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Former Inspector General (IG) of the State Department Steven Linick was fired by President Trump last week after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made such a recommendation. It was well overdue because LINICK, among other damaging information, leaks, and treasonous communications, he had concealed Hillary Clinton’s EMAILS and more on his private OIG network.

Why did Mike Pompeo decide to fire IG Linick? The House Democrats are claiming that Linick was reportedly conducting TWO investigations involving Secretary Pompeo. How did they know is the key to this report.

The investigations that CNN claims involving Secretary Pompeo are:

  • The $8 Billion in arms sold to Saudi Arabia and the UAE
  • Determining if an INTERN was running errands like walking a dog for Secretary Pompeo

Senator Bob Menendez has been infatuated with the State Department and any Trump administration appointee assigned to it. He was very “concerned” that Steven Linick “made it this long” and now is being fired.

Linick’s dismissal was way OVERDUE. He has appointed CAREER State Department attorneys to assist the DEMOCRATS in the impeachment proceedings, hand selected “whistleblowers” and even went as far to COVER for Yovanovitch and her unmasking requests. How do we know this? It’s all on the Inspector General of the State Department’s separate NETWORK. The one Menendez advocated for in order to get funding to create.

  • House Democrats announced a new bill to protect inspectors general from political retribution in response to President Donald Trump’s “relentless attacks” against government watchdogs.
  • The bill from Democrats on the House Oversight Committee came a week after Trump fired State Department Inspector General Steve Linick on a recommendation from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.
  • Linick was reportedly conducting at least two investigations involving Pompeo when he was removed last Friday night.

It’s important to note that no one understands why Secretary Pompeo would ever in his right mind nominate Catherine Marie Phee to be our face and voice in Afghanistan. Sources suggest that this sudden push for failed HORRIFIC “Molly” Phee may have something to do with the leak and the push to fire Linick. Why would anyone put Phee in charge of Afghanistan … on purpose? It’s like sending a heroin addict to a poppy field – a disaster waiting to happen. This is a developing story but still relevant with this report, hence the mention.

Secret server – Secret e-mails

In 2015, just days after Hillary Clinton announced her bid for president, Inspector General of the State Department Steven Linick presented himself to the SUBCOMMITTEE to REQUEST MONEY in order to create a separate network for his office.

According to his testimony OIG Network Vulnerabilities:

Vulnerabilities in the Department’s unclassified network directly affect OIG’s IT infrastructure, which is part of the same network. We noted in our November 2013 Management Alert on information security that there are thousands of administrators who have access to the Department’s computer network. That access runs freely throughout OIG’s IT infrastructure and
increases risk to OIG operations. For example, a large number of Department administrators have the ability to read, modify, or delete any information on OIG’s network including sensitive investigative information and email traffic, without OIG’s knowledge. OIG has no evidence that administrators have compromised OIG’s network. At the same time, had OIG’s network been compromised, we likely would not know. The fact that the contents of our unclassified network may be easily accessed and potentially compromised places our independence at unnecessary risk and does not reflect best practices within the IG community. OIG seeks to transition to an independently managed information system, which will require the department’s cooperation nd support from Congress.

In November of 2013 a lot of leaks were coming out of the State Department regarding BENGHAZI and Linick with the help of then-Secretary of State John Kerry trying to sequester and “cord off” access to cables and communications. Hence, with the upcoming presidential elections, Linick kicked into high gear to ENSURE secrecy and terminate access from ALL persons outside of his office, and that was done by creating this “secret network”. This is evidence Linick basically covered for Hillary Clinton and stalled releasing her emails until after his private network was up and running, which was completed in the first quarter of 2016. The delays in Hillary’s emails being released were due to this private network the FBI NEVER investigated.

Linick was questioned by Secretary Purdue and made strong arguments for his need to have a SEPARATE network demonstrating the delay from the Bureau of Diplomatic Security. Why would you NOT want them to have access would have been MY QUESTION, but no one asked that!

Full Transcript

Sources say that numerous emails, documents, and information are stored on this network that demonstrate how Linick, Sullivan, and Mark Stroh were assisting with LEAKS, SABOTAGE, and intentional appointments to “counter” this administration.

We were told that THIS network has ALL the requests for unmasking by ambassadors and requests for surveillance of American citizens. It was through this NETWORK that Ambassador John Tefft received the green light to UNMASK General Flynn – that is how I knew back in 2018, as I reported that he was an UNMASKER in the article “RussiaGate: Part 3 Unmasking Methods & POC”. In fact, that article CLEARLY points to the INTERMEDIARY used for communication: FAMILY. Communications between family and in this case, father and daughter that don’t work the same desk, are not usually monitored. Though communications between IG and State Department employees are. This is because Linick’s network was separate to that of the State Department. In the case of Tefft, his daughter is allegedly the intermediary when it came to matters of unmasking, and discussions about a Russian national that was spying within the American embassy.

According to sources, this network houses “suggestions” and communications by former Obama administration officials and even Barack Hussein Obama himself to IG Linick during the period of 2017 and 2018 as they traveled around the globe at the heels of President Trump. Specifically, there are communications from Brennan that were seen flying through Brennan’s private network that discussed foreign policy concerns Obama had about Iran after John Kerry’s meeting with Iranian officials.

In addition, Linick’s private network has emails and documents pertaining to IMPEACHMENT. Apparently, the International Office (IO) had a lot of recommendations for “whistleblowers” – which is more than enough to raise flags, but communications FROM the House Intelligence Committee and Linick discussing LEGAL AID from the State Department is KEY. The question is: Why are State Department in-house attorneys all over the impeachment documentation?

The Deep State Department is the core and the nerve center of communications between the U.S. and the Globalist interests that seek to destroy our nation. Open Society, Atlantic Council, and thousands of NGOs engaging in atrocious activities and crimes against humanity are being funded by the State Department through the biggest laundromat the USA has: USAID

The State Department has not been able to balance the USAID “checkbook” with Treasury in over 15 years!

The key to ending all the leaks, finding all the culprits, determining all the MSM contacts that Leaking Linick has been providing information to is on that SERVER.

It’s on that server that you will find communications between the OIG of the State Department office with ADAM ENTOUS dating back to January 2017. Specifically, communications between the department and Entous discussing Jeff Sessions speaking in passing to Kisslyak. In turn, Entous communicated with Al Franken via TEXT during Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing to ask the QUESTION that forced Sessions to recuse himself: “Have you spoken to any Russians?” Which Sessions denied and that very testimony was used against him, forcing him to recuse himself. It was a fix.

The most important bits of information are the fact that Hillary Clinton’s emails may be alive and well on this network. The network was requested on April 21, 2015 by IG Linick and work began almost instantly. He delayed and stalled the release of her emails as the network was being created. Interestingly enough, some of the same IT companies that the DNC used for their “server-imaging” were used in the creation of this network.

Guess what TECH COMPANY got the contract for this new “network“?

In other words, we, the TAXPAYERS paid to cover Hillary Clinton’s email scandal… just imagine what is on those emails.

It is incredible just how much evidence there is and how much of it is sequestered at the most important agency our nation has| The State Department. How can Secretary Pompeo effectively work and manage our complex foreign policy if he is swimming in the deep end in his own “house”?

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  1. After reading this I had to wonder how HRC was able to evade justice, how could this woman, if one could use that term, could command and subdue so many people. I then did a search for the most evil women in the world, unfortunately Clinton didn’t make any lists. Me thinks one day she will hold the highest rank in this genre. From the search results, none add up to the evil of Madam Clinton. It is my sincere hope to see her name honored in the future in this category.
    I guess no one has been brave enough yet to make these accusations on you tube yet.

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