Leftist organizations that investigative journalist Millie Weaver has been exposing for a year now has received exclusive documents and footage. She has just released exclusive “blueprints” of their plan to counter President Trump’s nomination for SCOTUS leaked by high ranking INFILTRATORS in their movement.

The extreme leftists believe that the SCOTUS pick is theirs and not for all Americans. They want the President to not exercise his Presidential duties and fill the seat because they are convinced that they will steal the elections.

This is not just ANTIFA but a joint effort by all groups that have been rioting and aggressively protesting across the nation such as BLM, Sunrise Movement, Global Governance and others.

According to their documents and the blueprint here, they will be flooding social media and the streets with agitators and messages such as :

  • Protect our democracy and our communities. No confirmation before inauguration.
  • We’re less than 30 days out from the election. Honor democracy and RBG. Let the people decide who will be the nominee. 
  • It’s time for the Senate to pass economic relief, not ram through a Supreme Court nominee. 
  • #RuthBaderGinsburg leaves a legacy on the Supreme Court that is etched into the fabric of our democracy. We must fight to protect it by ensuring that there’s no confirmation before the inauguration .
  • Health care for people with preexisting conditions is on the line. Right now there is a case at the Supreme Court that may end the entire Affordable Care Act, which would kick millions off their insurance in the middle of a pandemic. If he is able to pick another justice that could put health care at risk for all of us.
  • One more conservative justice on the Supreme Court would lock in a conservative supermajority for decades to come. Everything — including abortion rights, gun violence prevention, LGBTQ+ rights, economic justice, and voting rights — would be at risk. Progressives are ready to rally and fight back to protect our rights and our democracy. 
  • Senate leadership should be focused on addressing the COVID-19 crisis, not fast-tracking a Supreme Court nominee. No confirmation until inauguration — period. #LetThePeopleDecide
  • If Trump confirms a replacement for #RBG, there’s no telling what damage they could do to reproductive freedom or healthcare access. To protect our rights, we need to make sure there’s no confirmation until after the inauguration.

They are promoting RIOTING at federal courthouses to stop the nomination of President Trump’s SCOTUS pic. The leaders of the groups all have specific names that representing multiple states all have GOOGLE accounts that begin with Anonymous and a class of Animal.

They are planning to cause mass destruction in our nation once again. We should all keep an eye out for U-Haul trucks, stacks of bricks, coach buses dropping off agitators and weapon stashes. #Animals

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  1. Tore – I am increasingly worried that POTUS has allowed his top administrators a free rein on staffing pro Obama & Clinton government employees? Here we are 30 days from elections and it is obvious that not one single dept. has been properly fumigated of known DEEP STATE operatives! This strategy is highly risky and may cost him the election followed by endless legal battles after Dems take over the White House again? With all due respect he was warned when taking office to clear the decks? Instead he listened to Obama holdovers and sympathizers that these “Career” official would never do anything to undermine our security? Could he possibly that naïve? if so I fear he has lost re-election….

  2. NO, you’re wrong. He’s been extremely busy cleaning house and heads the PENTAGON PEDOPHILE TASK FORCE…tens of thousands children globally. GITMO IS NOT EMPTY. Covid sure is helping with distraction from the happenings.

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