Ally or Foe? True or False? Narrative or True Story? Liabilities are Insurance.

It’s 2023 and you would think transparency in the Age of Information would be easy, but it is not. In fact, there is information congestion and over 90% of it is “paid placement” aka propaganda or an Influence operation by your own government or other governments. It feels like a Real Live Game of Among Us when it comes to politics and media.

This series “AMONG US” will focus on how confusion arises and what INSURANCE really means while exposing those closest to President Trump and how they positioned themselves to take him and America down.

Many have the attention span of a fish and do not read any more so for the lazy readers – BORIS EPSHTEYN is a liability to President Trump and has been actively covertly impeding on everything President Trump has been trying to do to fix the issues we have in our nation and even on fixing 2020. For those that read substantiation follows.

In short, Boris is in President Trump’s circle for the enjoyment of two agencies – MOSSAD and CIA. That is why Boris had 4 criminal counts “dropped /dismissed” with fines and DISAPPEARED on the system even though he was a repeat offender in the same state. #CabalPass

Why would the MSM like Media Matters and others that target President Trump’s closest allies NOT talk about Attempted Sexual Abuse charges and another three counts by someone who tells everyone he has President Trump’s ear?

Who is the Arizona City Attorney that made all of Boris Epshteyn criminal charges go away? Her name is Sherry Scott.

Sherry Scott

Sherry Scott has been a City Attorney in the corrupt state of Arizona. She is shamelessly corrupt. In fact, she retaliated against a city employee that discovered that she was throwing people in jail for DUIs because she withheld exculpatory evidence, but a REPEAT offender who had 3 counts of ATTEMPTED SEXUAL ABUSE, 2 counts of Harassment – repeated acts – 1 count of FIGHTING had all those dismissed in 2021?

Shawn Fuller a prosecutor hired by Sherry Scott herself had ordered an AUDIT that got him fired in retaliation. Fuller, found that Sherry Scott’s office FAILED to turn over potentially exculpatory evidence to defendants in nine DUI cases – a violation of the Brady Doctrine as reported by Scottsdale Progress. The doctrine was established by the Supreme Court in 1963 and requires prosecution to turn over any evidence that could prove a defendant’s innocence.

Therefore, it is odd how Boris has a “Hillary Clinton pass” when it comes to crimes that would have anyone else behind bars or with a record, especially when the city Attorney charges innocent people to keep her “numbers” up.

At Sherry Scott’s request the following counts were dismissed, and Boris got his convictions and or dismissals “expunged” in what is called a “Set Aside”.

Count 1: Disruptive Behavior/ Fighting – this was a fine of $500 (again) and Sherry Scott City Attorney approved the “set aside” status.

Count 2: Harassed/Repeated Acts – Was dismissed at the request of Sherry Scott City Attorney | FINE $500

Count 3: Attempted Sexual Abuse – Was dismissed at the request of Sherry Scott City Attorney | Fine $500

Count 4: Assault/Touching – Was dismissed at the request of Sherry Scott City Attorney | Fine $150

The closest thing to expungement allowed in Arizona is that defendants can apply to have records of their conviction set aside after they complete their sentence and all other post-conviction requirements. ARS 13-905, the conviction will still appear on their criminal record but will be marked as “set aside,” or completed. Here is an explanation.

It’s interesting how a “repeat” offender for assault and alleged sexual abuse gets such a white glove treatment? Almost the same treatment every other asset, corrupt politician and cyberoligarch gets.

Let this sink in – they will charge YOU with a DUI even though there is exculpatory evidence, but a repeat offender gets them dismissed, pays a fine and it’s “expunged”. Buying justice? Or is it two tiered? Why is Scott not being investigated by the corrupt Arizona Bar? Epshteyn worked for McCain therefore his “immunity” in the state is obvious.

Media Matters and other globalist outlets missed this? I thought they were coming for all conservatives. I thought Marc Elias wants Boris Epshteyn license to practice law even though Boris has NEVER really practiced law in his life and his JD is simply an indicator of education and facilitates his M&A activities (that is something DOJ is looking into).

Media Matters was very vocal about how SINCLAIR MEDIA was shoving Boris Epshteyn into everyone’s face. Paid Placement- It helps when your wife has been a Senior Executive service officer for the CIA Google for almost two decades in Psychological Operations Marketing.

