While many have had the motherlode of treason, money laundering, and crimes and refuse to report on it, we have been taking our time over the year searching through all devices seized trying to understand HOW Hunter Biden and Joe Biden were making so much money and had money problems. Our primary objectives were to determine who was MANAGING the money, who they ultimately work for (obviously not just themselves), and WHO had most to gain. Hunter’s devices are a goldmine of information and insight.

To introduce the hypocrisy of it all, it is important to explore the only country in the world (aside from the United Kingdom) that a corporation/person owns – Haiti. Haiti is OWNED, controlled, and operated by CGI. The Clinton Global Initiative is a FACTION of the United Nations. Ergo it’s UN territory.

The control is VERY evident and even demonstrates a level of EVIL that goes beyond anything one would believe. The EVIL is so bad that the Clintons were rivals with the “New Gods” of the UN spearheaded by Barack Hussein Obama, and grifters like the Bidens knew that. The Clintons are VERY powerful, and they are the EPSTEIN of foreign affairs, prostituting heinous crimes against humanity for profit and gain and, like any pimp – to skim off the top.

Haiti was devastated after an “earthquake” that was most likely caused by fracking, considering they sit on four tectonic plates that are home to oil reserves never mentioned on any official document that human eyes can see or simply an act of God. Whatever the reasons, that earthquake devastated the Haitians.

As Secretary of State, how much POWER did Hillary Clinton have over this money?

The earthquake happened around the time that Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. She was appointed to that position by a very reluctant Barack Hussein Obama. Obama loathed Clinton, but they “played nice.” Optics is a big thing in political circles, especially the “conservative ones.” The elites are not just rabid green deal cult members. In fact, most of them are self-proclaimed conservatives or ASSETS.

This snippet from a CGI presentation seems very reminiscent of TEAM AMERICA and the FAGS (Film Actors Guild), where all celebrities were portrayed as political assets. Team America’s comedy seems like a tragedy today because it rings very true to those beginning to understand what influence operations are. Fancy that, Matt Damon and the former UN head honcho, Kofi Annan, listed as EXISTING ASSETS.

Democratizing the CGI Model with an Online Portal – Clinton Global Initiative (WIKILEAKS)

The Clintons – the unofficial owners of Haiti (like their counterparts who unofficially own the Dominican Republic, the Fanjul Brothers) always say that WHO is allowed to work and operate in their territory. When there was chaos and suffering, water, the most vital human necessity, was a hot topic and they still refused assistance from otherss seeking to enter their domain.


Funny, this FAG is still talking about water even when he’s talking about a murder case in Italy.

The Clintons “love” Haiti so much that they refused a technology that would help them literally create water from the air. Still, because Hunter Biden was bringing that tech, who was Joe Biden’s son and therefore considered part of Barack Hussein Obama’s camp, she denied them access to her country at the expense of the Haitian people.


USAID is the unseen enemy’s piggy bank. (READ)

All the HAITI-related emails are on the LOOKING GLASS.

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  1. Unofficially owned country? Are you implying that those in power in these countries are beholden to or swear allegiances to certain corporations? Not that they actually hold any deed on the country? Or have the corporations actually purchased the chattel stocks, such as claimed how people’s birth certificates are bought and sold? Kind of fuzzy on this unofficial ownership.

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