For a plan to be successfully mobilized, MONEY was key. The “plane full o’ cash” was one way, but a very little talked about agency in our country FUNDS a lot of things, especially “rebels” in other countries to “promote the foundations of democracy.” This agency played a fundamental role in financing RussiaGate- Globally. Before we delve into money, let’s talk KEY POCs.


The obvious POC (Point of Contact). The angriest one of them all. A man who ran the IC yet seems to think a transaction that a man conducted when he was NOT a public servant is somehow an impeachable offense and or an offense that disallows him to be in public office. Tefft unmasked GENERAL FLYNN. Why?

For those reasons, JOHN, allow me to return the favor that you may “Know Your Place.” Despite the pleadings by foreign entities compromised, your President – President Trump, will declassify the FISA application for the FISA warrant, and it will all lay bare. He may wait for Russia to provide information to him about it first. After all, if a foreign country provides you documents proving members of the previous administration colluded with foreign governments, that’s a tribunal offense, and you have to investigate.

Global Strategies S.A.

It’s not just about getting the job done undetected because bootlegs pop off and you can be made. Your methods must never be revealed.

John O. Brennan Luxembourg 2007 (Courtesy Consult Meeting)

Methods of #RussiaGate were simple. Dig. If you come up empty- CREATE. Global Strategies Group is based out of Luxembourg and was Brennan’s creation in his short-lived “Private Sector” hiatus. NBC had done a pretty good profile piece that we’ve filed and kept. In the case of RussiaGate, John had everything ready. The method was simple: access a global network of information with intelligence contracts globally. If you want dirt on anyone, five eyes are better than two, but you needed a point person or persons in Russia.  

Russian National – Individual 1

The individual’s name will not be unmasked because they are foreign nationals and people of interest. This Russian national was actually chummy with Nellie Ohr throughout her visits to Russia. Individual-1, a female Russian national, held a “compartmentalized clearance”  with the US Government for over 10 years. Individual-1 had access to all US Citizen information by way of State Department FSA access and had access to Secret Service details.

The story was kept under wraps for over a year but reported just a few months ago, flying under the radar. It seemed like the MSM avoided this story, but the Guardian gave it an honorable mention:

The Guardian has been told the state department’s resident agents in charge alerted the Secret Service in January 2017 and at least nine high-ranking Secret Service officials became aware of the findings.

At the time, separate CIA and FBI inquires were also under way, but it appears the Secret Service was expected to take the lead. It failed to do so, according to a source.

Guardian August 2018 (Reported a YEAR LATER)

Individual-1 was NOT immediately fired. Actually, she was fired with a US Citizen (Unmask #3) in the summer of 2017. My sources tell me that she was the point person that Nellie Ohr had. She would provide her information on all travel to and from Russia, future, past or present of all US persons Ohr indicated were of interest. Such persons are anyone related to President Trump, in his campaign, or indirectly associated with his campaign and all history of travel. She was also tasked to ensure to continuously provide any such information even after President Trump took office. Maybe Mueller needs to look into this. Specifically the next person and his family.  

Former US Ambassador to Russia: John Tefft

Tefft (and his family*) being sworn in by Kerry.

I won’t say much about John Tefft’s timely firing. His “legacy” speaks for itself. He was pretty salty in his Op-Ed for the Moscow Times when he left office in September 2017.

Today, as I prepare to leave Russia, our relationship has reached another low point. Americans are concerned and angry about Russian interference in our elections and by the Russian authorities’ refusal to accept their responsibility for it.

John Tefft MoscowTimes Op-Ed

He was fired just after Individual-1 monitoring was complete – after the last FISA renewal attempt in June of 2017. 

Comey Testimony December 7, 2018

Well played, President Trump!

It’s never the story they tell you. It’s the story they don’t tell you.


John Tefft has two daughters. They are BOTH government employees. 

Cathleen M. Tefft

She works for the NEH, and she isn’t as interesting as her sister, except that her salary is REDACTED.

Christine M Tefft

Christine is married and is still employed by the State Department.

Her husband is a former National Security Advisor to former President Barack Hussein Obama. Unlike her sister, Christine’s salary isn’t redacted and is 80% higher than most GS employees. She’s an SES. Her job title is interesting, which feeds into what I led on in my previous article RussiaGate: Part 2- about funding.

Basically, Christine works for an agency called USAID. USAID, in my opinion, is useless tax money siphoning conduit for meddling in other countries elections, arming rebels to overthrow regimes and governments while running the cash through a rinse cycle.

Russian Election Meddling

In the final year of USAID in Russia, the program had a budget of $49.47 million for its programs, about half of what its average annual budget had been for the previous 20 years. About 59 percent was designated to programs supporting democracy and civil society, 37 percent was for health projects and 4 percent was for environmental programs.

Putin’s 2012 decision to end USAID was partially due to tensions over pre- and post-election protests, which the Kremlin alleged were orchestrated by U.S. funded NGOs.

Why Did Putin Terminate USAID in Russia?

Bosnia Election Meddling

The title of Section III of the Report is both a plea and a warning: “BiH’s elections must be conducted free from foreign interference.” And leading the way of this foreign interference is the US, which, the Report reveals, has provided “over $100,000,000 in media funding to BiH since the end of the war, possibly the largest per capita US expenditure in media assistance,” most of it having been “channeled through the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the US Department of State (DoS) through the US embassy in Sarajevo.

US Accused of Meddling in Upcoming Bosnia Election

Macedonia Election Meddling

We have received credible reports that, over the past few years, the U.S. Mission there has actively intervened in the party politics of Macedonia, as well as in the shaping of its media environment and civil society, often favoring left-leaning political groups over others.

Congress Demands Investigation Into Obama Admin Meddling in
Foreign Elections

These are three of many more such instances where USAID meddles in foreign elections.


John Brennan and Hillary Clinton had experience in meddling in other elections. What started the Libya – Benghazi incident? USAID! As experts in meddling, they assumed they’d find it easy to recreate meddling to accuse our duly elected President of undermining our democratic process. #ProjectionMuch. They FAILED!

USAID is something I have been working on to expose. Within the past 8 years of Obama, the USAID financials are in turmoil. Specifically, in 2016, an independent audit found them disposing of vehicles, properties and cannot reconcile over  $5oo Million with US Treasury?

Sources say Brennan used USAID offices in the UK, Albania, Ukraine, and Luxembourg to pay Steele and activate assets like Halper, Misfud, and others. Sources say, on EVERY continent, pay for “loyalty” through USAID in hopes of impeaching or ensuring that President Trump is not re-elected is still an active “campaign.” I am pretty sure President Trump already knows this. I am baffled as to why President Trump doesn’t simply shut it down.  Shut the globalist peddling arm of our government down, and we have $3 Billion for our big beautiful wall!

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  1. Good morning Tore,
    You love to play Scrabble! What is it about that game that entertains us so? It’s so much more than just a word game, isn’t it? I’ve never played the computer version, it does sound challenging, yet it can only be as strong as the programmer behind it. Taking the chance letters one pulls from the bag, combining them with what has already been played, blocking and leaving options for future plays. It combines so many tactics that it never gets boring. Maybe one day when this war is over I hope to have the opportunity to play a few games with you.
    Yesterday’s show was very good, I have to smile as you toss in the little glimpses of your world into the show, when you considered yourself a nerd as a youngster. Was it being a nerd? I think not, you probably had some very special people in your life that provided you with great building blocks. When and if humanity ever matures they will have come to terms with many things. I think you see many of them now.
    Have a great day. Btw there’s a game app called Word Crossy that really helps in unscrabbling words.

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