The Fourth Unelected Branch of Government makes up over 75% of the personnel that actually conduct activities perceived as on behalf of the government. The corruption runs deep. This article will focus on a very “unknown” person who the media claimed “retired” after making remarks about the F-35 program and Turkey.

Firstly, 99.99% of all media : print, radio, television and digital is all interest driven. I will tell you WHY TRACHTENBERG actually got “FIRED” and how Esper became YESPER and why he needs to exit too. Who is Trachtenberg? He’s a somebody people in Defense, CIA and Private Contracting know quite well but the world doesn’t. #Shadowgovernment

When news broke on July 19, 2019 that he was leaving everyone took it and stated how it’s “Trump’s Fault”.

There is a staggering number of senior-level civilian vacancies throughout the department. I’m concerned that the Defense Department is adrift in a way I’ve not seen in my whole time on Capitol Hill.

Senate Armed Services Committee ranking member Jack Reed (D-R.I.)

Defense News reported :

David Trachtenberg, the deputy undersecretary of defense for policy, is retiring, Pentagon spokesperson Lt. Col. Carla Gleason confirmed to Defense News. Today will be his last day in the building. A replacement will be named at a “later time,” Gleason said.

The Hill didn’t attempt to justify his sudden departure they simply added to the TDS by reporting:

The Pentagon’s No. 2 policy official will resign on Friday, adding to a list of vacancies in the building’s top leadership roles.

Defense News tried to find a reason and highlighted a comment career MIC (Military Industrial Complex) honcho made on the Wednesday prior to his departure to infer his RETIREMENT was not voluntary.

On Wednesday, Trachtenberg appeared before media to make the case that booting Turkey from the F-35 program is not a sign that the NATO alliance is collapsing.

Two names to keep an eye on as potential names to serve in Trachtenberg’s role, at least until an official nominee is named, are Katie Wheelbarger and Randall Schriver.

Firstly, Trachtenberg deserves to be stripped of retirement and put on trial for RICO. If AG Barr won’t do it then the President needs to tap someone that will.

On the day he “RETIRED” money had CLEARED in the form of a $7 MIL DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE contract? Severance Pay?

Remember how RHODE ISLAND Democrat spoke of his departure? Turns out the “severance pay” looks like a subcontract to a RHODE ISLAND based SHELL MIC company called TEXTRON. That’s another can of worms in itself from Epstein, to planes (private ones) and targeting PLANE GUIDANCE SYSTEMS remotely. They did a lot of work for Brennan and the 118th Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Group.

David Trachtenberg has a bunch of shell companies that feed into other shell companies that all share contracts with MIC LEONIE. In fact he has MULTI-MILLION dollar contracts with the Department of Defense (as do others) while they are WORKING as PUBLIC SERVANTS.

In fact when LEONIE got caught EXECUTING orders for the PENTAGON to target USA Today writer Tom Vanden Brook and editor Ray Locker back in 2012 and Trachtenberg did LEONIE’S “PR”.

When the reporters contacted the owners of Leonie Industries, a Pentagon funded psyop contractor made mysterious websites pop up, some of them claiming that Vanden Brook and Locker worked for the Taliban among other things.

What were Vanden Brook and Locker exposing? It wasn’t just the fact that they had uncovered a psyop contractor that was given federal dollars regardless of the back taxes California based Leonie Industries Owners, Camille Chidiac and Rema Dupont owed. No one knows except for GSG (my former employer), David Trachtenberg and Leonie.

What was it that David Trachtenberg did at the Pentagon at that time?

First off, it wasn’t until early 2019 that Trachtenberg had the OFFICIAL title but since his appointment at the Department of Defense he has been in charge of investigating CIVILIAN CASUALTIES of war. Do you know how many civilians working for the USA and simply existing in their homes in Afghanistan died because of actions LEONIE did in Afghanistan? How many soldiers died?

It wasn’t about the tax debt – it was about the MURDERS or reckless actions and Trachtenberg while at the Pentagon helped cover for Chidiac. How? He created a quick shell company that was around maybe for ONE DAY and put out PR statements for LEONIE.

It’s important for people to know that CHIDIAC also goes by CHIDIEC so that way your name doesn’t end up in database inquiries. ALIAS’ or cover for SHADOW GOVT assets?

Regardless, TRACHTENBERG is a TRAITOR and was signing $7 MIL PENTAGON contracts for his companies while he was still EMPLOYED at the PENTAGON because he knew he was on his way out!


[Y] Esper has some explaining to do.

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