why is pain and suffering the only way that makes people see. Will they ever grow up?

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