Below is a portion of the House asking Boris Epshteyn questions. It’s interesting how they all knew his relationship with SINCLAIR but never asked if HE was the one that got it done from Jared Kushner or not.

Here is where Boris had a bit of amnesia on Sinclair and Chinese Fang-Fang bang bang Swalwell asks him again about SINCLAIR:

It’s important to note that we all at some point in our lives make mistakes, stupid choices, overindulge in drinking and or resonate on a low life level and the point is NOT to paint Boris in a “You are such a loser” hue. I am simply demonstrating the insurance they have on him. If I wanted this to be a hit piece, I could simply make reference to the fact that his glowing wife is a GOOGLE Senior Executive with a 201 file that sat on John Brennan’s desk in 2015. His wife is pretty, smart and the actual source of intel swap but yet he roams around with cheap women who have bad weaves and extensions. I could also make reference to how many describe him as benign and a “just hot air”. Epshteyn is NOT dumb or full of hot air – he is like a covert AOC asset – the question is for WHO?

The Whole Untold Story

It’s a known fact that you look at what is NOT being said to know what is really important. As someone who had a career in lying and formulating public opinion outside of the United States (CONUS is treasonous) – what is LEFT out of the story is what is most important. To be able to INFLUENCE and DESTROY regimes and governments you must know the untold story – that is where the blackmail hides.

How does a guy like BORIS EPSHTEYN get SINCLAIR media to SHOVE him down everyone’s throats even though he is not likable? How does Boris get away with crimes and have an INVESTMENT BANK that invests what?

Boris Epshteyn has a JD but does NOT practice law. He is not a litigator, not a practicing lawyer but his JD would assist him in M&A (mergers and acquisitions) activities his investment bank may be partaking in but it’s for show not for use.

Boris started chatting with his old classmate Eric Trump after Romney “lost”. Notably, Boris worked for McCain and Romney – he’s a RINO servant but does what the agency(ies) tell him. Boris tells everyone even until today that the President listens to him and trusts his judgement and that he has him on speed dial. That is the same LIE that Roger Stone peddles but Boris bullies’ attorneys, friends, analysts and others. In fact, many have said they want to say something but are scared to because Boris might get them fired. He doesn’t have that power – Boris is full of hot air and a placeholder for Google tentacles. I will elaborate on that and will reiterate that MOSSAD is not our friend and should be ONLY our customer.

Boris Epshteyn killed the RICO case. Boris Epshteyn peddled misinfo about the elections in 2020 and helped perpetuate the nonsense. Everyone thinks Boris is an idiot, I happen to agree with the NYT commentary in this piece.

Bottom Line about Boris

He was groomed into the scene by McCain and still has a #CABALPASS hence crimes with small fines. I had a cigarette go out the window and it cost me $1500! He is arrested for alleged sexual abuse attempts and violent acts and pays less? He is a habitual RINO that is reporting back to the AGENCIES (mossad and cia) and strategically positioned himself to make people think he has the President’s ear – which is a lie.

His phone was taken by the FBI along with many others about 6 months ago. The FBI has evidence of a lot. The crimes that were dropped and the backdoor discussions with people on some crypto company he convinced Steve Bannon to get in on with him, which is probably how he’s going to bankrupt him, allegedly. But none of that has “leaked” yet?

Boris Epshteyn needs to go. Maybe dropping this the leftist media will help, if they don’t then we know. I have 98 more people to blow the horn on – and I always come with receipts. I am VERY concerned that the RIGHT, “MIDDLE” and LEFT media are not talking about really important issues that should be discussed.

No one is talking about the CONFLICT of INTEREST that Bill Barr was working for Kirkland Ellis when the Carlyle Group Dominion Voting Aquisition was happening – Barr is CIA – and I would bet money that he was responsible for Epstein’s death (old Barr family beef from schoolhouse) – History has taught us that you can’t have the CIA as your AG ever unless you want to be sipping margaritas while your stand-in is playing President.

HOW WAS BARR CONFIRMED???!!! Another thing I had warned the President about in 2018 when he nominated Bill Barr but allegedly Boris thought it was not a smoking gun? Who is Boris? Just a guy mole with ears, eyes and a MOUTH – that runs so fast that bye Felicia Leticia is finding new things to probe about with SDNY. I wonder if they sent him a Thank You card maybe it was done via Google.

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