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Monthly Archives: May, 2020

George Soros| Enemy Of The State

Originally posted on May 29, 2020 before site was PURGED. For the sake of the United States of America, the President of the United...

Fired IG Linick Had Secret OIG Network With Hillary’s EMAILS

Originally posted on pre-purge Tore Says on May 26, 2020. Former Inspector General (IG) of the State Department Steven Linick was fired by President Trump last...

Michael Hastings | Another Skeleton In The Brennan-Strzok Closet

Original Post Date was May 17, 2020 The death of Michael Hastings has been a mystery to many. There are a multitude of reports that...

DOCUMENTS | Unmasking Had NOTHING To Do With Russian Call, It Was A Set Up

This article was originally posted on ToreSays on May 13, 2020 his will probably be the shortest piece I will ever write. UNMASKING OF GENERAL FLYNN...

New York | Elderly Voters With COVID-19 Are Sent To Nursing Homes With Body Bags Just In Case

Governor Cuomo who’s auditioning for the Democratic Party as Joe Biden’s understudy -has made some “Bidenesque” comments that are alarming. Unlike Biden, Cuomo is...

GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel May Be Sabotaging The Trump Campaign And Administration

WHO IS MAX FARAGO ?-- AN IC ASSET? TSK TSK. Originally posted on ToreSays on May 9, 2020. The presidential elections are approaching and we...

EXPOSED| Pentagon Funded Digital Weapons Democrats Deployed On Americans

War is an understatement and it has been declared on you! Treasonous McChrystal is leading an initiative to ATTACK the unwavering DIGITAL ARMY supporting the President of the United States.

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