Sean Penn is a F.A.G. (Film Actors Guild) that has a bit more pull than others. He landed an interview with El Chapo, but our federal agents, Interpol, CIA, and other global units couldn’t find him? Yes, that happened. He’s involved in Haiti’s “relief” efforts to siphon money from USAID, meeting with Drug Lords, and most recently, the assassination of the President of Haiti. Interestingly, enough MEXICAN CARTEL members have been DETAINED in Haiti and previous Sean Penn employees linked to the MURDER of the President of HAITI. Yes, that happened.

How does an actor get so much pull? As mentioned many times, the Clinton camp is OLD GUARD, and the Obama Camp is New Guard. It is at this time that I drop a statement that is backed up by the emails on Hunter’s laptop reported HERE:

Hillary Clinton planned the Benghazi attack but Barack Hussein Obama made sure she takes a fall for the Arab Spring HE FUNDED cause he needed her gone. She had taken a lot of his resources from USAID to allocate for projects that enriched HER plan and she was undercutting the money he was due. Besides, Obama threw Joe under the bus too right before the 2012 elections. Those Cayman Accounts were handed over to Romney even though he promised them to Joe.


Notably, in this article, F.A.G.S Always Stick To The Script | STILL ] talking about [ WATER #Haiti, we demonstrated how the Clinton’s refused to allow Haitians to access a technology that can help areas struggling for access to clean water. Hunter Biden tried to enter HER DOMAIN to provide clean drinking water (and make a nice penny, too), but she blocked them. As you see, even the Medical Community in Haiti knew that Sean Penn was the other avenue they could use. In addition, the emails infer that their deal was blocked.


It doesn’t stop there. Sean Penn is also being associated with the assassination of the President of Haiti. The Guardian reported that an American arrested, James Solages, 35, worked as a driver and bodyguard for the relief organization set up by Sean Penn after the earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010. #FeinsteinDriver

James Solages, 35
James Solages – Sean Penn’s guy

According to the Daily Mail, Solages and another Haitian American, Joseph Vincent, 55, confessed to being involved in Wednesday’s early morning raid that left president Jovenel Moïse dead and his wife fighting for her life. However, they allegedly claimed they were hired as translators in a plot to arrest politicians but not to kill them. They claim to have been hired by a foreigner named Mike, who spoke English and Spanish after finding a job on the internet. Solages has worked for many as a contractor, including but not limited to Sean Penn’s group, Obama For America, Canadian Embassy, and many more.

El Chapo Cartel Mercenaries arrested in Haiti Credit: Daily Mail.

Above is an image showing the El Chapo cartel members arrested in association with the assassination of Haiti’s President and First Lady.

It will be fascinating to see if there are any REAL patriots left in the Central Intelligence Agency and the FBI. Sean Penn should be detained and questioned about his activities in Haiti back in 2010 and now again in 2021.

USAID is the unseen enemies’ piggy bank. (READ)

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  1. A congenial visit with a drug lord or they wanted a piece of the action. It’s OK to be a criminal so long as you play ball with the big guy.

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