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Monthly Archives: October, 2020

Outgoing Obama Administration DID NOT Appoint New SCOTUS -Here is Why

... a back up of Covington Burling LLPs servers that are monitored and backed up by Pakistani (allegedly ISI connected) nationals in the basement of Tower one.

EXCLUSIVE: Obama Shadow Plant Ousted From ODNI- Who Is She And Why Isn’t She At Leavenworth For Treason?

The harm these "careers" have caused to our nation is IMMENSE and considered TREASON. She should NOT be working for BIG TECH PSY-OP company - she should be in Leavenworth paying her dues to the American people she has caused harm to.

Biden Campaign Using GOOGLE BACKED Company For Influence Operations

Demagogues have been using INFLUENCE operations for a very long time to persuade their subjects and the demi-educated populous. They thump popular prejudices...

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