Demagogues have been using INFLUENCE operations for a very long time to persuade their subjects and the demi-educated populous. They thump popular prejudices and then campaign on empty promises and fake claims to gain and or retain their power.


Between December 2009 and August 2010 more than 575,000 Americans DIED from the SWINE FLU – H1N1. The WHO organization declared it a pandemic in August of 2010. Notably it was at that time that the Supreme Court of the United States was hearing a case of VACCINE injury thus the TIMING of the H1N1 flu is curious. The media and the Obama Administration claimed that due to the lack of flu shots being taken by Americans was the reasoning behind the deaths.

In 2016 when Hillary Clinton was running for President she had tasked Eric Schmidt of Google who’s on the BOARD of a BIG TECH Influence Operations Company called CIVIS to start canvassing, training and finding effective methods, messages and avenues to convince the masses to take a FLU vaccine.


The 2017-18 flu season was the worst in many years. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimated roughly 80,000 Americans died as a result of the flu last season, well above any other season’s total in the last 40 years. In addition, the vaccination rate among adults was down to only 37.1%, the lowest in at least seven years, and well below the CDC’s goal of 70%.

We set up a randomized controlled trial using our on-demand Creative Focus tool to determine what types of messages may be most effective in persuading people to get a flu shot.


Influence Operations are the bread and butter of DEMAGOGUES. They thump false narratives and convince you they are real and offer promises of solutions they never deliver on because the false problems they thumped never existed in the first place. #Magic

Creative Focus is an easy to use online message testing tool that helps organizations deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. Our testing solution focuses on causation to show how persuasive your ads are amongst your most important audiences.


Civis leadership are all LONG TERM DNC officials, Union Executives, DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency)


Civis, is not only working with all these riot organizers that promote domestic terrorism but among other LEADING anti-Trump organizations they are working with the BIDEN CAMPAIGN. This ERIC SCHMIDT group (he funded it) seems to be on the books with almost EVERY SINGLE top Democrat and Climate Change, Anti-Fracking groups.

The VP of “PEOPLE OPERATIONS” needed an article all to herself here : EXCLUSIVE: Obama Shadow Plant Ousted From ODNI- Who Is She And Why Isn’t She At Leavenworth For Treason?

Here is a taster of how OTHERS are all former Obama for America, DNC, Council of Foreign Relations and you guessed it UNION employees. Remember UNION DOLLARS are actually DNC Dollars. Amalgamated Bank is the DNC piggy bank.


How can the people of America vote for a ticket that is spending MILLIONS on terrorizing the public with riots, censoring opposing views and is LITERALLY paying to HIJACK your REALITY? If this was a movie you would be screaming at the characters to run the other way – why isn’t the MSM (Main Stream Media) doing that? Isn’t it their job to inform you?

UNLESS….. They are also part of this Influence Operations machine that Barack HUSSEIN Obama wrote into law in the NDAA 2017 before reluctantly relinquishing control of the nation to THE PEOPLE.

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