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The death of Michael Hastings has been a mystery to many. There are a multitude of reports that speculate his mentality, trying to convince the people he committed suicide by running into a tree, while more evidence indicates he was murdered. What evidence indicates that? THE COVER UP.

Michael Hastings’s notoriety was the piece he did for Rolling Stone that “took down” General McChrystal. What people don’t know is that Michael Hastings was NOT simply a journalist, he was PART of the Intelligence Community.

New York Magazine described Hastings’s piece on McChrystal as:

It was for Rolling Stone, where Hastings had a contract, that he’d written “The Runaway General,” the 2010 article that resulted in the cashiering of General Stanley McChrystal, America’s commander in Afghanistan, and made his name as a journalist. Mark Leibovich, in this summer’s inside-the-­Beltway big read, This Town, describes Hastings’s McChrystal piece as “the most consequential” journalism of 2010 and possibly Obama’s entire first term. 

DOCUMENTS | Unmasking Had NOTHING To Do With Russian Call, It Was A Set Up

CNN.com ran an opinion piece: “ ‘Runaway general,’ or runaway reporter?” The Washington Post quoted anonymous “officials close to McChrystal” claiming Hastings had broken agreed-upon ground rules and used “clearly off the record” material. CBS News’s Lara Logan, appearing on CNN’s Reliable Sources, said, “Michael Hastings has never served his country the way McChrystal has.” David Brooks suggested Hastings had read too much meaning into garden-variety “kvetching.”

It’s incredible to see the MSM (Mainstream Media) attacking Michael Hastings for his reporting. It’s as if he broke some secret code and journalists of the seventh floor were clearly upset.

Through a common contact, Hastings and I connected. I told him we would be meeting during a conference in New Orleans in 2013, where my source would provide him with hard copy documents that would let him see the insane “agreements” made with vendors / private companies that John Brennan had brokered. Brennan was ultimately outsourcing our intelligence to other nations. These documents were all dubious agreements that could only be deciphered by those in charge. It’s important to note that most of these agreements had been done by Brennan when he was NOT CIA Director and simply advising President Barack Hussein Obama.

In January of 2013, the information my source was able to provide to Hastings demonstrated the outsourcing of communications during Emergency Situations and dubious SAT PHONE providers. Why would we be renting Emergency Management COMMS real estate on CHINESE SATELLITES? Saudi Satellites? In other words, during an emergency situation our communications would be reliant on enemy satellites giving discretion to our communications and trusting they won’t be listening.

For unforeseen reasons I ended up missing my meeting with Hastings and the contact, but the two of them still met. I met Hastings in Portland, Oregon in the Spring of 2013, where we both expressed concerns about Brennan being confirmed by the Senate. It was at that point that “leaks” to MSM and the Senate about Brennan spying on the Senate and Congress began. The leaks were launched a week after he swore in – Hastings did that.

In May of 2013, Hastings was told by a source at CGI (a contracting company) that he was under FBI investigation and that they were contracted to provide material support … for their “unmasking” and surveillance on behalf of the Justice Department. The FBI denied an open investigation. Below is the document that shows the investigation had been opened a YEAR before his death.


Who would suggest an FBI investigation for a JOURNALIST? The IG of the State Department would. The IG of the State Department has many offices, but one of this IG’s duties is to audit operations and activities of the Department and the U.S. Agency for Global Media (USAGM).

It’s important to realize that the investigation on Hastings was open and still “pending” a case number when John Owen Brennan was confirmed as CIA Director on March 8, 2013. Why would the new CIA Director get involved in an investigation that has been open for nearly a year and suggest the FBI appoint Peter Strzok to it?

Peter Strzok was assigned to the open case on Michael Hastings within a week of John Owen Brennan taking office. Strzok, a trusted CIA asset that worked within the FBI ranks, was what is called a “cleaner”. He was a fixer for the agency and was able to penetrate ranks and investigations that were of “high importance” to exclude certain politicians or government officials from scrutiny. Sometimes this division is coined HVIG (High Value Interrogation Group) – the names change all the time.

It is a well established fact that Michael Hastings was working on a story about John Owen Brennan. His wife Elise said he was working on a profile of CIA director John Brennan at the time of his death.

First they came for manning. Then Assange. Then fox. Then the ap.drake and the other whistle-blowers. Any nyt reporters too.

Michael Hastings’s Tweet May 31, 2013

His last article was posted on Buzzfeed titled “Why Democrats Love To Spy On Americans”.

Bradley Manning, the young, idealistic soldier who provided the public with perhaps the most critical trove of government documents ever released. The attitude the Obama administration has toward Manning is revealing. What do they think of him? “Fuck Bradley Manning,” as one White House official put it to me last year during the campaign.

During the 2012 presidential campaign, Barack Hussein Obama called the Communist Chinese tools he deployed against the people “necessary to fight terrorism.” One of these tools was used against the Associated Press (AP). This should serve as a reminder that the MSM shamelessly lies by depicting the Obama Administration as a #SCANDLELESS one. The AP spying scandal that BRENNAN was a part of (even when he WAS NOT CIA Director) was huge. Eric Holder was caught in the middle of it, relying on Strzok to remedy it.

Matt Farwell, who writes for the failing NY Times, had claimed that Michael Hastings was working on a piece for Rolling Stone, specifically a profile of CIA director Brennan and said that he “hadn’t unearthed anything shocking”.

