Bidens Admit To Being Obedient To Chairman Xi

As we go through the Hunter Biden Laptop, composed of three laptops, five(5) different Phones, two (2) iPads, and an Apple Home, we find documents, spreadsheets, voicemails, emails, video, pictures, games, and NOTES.

There won’t be a DUMP on the Notes because most of them contain passwords for banking, emails, passes, security codes, and much, much more. It was within those notes we discovered the following. A confession of loyalty by a sitting President’s son that the Biden Crime Family is LOYAL to CHINA is incredible.

Hunter Biden was upset that the Chinese counterpart was not understanding their worth in money reminding him how Chairman Xi wants them to do business because the Biden’s always deliver and therefore $10 Mil should be justifiable for annual budget.

This note is a diamond in the rough. Why? MONOCHROME (Coming soon) the company no one has figured out yet – Alan Dershowitz knows the company VERY well.

#Wray of Light

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  1. Yet China is just another willing puppet used by the Crown, The Pilgrim Society, Privy Council. She alone holds the golden share.

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