The Burisma emails are nothing compared to what other communications show. The Biden Crime Family with Joe leading the pack not only took advantage of federal bailouts, sold the resources of our nation piece by piece, but they also co-mingled money on OFFSHORE accounts we have located.

The next article will not only release the EMAILS and EVIDENCE that the CAYMAN ISLANDS were where the Bidens HID and SKIMMED money, but it is where it was comingled with Obama, Clinton, and VATICAN money. In the same way, Hillary for America, Obama for America, and the DNC money were co-mingled by Perkins Coie.

Below is an article by the FACEBOOK “Fact Checkers” claiming the congressional report didn’t talk about the CAYMANS – BUT THEY DID.

Ministry of “Truth” article HERE

In fact we will be debunking their nitty claim with hard evidence of the FUND manager who IS tied to the CAYMAN ISLANDS even after the Rosemont Seneca Cayman account was closed after receiving FEDERAL FUNDS.


For now enjoy a more extensive amount of BURISMA EMAILS HERE. Use the Password : BrennanKnowsWhereTheMoneyIs


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  1. Tore ~ there is a pop out from the side that will not go away and hides our ability to read your articles. It takes up a third of the page. When trying to clcik on the red box to close, it just takes me to the very top of the page again.
    This is happening to ALL of your articles.
    Much love ~ You’re the best!!

    1. yes I agree. Very frustrating. I shared a couple of articles but won’t share anymore because no one wants to come to a site that the article competes with a pop up. Too bad. Articles seem interesting.

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