When I read that statement in the New Yorker I realized that Farwell may be the anchor Strzok had to Hastings. Certain people are anchors or plants close to targets in order to harvest information, provide or plant purposeful disinformation and allow immediate access to them and their possessions. Most of them pose as journalists or are aspiring ones that are awarded such titles and jobs after completion of successful operations. Almost like the way beat cops have crack dealer CIs (Criminal Informants).

In other words, Farwell may have been directly or indirectly responsible for the access someone may have had to Hastings’s vehicle. Hastings asked his neighbor for the use of her car because he had suspected that his vehicle was tampered with and as reported by the New Yorkershe declined.

Notably, Wikileaks released classified documents titled “Vault 7” that suggest the CIA had found methods of performing “undetectable” assassinations via hacking into a vehicle control computer. This is not impossible, and almost every vehicle today can be hacked and certain features can be remotely operated. Hastings’s car had the necessary technology that would have been required to facilitate control of certain vehicle features such as breaking and acceleration or parking.

The information that Hastings received about John Brennan from my source was incredibly spot-on and to die for. The information he received was all about spying and that is why Hastings’s last article was revealing it in a very furious state.

Contractors are NOT afforded WHISTLEBLOWER protections therefore, other channels are required to be used. Most of the HEAVY lifting is done by SUBCONTRACTORS of vendors that contract with government agencies and or the military. As in the example of my career, I was a subcontractor for The Analysis Corporation (TAC), DYNCORP, CGI (Why do we outsource intelligence contracts to Canadians?), and other agencies through LLCs that probably don’t even exist today.


The concept of subcontractors being used for heavy lifting is to provide degrees of separation from the agency and or tasking official. The same concept applies to Peter Strzok being placed in the FBI while he is really part of the CIA. He is the ENVOY between the “real” government posing as an FBI agent and the Fourth Unelected Branch of Government that has reach into the deepest parts of the Intelligence Community. The POC (Point of Contact) for this DEEP STATE is John Owen Brennan. He orchestrated the IIA (Internet Interactive Activities) deployments to get Barack Hussein Obama elected. Reality Hacking techniques I created were implemented with the software Mr. Bergy created. Both are unable to “whistleblow” that weapons intended for enemies were being used against U.S. citizens.


The FBI has repeatedly lied about investigations that are ongoing or that have existed – ESPECIALLY high profile cases. The most recent example is the ONGOING investigation of Seth Rich – AFTER his murder that was recently uncovered but the documentation about the investigation BEFORE his death hasn’t. The FBI were “investigating” the DNC and RNC “hack”. The hack led them to Seth Rich. The same way as they were investigating Michael Hastings BEFORE his death because the information Hastings had was also to die for.


Hastings: Within days after Hastings’s death in a fiery car accident, an FBI spokeswoman issued a public statement denying he was under investigation saying, “At no time was Michael Hastings under investigation by the FBI.” Documentation HERE notes that he WAS under FBI investigation before he died.

RichNewsweek has learned that the FBI is not involved in the Rich case, despite the claims that it is. And speaking with Newsweek, Wheeler, the private investigator, seemed to walk back his comments. Though evidence recently demonstrates that there was a RICH investigation AFTER his murder.

Therefore, the FBI lied that Hastings was not under investigation before his death. In the same manner the FBI has and still is denying investigations into Seth Rich. Rich WAS under FBI investigation PRIOR to his death DUE to the investigation into the IMAGING of the DNC server. The people who INVESTIGATED the internal “theft” of the server was a contracting company called CLEAR FORCE, according to sources that were paid BY the law firm Perkin Coie.


Is Strzok a “hit man”? Seems that he has been in the middle of all these controversial investigations. Is he the ONLY agent they have, or is he the ONLY agent put on all these operations to watch, report, and mitigate?

  • Kenyan Arms
  • Michael Hastings
  • Fast Furious
  • Al-Shabab Funneling
  • Uranium One
  • HSBC Cartel Money Laundering
  • CAIR International
  • Benghazi
  • Hillary Clinton Email Scandal
  • DNC & RNC “Hack”
  • Seth Rich
  • Mueller Investigation
  • Flynn Investigation
  • Papadopoulos Investigation
  • REDACTED Investigation ( 10+ known US Citizens)
  • and more…

In all the aforementioned “investigations”, high profile “deep staters” like the Clintons and their ilk are involved and come out unscathed. Remember, James Comey was on the board of Directors of HSBC when they were caught laundering money for cartels. That should have disqualified him from being FBI Director, but it didn’t.

Project FULSOME was known only to those with the highest security clearance as it was requested by President Barack Hussein Obama to other nations. The fact that Peter Strzok knew about it speaks volumes. Fulsome: Extra generous. Imagine how many allies were employed in this fulsome coup.

Now imagine how many ENEMIES were recruited too. #Mercenaries

Brennan delivered our intelligence agency into the bosom of the Crown and enemies of our nation like China. He privatized the personal identifying information of U.S. citizens to monetize it offshore, essentially making each citizen living currency. Strzok is the most publicly visible asset Brennan had. OR, are there even more visible ones hiding in plain sight like in the House of Congress and or the Senate?

Never in history has a transition of power from one administration to another been so transparent as it was in the Trump administration. Transparency brings truth. Truth is not always pretty and therefore most would prefer to believe a beautiful lie. Though, in the past three years transparency has taken the wheel. The need of the people seeking information rather than accepting the information provided to them was the key to this transparency. It uncovered the most atrocious crimes against the people that had probably happened in previous administrations too.

BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA and his henchmen have begun to be unmasked at the demand of THE PEOPLE.


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