For over 5 years, Patrick Bergy has been trying to draw attention to the Shadownet. A weapon of psychological warfare. The architecture he built to psyop foreign nations in the cyberworld. ShadowGate told you all about it. Unfortunately, though CATAPHORA is a tool, the BIDENS made a hefty chunk of money in 2010, similar to the Shadownet. But, instead of populating sock puppets and driving narratives online, they trace ALL cyber activity to find leakers. How? They check all DOWNLOADS.

Biden and his company were concerned about the Panama Papers and Wikileaks but felt better knowing CATAPHORA was deployed within the US Government’s networks. That means ALL networks, including ENCRYPTED CALLS that President Trump had with foreign dignitaries.

Is this how they found Seth Rich?

Arresting, silencing and disappearing leakers before they leak?

The program actually hones in on DOWNLOADING information. Downloading from systems or when someone DOWNLOADS something that they were sent. For example, when the FBI was downloading the DNC server before the “hack,” hackers SAW the mass download and, therefore, copied what they were downloading…..allegedly. How did the DNC server get hacked if the FBI was downloading it while being imaged (Downloaded to a physical drive)? I guess the HACKERS hacking the FBI hacking the DNC download stream that was being imaged was who they were really after. Maybe they assumed #HisNameWasSethRich was working with them. Not like white hat hackers have ACCESS to Cataphora or something? 💅

Obviously, aside from owning access to Walmart’s poor people, bad credit checking account Bluebird collected data they wanted in on CATAPHORA to manage and control all BLACKMAIL globally. Here is their plan. Let’s bid about $20MIL but raise $100 MIL for access and put the money guy in charge of it. Another Rosemont Senaca shell called Rosemont Seneca VC was on it. This would allow them to sell people the ability to find leaks while their leak is complete.

Lot’s of people made money on Cataphora here is where they pounce on one of those money makers to promote him for access. #SleezeDeals


“Cataphora, a software company founded in 2002 and based in Redwood City, Calif., is helping one group of plaintiffs search for the answer. Cataphora’s software can track employee behavior that might indicate some form of wrongdoing. It’s able to detect such patterns as e-mails unexpectedly written in a foreign language or unusual amounts of time spent on phone calls or offline communication.”


Apparently, Hunter Biden’s companies dealt in Oil and Gas, Food, Technology, property, lobbying, FOOD, and HEALTH! It’s almost as if ALL aspects of our society, including and not limited to National Security, are privatized by shell companies of the same usual suspects “selling” their products back to the nation they are serving and even to the enemies of this nation like communists.

“It doesn’t use keywords at all,” said Elizabeth Charnock, Cataphora’s founder. “But it’s a means of showing who leaked information, who’s influential in the organization or when a sensitive document like an S.E.C. filing is being edited an unusual number of times, or an unusual number of ways, by an unusual type or number of people.” The Cataphora software can also recognize the sentiment in an e-mail message — whether a person is positive or negative, or what the company calls “loud talking” — unusual emphasis that might give hints that a document is about a stressful situation. The software can also detect subtle changes in the style of an e-mail communication.

Elizabeth Charnock, Cataphora’s founder

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  1. I wonder, how many dead bodies? Global Mafia with all the sweetest weapons and crime family could ever dream! The good side, they know we know and we are the many! Sooner or later we’ll see their final act.
    Say isn’t that when O had all the heads for social media at the WH? Yes the template for winning elections rings a bell. Rip Seth Rich.

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