Two accounts ultimately in the CAYMAN ISLANDS are the “slush fund” for all “Presidents” (except President Trump). These funds funnel money from many banks through a multitude of companies like Rosemont Seneca Capital, Rosemont Seneca Partners, Seneca Partners, Rosemont Seneca Technologies (Shared investments with EPSTEIN), Rosemont Seneca Property Investments (in bed with QATAR), and many more Rosemont names all funneling into the same CAYMAN accounts. In addition to Hudson West I thru V, Clinton Foundation, The Mooch, Open Societies, Epstein, Wexner, and many more – this is how BRIBES and Payoffs are done- GLOBALLY. Hunter didn’t have all the money – a UK company was funneling it. The same company even made and hid the Clinton Foundation money!

MITT ROMNEY almost took over its whole operation. The self-proclaimed Mormon wanted to OWN them and use their methods to take back power but not transfer it to the people but to people he thought were “better guys.” You can’t go to a gunfight with a gun – everyone is equally prone to get shot. The Obama’s had “bigger guns” – FOREIGN “guns.”


For years and even in an affidavit, I have continuously mentioned HOW John O. Brennan (Owen) organized the election theft of many elections but was always running point for those within the United States of America. Before Owen was CIA Director, he created a VAST global private intelligence network that houses information (including) biometrics of billions of people worldwide. What they claimed would be “the future” of global identification. The UN-funded the majority of that. Even before his little venture got off the ground, Owen was the “personal advisor” to Senator Hussein Obama and helped usher his win in 2008 with the help of the MIC. He deployed assets to take down opponents. Hillary ran against Obama to “test the system” and fill HER pockets via the slush fund giving OLD GUARD a run for their MONEY.

In 2012 as my affidavit states, “Romney knew he lost before election night. They had agreed. It was pre-determined by the election software and the “powers that be.”

In fact, there is an email conversation stating JUST THAT pacifying a DISTRAUGHT Hunter Biden over his dad’s concerns for being sidelined for cash on a deal Hunter and Jill made happen, but ROMNEY got the cut. Election THEFT was casually discussed to attenuate that BHO was busy. Its reference was more of the one of: “Look, Hussein is busy understanding how this election theft works, but he still cares that Joe is miffed about being cut out of the money.”

The President is so upset that he did this to the VP, and promises to make it up. Valerie Jarrett said that they kept trying to talk to the President about how he beat Romney, but the President kept going back to how bad he feels and how he must fix this right away.

Ms. Person Pacifying Hunter Biden


The email was in response to being cut off from income Hunter Biden and Dr. Jill had worked so hard to swindle with an array of shell companies only to go to Romney in order to agreed to lose the election. #LOSERMITTENS

Hussein was so upset that while Valarie Jarrett was gloating and explaining the logistics of HOW they won the Presidential election 14 days before the actual election, he couldn’t pay attention. Hussein was so sad and determined to fix it for his “BFF.” #GiveMeABreak



The Goldman Sachs Fund referenced below concerned Obama and Clinton – therefore Romney had to cut a deal because HE WAS ABOUT to TAKE OVER their ENTIRE OPERATION and THEY WERE NOT GOING TO LET IT HAPPEN.

Tiger – Blackstone-Carlyle —-> CAYMAN

The hedge fund had FUNDS that were in the OBAMA-CLINTON-BIDEN portfolio such as TIGER . They were not going to let that happen this is why Joe Black entered into the picture. Was Mittens that stupid?

Black is sloppy and a Brennan Lap Dog – He manages OWENS stash o’ cash. Romney had no choice but to accept the UKRAINIAN money Joe was supposed to get in return for throwing the election.

Here is the SINCE DELETED article (It lasted a MONTH tops) – and within it, you see how the Obamas, Clinton, Soros and The MOOCH (see how infiltration works?) were part of. The article came down, no investigation happened, and Obama “won” re-election. Romney thought he would take over their slush fund and global deals to “liberate” but instead corrupted HIM and bought him out.


Here is Barack HUSSEIN Obama telling the world how certification of elections should NOT be in the hands of the people — cause then they can’t BUY or SELL the Presidential seat. Romney had Joe Black on his campaign, which was working WITH and FOR John Owen Brennan. Did he expect not to be caught up? Who did Mittens think was giving the media fuel to trash him in the fall before the elections? THEY OWN THE MEDIA, and EVENTUALLY, THEY OWNED MITTENS.

Most recently, Hussein weighed in on people questioning their “authorita” as the audits are coming to an end in one state and beginning in others. We need to STOP them (the people) is what he’s emanating in his message.

Translation: People Can’t Question Elections

Barack was “torn up” about screwing his buddy out of money at that time. Afterward, he made up for it, allowing Hunter to SMUGGLE criminals in through the southern border to meet with them in 2014.

If Mitt Romney came clean, we would forgive him, split the money into the accounts to all US Citizens wiping out all our nations and individual debt and even thank him. Will Mittens grow a conscience and come clean? I am sure we, the people, would cut him a deal. T-5

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