Combing through Hunter Biden’s emails it is quickly realized that all the money being made was being filtered and distributed by Eric Schwerin. There are numerous emails of Hunter requesting Eric to pay him and asking him where all the money is going.

In fact, the text messages below are y verified that the cell numbers used in the text chains belong to Rosemont Seneca and Joseph R. Biden (the former Vice President and Select President ), respectively. Schwerin was the Policy and Outreach for the China Trade Relations Working Group. Joe Biden hired Eric to work with his son Hunter after a meeting about China in 2009 that Hillary Clinton’s personal assistant Huma Abedin had set up. Almost instantly he became President of Rosemont Seneca and oversaw all Rosemont Seneca “versions” like RSTP I and II including and not limited to all shell companies Hunter was a part of.

Joe Biden seemed very clued into what Hunter Biden was doing, his businesses, and concerns with his money nanny Eric Schwerin. The reasons as to this will be explained in more detail because it seems one company with an obscure name seems to have been missed by many. #ArticleComingSoon

National File had reported on the texts between Joe Biden and Hunter Biden about a little over a month before Joe Biden announced his run for President.


National File also located One Cash App transaction between Joe Biden and Richard Ruffner. Richard Ruffner served as Dr. Jill Biden’s special assistant and was constantly being tapped by Hunter Biden for money. In fact, Hunter Biden used Joe Biden’s Cash App to ask Richard Ruffner for money. Joe Biden from the texts above doesn’t even know what Cash App is. He instructs Richard Ruffner to work with Hunter.

Richard Ruffner had received Cash App and Venmo requests from Hunter many times. Hunter Biden SET UP and used a Cash App Account in his FATHER’S NAME requesting Money FOR DAD. Remember, Joe Biden has no idea what these apps are. In fact, Jill Biden and Richard Ruffner would receive requests for money all the time. A couple of months before this request, Hunter Requested $4900 in January, which Richard Ruffner DECLINED. Dr. Jill has sent him money too for Dad.


While many skate over what they have been able to see on these emails aside from the Criminal Child Pornography, the dubious money Hunter Biden kept getting from Richard Ruffner in the White House and selling our oil and gas to the Chinese most believe that the Biden’s played above board. This is not the case, and later today, we will demonstrate how the Bidens exchanged BUSINESS for Intelligence!

Where is Eric Schwerin? Is he the one that laundered money for Joe, leaving Hunter in the dark, always “delaying” or appropriating his money elsewhere? It sounds like Joe plays dumb a lot and planned all of this, considering Obama screwed him out of money to pay off Mitt. After all, why would a SITTING VICE PRESIDENT’S SON be paying the bills for Four households? Hello Frank [Francis Biden], WE SEE YOU.

The bottom line is Joe has lied to the public, saying he has no idea what his son is doing and not involved, but it seems Wells Fargo Eric and Eric Schwerin may have been the proxies for Joe’s leash on his son. He made his son think he was in charge when in fact, HE WAS. Those most vulnerable to manipulation feel less loved as children by their parents, doing anything to prove their worth. Judging from what we have found regarding the Beau Biden Foundation – Joe would be the front runner for the “Father of the Year Award” from Satan himself.

Joe Biden not only knew of his son’s business dealings, he was part of them.


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