In January of 2016 a plane filled of LAUNDERED unmarked bills was flown to IRAN. The cash is rumored to have been washed and loaded by Congressman Jamie (25th Amendment) Raskin’s wife. Curiously, a couple of weeks later, Justice Antonin Scalia died under CURIOUS circumstances. Notably, you don’t need a Medical Degree to know that Justice Bader Ginsburg was on her way out with her extensive battles with various forms of aggressive cancer. Two SCOTUS positions were at a minimum up for grabs. To the average citizen it looks like “life occurrences” in the heavy weight arena of politics these positions have been used as BARGAINING CHIPS. There is an EMAIL for that.

The Late Justice Antonin Scalia

Reported by People and according to the Presidio County Sheriff s Office incident report obtained by The Post, Poindexter told the sheriff that he and Scalia “had supper and talked for a while” on the eve of his death, before the judge “said that he was tired and was going to his room for the night.” When Scalia wasn’t at breakfast the following morning, Poindexter said he went looking for the justice and found him dead in his bed.

President Trump’s pick to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Amy Coney Barrett  to replace the late Justice Ginsburg had said this about the death of Justice Antonin Scalia.

If Barack Hussein Obama had the Presidential right to appoint a justice to the Supreme Court like Amy Coney Barrett said … why didn’t he?


As noted by Amy Coney Barrett in the video above, the appointment of a Justice on the Supreme Court is extremely politicized but nevertheless a duty executed by a sitting President. The fact that Barack Hussein Obama did NOT nominate anyone gives MERIT to the claim that SCOTUS position was used for leverage among other things.

It was reported by Newsweek that after the Observer published an article containing additional details about the encounter, citing an anonymous “security source” who had been present, the FBI and Justice Department moved from damage control to discussions about identifying the source and punishing that person, the emails show. 

Why would the FBI and Justice Department (that was then overseen by Loretta Lynch) email each other with the goal of PUNISHING the source leaking the MEETING? Punitive actions against journalists? Sounds like totalitarianism to me.

Real Clear Politics reported: According to the way the airport tarmac meeting is described by those trying to downplay the get-together, Lynch and Clinton somehow crossed paths coming to and from Phoenix on their private planes. Typical was a “person familiar with the meeting” who tried to explain it to the press like this: “The former president, who was departing the airport on a private jet, noticed Lynch’s plane had arrived and decided to go over and say hello.” The suggestion was that it was a chance meeting.

We NOW know that it was anything BUT chance. Bill Clinton WAITED in his car for Loretta Lynch to land. FBI and Secret Service were removed and former #NameThatPriceAGLynch testified that their conversations were not about GOLD and Grandkids. The AG’s plane is a mobile SCIF – ergo the NSA has all that chatter on the plane on tape. #TAPEGATE

Christopher Sign is the author of the book, “Secret on the Tarmac,” in which he revealed details about the not so coincidental meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch. Both of them met for 37 minutes (an awful long time to talk about grand kids and golf).

Fox News reported that Sign said that Lynch in December of 2018 testified before the House Oversight Committee.

She mentioned that Bill Clinton flattered her, talked about Eric Holder, talked about how things were going at Justice, talked about her job performance, not this golf-grandkids, Brexit.

Christopher Sign on Loretta Lynch testimony

The SCOTUS position that the curiously timely death of the late Justice Antonin Scalia was not filled by Barack Hussein Obama because it was being used as LEVERAGE. Leverage that was used to make the “email probe” go away and keep Eric Holder on task. Holder was tasked to help INFLUENCE, PERPETUATE and PROMOTE all strategies Hillary Clinton and Obama’s “continuity of government” making use of the the PRIVATE NATIONAL & GLOBAL clients such as the MIC (Military Industrial Complex) conglomerates via his law firm Covington & Burling.

They NEVER thought she would LOSE.

Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder were allegedly promised SCOTUS positions. They were supposed to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia and the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. A source tells us there are EMAILS within Covington and Burling servers discussing Holder’s anticipation of appointment and there are MANY correspondences – that are considered MISSING. #NATSEC

Those that follow this WEBSITE and listen to the Tore Says Show knew that in February.

In Hillary’s missing emails will we find the QUID PRO QUO about the two spots on SCOTUS?

“We will appoint Loretta if she comes through for Scalia’s post you will get Ruth’s seat. Make sure we have everything in place. It’s our game to lose” is an alleged email message from Hillary Clinton to Eric Holder. #SUBPOENACOV

That email is allegedly still alive on a back up of Covington Burling LLPs servers that are monitored and backed up by Pakistani (allegedly ISI connected) nationals in the basement of Tower one. #NSADOYOURJOB #NATSEC

We caught them all.

President Donald J. Trump


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  3. What about Merrick Garland? Didn’t Obama nominate him for SCOTUS and McConnell refused to bring it to the senate floor?

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