In the era of advanced technology, discerning the authenticity of digital content has become increasingly challenging. This challenge recently came to the forefront of public attention with the controversy surrounding Roger Stone, a political strategist. Stone claimed that a video implicating him in nefarious activities showing him as the ring leader of the Proud Boys and talking in a very evil way about President Donlad J. Trump and his family was AI-generated, but a surprising twist emerged when the documentarian behind the footage sent out DCMA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) claims against its distribution. This move indicates that Stone’s assertion that the video was a fabricated work of artificial intelligence is FALSE.

Sullivan has been banned from X because of his postings about Roger Stone.

I was working on a story about a SPECIAL COUNSEL guy being appointed in 2021 and indeed Jack Smith was in EUROPE when he was appointed and my sources say he met with the Danish intelligence Assets who posed as documentarians when they approached Roger Stone. Jack Smith received RAW footage and this is why he was appointed as special counsel while in EUROPE. What else is on their cameras that we do not know about giving Jack Smith wind beneath his wings to entrap President Donald J. Trump? One person knows – Roger Stone – but he will never confess and still lies until this day.

On March 8, 2022 as a birthday gift a source of mine in Germany sent me the documentarians copy of the video that changed its name from “Warriors For Trump” to “A Storm Foretold”. A couple of months ago, the documentarians uploaded the video on VIMEO (which has since been deleted) which allowed me to publicly source it and share it.

On March 8, 2022 (the irony) Roger Stone was on Alex Jones’ show on Infowars which is a front for intelligence operations to vehemently deny that the video was accurate and that it was altered by AI.

A couple of weeks ago after discussions about Stone’s comments about President Trump resurfaced I uploaded it to RUMBLE and LOCALS. LOCALS allows me to create a paywall for subscribers so my content is not removed. I didn’t upload it to MAKE money – I uploaded it so that my subscribers can access it at anytime without going through hoops. In fact, on Locals to put it behind the paywall I added an insane price to deter purchases. The video was also submitted to the Library of Congress and uploaded to Rumble.

I received DCMA claims from the DOCUMENTARIANS that confirmed that the DOCUMENTARY is 100% unaltered and authentic. In fact my attorneys crafted a response to their DCMA claiming FAIR USE as the VIDEO itself is of PUBLIC INTEREST and is evidence of CRIMES and Roger Stone partnering with a FVEY partner – the Ministry of Defense of Denmark- which the alleged documentarians primarily work for. In fact, Danish tax dollars were used to fund the documentary – funds from the DANISH GOVERNMENT. In fact in the video BELOW – Roger Stone states that too.

The Unexpected DCMA Claims

However, the narrative took an unexpected turn when the documentarians responsible for creating the video took legal action. Instead of defending the video as an AI-generated work, the documentarian sent out DCMA claims against individuals and platforms that were distributing or sharing the video. DCMA claims are typically used to protect original copyrighted content from unauthorized use or distribution. This legal maneuver implies that the documentarian views the video as an authentic piece of work deserving of copyright protection including the video parts with Stone’s unfounded allegations of AI.

The Implications

The decision by the documentarians to assert copyright claims over the video raises significant questions about its authenticity. If the video were indeed a product of artificial intelligence or had been manipulated in some way, it would not qualify for copyright protection under typical circumstances. AI-generated content is usually not eligible for copyright protection because it lacks original human authorship.

Additionally, the documentarian’s move contradicts Roger Stone’s assertion that the video was entirely fabricated. If Stone’s claim were accurate, there would be no reason for the documentarians to seek legal protection for what would essentially be a work of fiction.

Was Roger Stone just interested in a payday? Did the other DOCUMENTARY Ms. Davis refers to in the video below get quashed because the FBI told them so? It’s interesting to see what happened there, but the other documentarians seem not to exist, which begs the question: Was Stone bluffing to get the government of Denmark to fork up more money?

Was Stone’s deal with the FBI that they do notat him for IRS violations that will easily – FARA violations and more be that he cooperate with foreign intelligence assets to FRAME President Donald J. Trump in the same way the RUSSIA HOAX was done? Lars Findsen can answer that question – but he’s in jail.

Here is Roger Stone right before the infamous part he claims is AI generated which is NOT according to the documentarians who are alleging it is real via lawfare with me. Stone himself claims that AFTER he was commuted the other crew “lost interest”. No, it was not interest, it was the FBI deterring them OR maybe they were assigned by the FBI to gain more information but decided to rely on the FVEY network to get it or at least get what they can to frame a narrative like the Russia Hoax.

Why was JACK SMITH in Denmark and Holland? Smith did a number on Findsen before being appointed special prosecutor to erase all paths leading back to RUSSIA HOAX 2.0. that included ROGER STONE.

It’s worth noting that while DCMA claims have been issued, legal proceedings will be necessary to determine the true nature of the video and its authorship. Such proceedings would thoroughly examine the video’s creation, potential alterations, and the documentarian’s role in its production. Which is something that I am personally engaging in. It’s all about the TRUTH.

DCMA Responses

As per the DCMA claims? My responses are that of FAIR USE. The Purpose and Character of Use of this content was used for the purpose of preserving and disseminating information of vital public interest, specifically its potential relevance as evidence in civil and criminal proceedings pertaining to J6. This video serves the public good. In addition the Nature of the Copyrighted Work pertains to factual and newsworthy events, making it highly relevant to public discourse and accountability.

In other words, someone is lying and considering that the DOCUMENTARIANS have slapped me with some law fare that WE THE PEOPLE are happy to entertain we are happy to move forward in a court of law with Danish Intelligence to determine their participation, foreign participation during the election process in the United States. The J6 event is considered ELECTION INTERFERENCE and that is a very serious matter.

It’s interesting to note, even though the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers are all locked up and being sued for J6 it’s interesting how the video demonstrates Stone’s active participation in the J6 activities and owner of the infamous FOS (Friends of Stone) chat that “hung” many of the Proud Boys but Roger Stone was dismissed from the civil suit even though the video demonstrates his ACTIVE and ASSERTIVE participation?

Do you believe Roger Stone was that naive to have foreign intelligence follow him around, or do you think it was part of the deal with Mueller’s team, who had charges stacked against him from his McCain days and possibly his Manafort-Stone in Ukraine days? The latter seems more plausible, or maybe he was “not interrupting the enemy”?

The video was checked with quantum capable AI and it concluded that video is in fact confirmed as real – Roger Stone said those things and his lips PROVE IT. Though, the more asserting factor is that the DOCUMENTARIANS who have the RAW FOOTAGE of what Stone said about President Trump was 100% his words. This is the reason I am engaging in law-fare with the documentarians based on Stone’s claims that it is not.

Bottomline: If it’s AI generated there can be NO COPYRIGHT claim. If there is a COPYRIGHT claim it is not AI generated.

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